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Cinch Jones
Connector, cinch. 6 Conductor set. Male panel mount plus female cable. Note: Female has 180 Deg cable exit with strain relief. Material: thermoplastic housing. New (un-used) $9.50
Connector. Female high density 128 Position (64 Pair) connector with cables. Twist / Teflon 12" wire. Note: Cinch  13222266-03   / Lockheed P/N: 281-S1-90-046 (Military). Un-used but old $147.50
HR10A-10R-12S & 12P-Prewired
Connector set. 12 position with 38" prewired 10P-12P plug. Shell size 10, 2 amp,10R-12S sockets are prime.  Contacts: solder cup. Miniature circular set of wired Male Plug & New F Socket. New (un-used) $19.99
KS19163 L6 + KS19162 L6
Connector set. Microribbon 72 contacts. P/N KS19163 L6 male, used and KS19162 L6 female, new. wire Wrap leads. Western Electric/Cinch/TRW. Used $17.50
4 Results  1