Switch, rotary. Contacts: 2P 3 Position.

C & K Components 3-374

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Switch, rotary. Contacts: 2P 3 Position. Contact Ratings: 12Amp 125VAC,  6A 250VAC, 1A 125VDC. Note: Bushing: 3/8: threaded. H Series. Note: The nature of the switch is inherently non-shorting and operates according to the table below. It cannot emulate the identical operation of a 2-wiper, 3-position switch. This design was necessary to achieve the current ratings of the switch.

Pair    Left    Center    Right    
1-2    Open    Open    Closed    
1-8    Open    Closed  Open    
7-8    Closed  Open    Open    
3-4    Closed  Open    Open    
4-5    Open    Closed  Open    
5-6    Open    Open    Closed    

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