Phototransistor. Visible & NIR. Package of 10.

Everlight DPT-020-009

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Part #:DPT-020-009
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Photo Transistor. T1 3mm package. Peak sensitive wavelength: 860nm. 100mW visible & NIR - near infrared. 30Vce 5Veb 0.4Vce (sat). Tr, Tf: 15uS Iceo (dard) 100nA. Ic(on): 0.16mA (min), 0.4mA typical. PT202C is a high speed and high sensitivity silicon NPN epitaxial planar phototransistor in a standard 3mm package. Due to its water clear epoxy the device is sensitive to visible and near infrared light. Package of 10. More info:

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