Motor, PM. 12VDC reversible, 8400RPM.


Manufacturer: MERKLE-KORFF   Other Products
Part #:EYQM-63264-15-2
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Motor, PM. Ratings: 12VDC reversible, 8400RPM no load. Works on 2V and above 1.2"OD x 2.75"  with magnetic tachometer 5500rpm under a light load. Tc: 1.6 oz-in. Ts: 7 oz-in. Kt:1.94 oz-in/A Po 7.7W Rt:4.65-OHM. No info on the tachometer. Motors are marked S0878B. Weight: 5 oz. Note: Some may have a 7.7mm brass gear with 8 teeth.

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