Connector, cinch. Set 15 position.

Waldom/Molex S-3315-AB & P-3315-CCT

Manufacturer: Waldom/Molex   Other Products
Part #:S-3315-AB & P-3315-CCT
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Condition: Un-used but old
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Connector, cinch. Beau 15 position set. 250V 10Amp male cable and female chassis/panel mount with angle brackets or shallow bracket/flush mount. Series 300. Cable exit: 180 Deg. Male cable is marked Beau 3315. Dimensions: male cable 1.756" wide x 1,761" deep (overall with clamp and pins 2,926" deep), 1.128" high. Female panel 1.625" wide x 1.012" deep, 0.450" high (overall with contacts 0.687" high). S-3315-AB and P-3315-CCT.

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