IC, microprocessor. 8-Bit Microcontroller.

National Semiconductor Corp INS8048-6MLK/N

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Part #:INS8048-6MLK/N
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IC, microprocessor. 8-Bit Microcontroller-Microcomputer. Plus interval timer/event counter. Clock frequency = 6.0M, clock frequency - min. (Hz) = 1.0M, min Instruction length (bits) = 8, max (bits) = 16, memory addressing range = 64k, number of addressing modes = 5, on-chip RAM (bytes)=64, on-chip ROM (bytes) = 1k, number of interrupt lines=1, number of maskable interrupts = 1, number of I/O lines = 16, no. of I/O ports = 2, Vsup nom.(V) supply voltage = 5.0, NMOS. Case: 40 Dip, perfect socket pulls/used.