Filter, EMI. Suppression. SMD.

Murata Products NFL21SP206X1C3D

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Part #:NFL21SP206X1C3D
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Filter, EMI. Suppression. LC high frequency 240pF. DC Resistance: 3.5 Ohm. Tolerance: 20%. Series: EMIFIL®. Type: low pass. Number of channels: 1. Frequency: 20MHz (Cutoff). Current: 100mA. Current max: 2A. Values: L = 700nH, C = 240pF. Filter order: 3rd. Package: SMD 0805 (2012 metric), 3 PC Pad. Dimensions: 0.079" L x 0.049" W (2.00mm x 1.25mm). Height: 0.037" (0.95mm). Operating temperature: -55 to 125 Deg C. Note LS; Low cut off frequency type for UHF band noise which affects to digital TV tuner.