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C-H SHALLCROSS - 2H00A13-1D06W - Switch, rotary. Contacts: 1P 13 Position (1P13T).

Switch, rotary. 1P 13 Position. Type used in Audio equipment. Low noise, low contact resistance. Dimensions: 2" square x 1" behind panel. Connections: 33 solder lugs. 1P13T. The switch is technically shorting, but, it is non-shorting between the thirteen provided positions. There are intermediate contacts between each pair of fixed position contacts that are momentarily bridged by the shorting pole wiper to the originating position, neither and then to the next position. If the interposing contact lugs are ignored, the switch function is 1-pole, 13-positions, non-shorting. The switch can be wired into the shorting-mode by connecting the interposing contacts lugs to one or the other rotational neighbors. There are 32 rotational segments but the switch wiper only stops on 13 odd-numbered positions. The red insulated lug in the center is the pole. The number 1 contact is to the immediate right of the corner screw closest to the wiper lug. From the rear, the contacts number counter clockwise. Connection lugs 26-32 are non-functional. This is a fairly uncommon switch capable of being wired shorting or non-shorting per position.

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