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Oriental Motors
Motor, gear head. Ratio 30:1, Size 4. PACKAGE OF 1. New (un-used) $80.00
Oriental Motors
Motor, gear head. Ratio 60:1, Size 4. PACKAGE OF 1. New (un-used) $95.00
E81302 / K81336-P4-S3
Motor, AC Timing. Supply: 115VAC 60Hz 1/5 watt. Speed: 6RPM. Frame Size: Pear shape. Mech. Mtg: 2-hole mount 1.9" spacing. Weight: 4.2 oz. Note: Reversible. Shaft: 1/8" D x 3/4" long (with 1/16" hole @ midpoint). Capacitor required and included 0.1uF. Hookup Instructions: 0.1uF 250V capacitor between Red & Green, tie two Whites - 120VAC on Red & White and watch it turn, slowly and reversible. New (un-used) $7.95
Motor, AC. Synchronous 110V 60Hz 3 watt 300RPM. Dimensions: 2.330" long x 1.866" wide x 1.363" high. Shaft: 0.128" (3.2mm) D x 9.1mm long. Made in the USA. Un-used but old $7.95
Autotrol Corp
Motor, timing geared. Supply: 115V 60Hz 4W. Speed: approx 2-RPM counter clockwise, looking at shaft. Mech: standard pear shaped gear housing (slightly dirty). Size: 2.5" x 2.12" Mounting: holes 1.9" centers.  Shaft: 0.177"D keyed. Used $7.95
Motor, AC. Reversible timing motor 120VAC 2.5 watt, 400-500 RPM. Dual shaft, 1.9" OD, 4 Wire. With 0.33uF capacitor. Note: Can also act like a generator. Swiss-made. New (un-used) $7.95
Motor, AC. Synchronous 120VAC 1/10RPH. Mount: Panel, 2 hole mount at 1-15/16". Dimensions: overall, Oval 2-5/16" long x 1-7/8" wide x 1-9/16" high plus operating mechanism 5/8" long. Un-used but old $14.95
Motor, timing. Supply: 24VAC 50Hz. N/P Current: 2.7W. Speed: 1/2-Rev / Hour at 50Hz. Wire count: 12" teflon wire leads. Mech. Mtg.: Two mounting tabs 2.17"spacing. Body Dimensions: 47mmD x 33.7mmH. Shaft Dimensions: 0.25"D flatted shaft 0.5"L. Weight: 6 oz. Note: TYPE 117 Runs 20% Faster on 24V 60Hz. New (un-used) $8.95
General Time
DV11-2A003C AT30486
Motor, timing. 4.5 Minutes. E15450A2396A4. 120VAC 60Hz, 1/5RPM, Clutch 1 way with SPDT 20Amp microswitch, 60 cycle 5 watt. New (un-used) $9.95
Motor, timing. Supply: 115VAC 60Hz. Current: 5W. Speed: 1/15 RPM. Torque: Hurst MSM series. Direction: CCW. Wire count: 2 wire leads. Mech. Mtg: 3 holes 2.35" spacing. Body Dimensions: 2.4"D x 2"long. Shaft: 0.188"D. Used $39.50
Oriental Motors
Motor, AC. Synchronous. Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with a 50-pole stepper rotor. The result is a synchronous speed of 72 rpms at 60 Hz with 50-pole stepper. New (un-used) $125.00
Superior Electric Co
Motor. stepper. Synchronous 200 Step/Revolution 2.64VDC 5.5Amp. Dual 9.6mm shaft 27mm face plate, 30mm long thru label. Continuous duty. Hold: 450 oz. in. Mount: 4 holes with 70mm centers,  85mm D x 163mm long plus 57mm for shafts. Note: SPEC#BM101029. New (un-used) $175.00
Motor, AC. 115VAC 60Hz 3RPM. New. Capacitor: 0.39uF required, not included. With a one page wiring instructions. New (un-used) $50.00
Motor, timer. 120VAC 10RPM 6 Second 5 Watt. Series 90. 6 Second clutch 1-208. Panel mount base L-bracket with 1.8" centers. Bracket base to board is 0.646"deep x 2.279" wide and 2.605" high. New (un-used) $7.95
Motor, AC Timing. Supply: 110VAC, 60 Cy. Speed: 300. Note: Red, Blue, Green - Color wheel assembly. (Used in our Colorimeter Chromascans). Condition: Used/RFE. Removed from equipment $4.50
Motor, AC. Supply: 115VAC. N/P Current: 5Amp. Speed: 0-30 minutes. Mech. Mtg: with enclosure. Note: Interval timing 3 watt 50/60 cycle. New (un-used) $14.50
Bristol Saybrook Co
TIMERS   60 MIN  1RPH 240V 50HZ 4W METER  (0-100%) OPEN FRAME    MODEL 420  Motor Model #5750-7-4-1-01 face plate is marked  for 0% a 0 min and  100% @ 60min  and 100 increments in between to correspond to seconds(ie 30min= 50% 15min= 33% etc. New (un-used) $16.95
17 Results  1