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Switch, tap. SP12T 50Amp 300V. Angle of throw 30 Deg. Mount: Panel. Actuator: flatted (6.35mm D). Note: Power Tap Switch. Solder lug. In Mfr Packaging $100.00
Switch, rotary. Single deck. 10 Position. Contacts: 10 solder lug. Mount: panel or PCB. Dimensions: 0.939" (23.8mm) D, 0.580" behind panel. More info: http://www.grayhill.com/catalog/Rotary_24.pdf. PACKAGE OF 1. New (un-used) $25.00
Switch, dip. rotary. Contacts. HEX 16 position A-F and 0-9. Contact ratings: 100mA at 50VDC. Actuator: flush. Mount: 6 Dip. New (un-used) $1.00
Switch, dual rotary. Contacts: 2pole-18pos . Actuator: concentric. Elect config: shorting. Weight: 2.5oz. Both Inner and Outer sections are One pole 17-contacts and Off position.  Inner: 0.122"D and Outer: 0.25"D shafts.  3/8" threaded bushing. New (un-used) $5.95
Switch, rotary. 1 Pole 3 Position, non-shorting. 30 degree indexing. Make-before-Break. Contacts: 1P3T. Contact Ratings: 1A. Actuator: Very heavy indent, no mistakenly turning 0.24"D x 0.3"L knurled slotted shaft. Elect config: Make-before-Break. Body: 1.0" x 1.25"W x only 0.4"D behind panel. Panel hole: Standard 3/8" bushing mount, with washer & nut. Un-used but old $1.95
Switch, rotary. Contacts: 1P 2 to 6 Position. Contact Ratings: 0.5Amp 125VAC, 1Amp 28VDC. Connection: silver plated brass contacts (tarnishing). Elect config: Non-shorting. Dimensions: 1.47" D. Shaft: 1/4" D x 1.829" long. Note: Steatite. Ceramic. 60 Degree indexing. NIB. New (un-used) $24.88
Switch, rotary. Contacts: 1P3T. Actuator: momentary each side. Mech: panel, 4 contacts. Mounts in a 0.85" hole, complete with 4 metal washers, one cork and one locating pin. Note: Selector switch with adjustable cam. Un-used but old $8.95
Switch, rotary. Contacts: SPDT. Contact Ratings: 125mA@28V. Mech: 0.25" threaded bushing and gold plated leads. Note: 0.7" with leads x 0.51" square x 0.46" behind panel - 0.123" 3.1mm D shaft, half flat, nice, x 0.8"long. Precision rotary/Non-shorting. New (un-used) $1.95
Switch 023
Switch, rotary. Contacts: SP 2-Position, one side is momentary. Mech: panel. Body: 1" Diameter. Note: Used/Removed from equipment. Still in very nice condition. Removed from equipment $19.00
Switch, rotary. Contacts: 1P6T. Contact Ratings: 1Amp 115VAC/VDC. Actuator: non-shorting. Connection: solder terminals. Mech: panel. Panel hole: 1.161" D, 3/8" threaded bushing 0.435" long. Shaft: 1/4" half flattened, 0.422" long. Note: 1 Pole/ 1 Deck 30 Degree. More info: http://www.grayhill.com/web1/images/ProductImages/Rotary_42,43,44,54.pdf In Mfr Packaging $32.99
C & K Components
Switch, rotary. Contacts: 1P12T. Contact Ratings: 125VAC (or 28VDC) 250mA, carry 6Amp. Connection: solder. Elect config: non-shorting. Mech: PC, vertical. Body: Bushing 0.25" D x 0.243" long. Body: 0.511" D x 0.374" high. Note: Shaft: flattened 1/8"D x 0.391" long. Note: M Series: Half-inch Rotary Switches. In Mfr Packaging $8.00
Switch, rotary leaf. 3-Position  Old telephone style with two form C, 6 connections,  Complete with knob. Contacts: precious metal. Dimensions: overall 4-1/4" long.  Three positions (Knob Arrow-Left45deg/Knob Arrow-Vertical/Knob Arrow-Right90deg)  Contacts Pair Action: 1-2 (X-O-O); 2-3 (O-X-X); 4-5 (O-X-O); 5-6 (O-O-X).O=Open, X=Closed. New (un-used) $2.95
Switch, rotary, heater control. Contacts: 4 Position. Contact Ratings: 20Amp 125/250VAC, 1HP-120V, 2HP-240V. Connection: 3-Terminal: L1, 1 and 2. Body: 2" x 1-1/8" (54mm x 29mm x 30mm behind panel). Note: Four 90 degree turns. Shaft: Half 1/4". Made in the USA. New (un-used) $5.95
Switch, rotary. Contacts: SP5P. Contact Ratings: 15Amp 125VAC. Actuator: non-shorting. Body: 2" OD with lugs. Weight: 2.3 oz. Note: Rotary power tap switch. Standard 3/8" bushing. Silver plated contacts just beginning to tarnish. Un-used but old $15.95
Switch, rotary. Contacts: 1 Pole 5 position. Contact Ratings: 200mA. Actuator: threaded bushing 1/4" long, flattened 1/8' shaft. Mech: PCB 10 Pin. Body: Round 0.510" (12.9mm) D x 0.479" (12.1mm) high, overall with actuator 1.139" (28.9mm) tall. Note: More info: http://www.grayhill.com/web1/images/ProductImages/Rotary_50,51.pdf Un-used but old $9.99
Square D Schneider Electric
Switch, rotary. Selector switch operator, 30mm. Heavy Duty 3-Position, Type T, Series A. Foundry 3 Position Cam F Black Manual Return. New (un-used) $45.99
Switch, rotary. 2P12T. Non-shorting. Shaft: 1/8”, adjustable stops. Angle of throws: 30 Deg. Terminals: solder and pc pins. Depth; 1” behind panel. More info: http://www.grayhill.com/web1/images/ProductImages/Rotary_71.pdf Un-used but old $24.95
Shorting Ceramic Rotary Switch - ADJUSTABLE Two or Three Position, Shipped as Two Pos from factory. 1.47" diameter MIL-I-10A Grade L-422 Ceramic Insulation - Two Wafer, 5 poles per section. Make and Break 1.5A @ 28VDC or 0.5A at 115VAC - Un-used but old $38.89
Switch, rotary. SPDT, 1P2T. Custom made for a specific company. Cross: CTS P/N #04473. Package of 2. New (un-used) $3.99
Switch, rotary. 8-Position 1-Pole, non-shorting, miniature pcb mount rotary switch. Ignore the 10 positions implied by the photograph. New individually packaged. Un-used but old $2.00
Gould (Brush)
Switch, rotary. Contacts: 3P-10P. Body: Overall 4-3/4" tall x 1-1/2" deep. Note: Three wafer with a 10K-Ohm potentiometer, concentric shaft  Manufactured by Unidex for Gould. In Mfr Packaging $16.99
Switch, rotary. Contacts: 4 Position. Contact Ratings: 15Amp 125VAC. Connection: Has 5 male 1/4" quick connect terminals. Mech: Bushing 0.484" long with shaft 1/4" D x 1.869" long. Note: Rotary tap Switch. Model 111 / 59704. Ceramic body. Listed: UL. New (un-used) $14.50
C & K Components
Switch, rotary. Contacts: 2P 3 Position. Contact Ratings: 12Amp 125VAC,  6A 250VAC, 1A 125VDC. Note: Bushing: 3/8: threaded. H Series. Note: The nature of the switch is inherently non-shorting and operates according to the table below. It cannot emulate the identical operation of a 2-wiper, 3-position switch. This design was necessary to achieve the current ratings of the switch.Pair    Left    Center    Right    1-2    Open    Open    Closed    1-8    Open    Closed  Open    7-8    Closed  Open    Open    3-4    Closed  Open    Open    4-5    Open    Closed  Open    5-6    Open    Open    Closed     New (un-used) $1.95
C-H Shallcross
Switch, rotary. 1P 13 Position. Type used in Audio equipment. Low noise, low contact resistance. Dimensions: 2" square x 1" behind panel. Connections: 33 solder lugs. 1P13T. The switch is technically shorting, but, it is non-shorting between the thirteen provided positions. There are intermediate contacts between each pair of fixed position contacts that are momentarily bridged by the shorting pole wiper to the originating position, neither and then to the next position. If the interposing contact lugs are ignored, the switch function is 1-pole, 13-positions, non-shorting. The switch can be wired into the shorting-mode by connecting the interposing contacts lugs to one or the other rotational neighbors. There are 32 rotational segments but the switch wiper only stops on 13 odd-numbered positions. The red insulated lug in the center is the pole. The number 1 contact is to the immediate right of the corner screw closest to the wiper lug. From the rear, the contacts number counter clockwise. Connection lugs 26-32 are non-functional. This is a fairly uncommon switch capable of being wired shorting or non-shorting per position.  In Mfr Packaging $19.95
Allen Bradley - AB
Switch, rotary. Contacts: 3 Position. One side momentary. Contact Ratings: 300VAC max. Mech: panel mount. Note: Series A, selector switch, non-illuminated. Double marked 800M-XA. In Mfr Packaging $30.00
Switch, rotary. Contacts: 24PDT (24 Pole 2 Position). Mech: PCB, RA. Panel hole: 30.8mm long x 30.8mm wide x 16.4mm high (overall with shaft 67.8mm long). Bushing seat: 7.7mm long. Bushing 7.6mm long. Shaft: 3.4mm D (1/8" D) x 17.7mm long. Note: Spacing: 0.01". Also marked 04426. New (un-used) $4.95
Switch, rotary. Contacts: 3P3T. Connection: solder terminals. Mech: 1-1/4" D. Shaft: 1/4" D flattened shaft 3/4" long. Bushing length: 0.337". Note: 3 Separate circuits/3 position Shorting. No noise between positions, brief contact instead. Rotary wafer. New (un-used) $1.00
Dual 0-9 (each) rotary BCD switch 1 Pole BCD Complement New (un-used) $2.88
Cutler-Hammer / Eaton
Switch, Rotary. Motor Control, Panel Disconnect. Contact Ratings: 175A 600V. Non-Fusible. New in box. Note: Allen Bradley cross: 194R-NN200P3. Un-used but old $274.95
Switch, Rotary. Contacts: 3PST. Contact Ratings: 200A. Actuator: Handle. Mech: thru-door. Body: 5.2 x 6.7 x 9.6" less handle. Weight: 13 lbs. With handle and assorted hardware. "General purpose switch, Interrupteur - Use terminal kit SEZK25". 3-Phase 200HP 600V thru 60HP 208V. Un-used but old $195.00
Square D Schneider Electric
30mm 3-Position heavy duty selector switch Series A Un-used but old $45.99
General Electric
3-Position Rotary Selector Switch Two-SPDT contact blocks. For panel thickness 0.06~0.25''. For 0.9"dia hole. Silver & Black bezel, Black knob w/ white stripe. Un-used but old $49.00
General Electric
2-Position Rotary Selector Switch Two-SPDT contact blocks. For panel thickness 0.06~0.25''. For 0.9"dia hole. Silver & Black bezel, Black knob w/ white stripe. Un-used but old $45.00
Switch, rotary. Contacts: 2P. 2-12 Position. Connection: solder. Elect config: non-shorting. Mech: PCB or Panel. Body: 25.2mm long x 25.5mm wide x 22.3mm high. Threaded bushing 3/8" x 10.0mm long (seated 12.0mm long). No shaft. Note: 2 tier. New (un-used) $18.89
Switch, rotary. Contacts: 6P4T. Contact Ratings: 0.5A/28VDC resistive, 0.25A/28VDC inductive, 0.5A/120VAC resistive for 10,000 operations. Connection: solder. Elect config: shorting. Mech: Panel. Panel hole: 0.25" D max. Shaft: 1/8" (0.125") (3.1mm) D x 9.4mm long, half flattened. Note: 2 Deck, 30 Deg angle of throw.  New (un-used) $21.99
81073 7-Pos
Switch, rotary. 4-Deck 7-Position 1/4Amp. Size: 1-5/16" tall x 0.50" D. Threaded 5/16" long bushing, 1/8" flatted shaft, screwdriver flat shaft 0.125" D. 30-degree angle of throw. With 1/3"long x 1/8" D. Two decks are shorting and two decks are non-shorting. Military SR13 Series, MIL-S-3786/13.   New (un-used) $25.00
Switch, rotary. Contacts: DP5T. Contact Ratings: 115/125VAC 0.3Amp, 30VDC. Actuator: 5 Position pole. 1 Deck, 2 Pole/Deck. Mech: Shaft 1/8" D, 1/2 shaft. Note: Miniature. 30 Degree. Non-shorting. More info: http://www.grayhill.com/web1/images/ProductImages/Rotary_71.pdf In Mfr Packaging $21.99
Switch, rotary. Contacts: 3-pole, 4-positions, shorting. Contact Ratings: Make/Break 0.25A/28VDC, 0.1A/120VAC, Carry Only:6A. Note: Mech: Panel or PCB. Body: Housing material and Dimensions: Enclosed, Diallyl Phthalate, 21.7mm long x 14.3mm wide plus contacts x 18.3mm high plus 2 bottom mt screws, plus bushing and shaft. Note: Adjustable stops. Bushing length: (0.375") 6.5mm long. Shaft: 1/8" flattened D x (0.25") 9.5mm long. In Mfr Packaging $19.95
Switch, rotary, 12 Position 2 pole PCB mount. New (un-used) $30.00
Switch, rotary. Contacts: 5P. Contact Ratings: 120/240VAC 16Amp. Note: Heavy duty, heater control. Contacts: 1/4" male QC terminals. Dimensions: 2" wide x 1-9/16" deep x 7/8" high. New (un-used) $4.50
Switch, rotary. Contacts: 4-Pole 5-Position. 4 sets of 7 contacts-arrangement unknown. Actuator:  1/4" flatted shaft 5/8" long. Connection:  PC terminals. Body: 0.1" x 0.2" spacing 0.20"long - 2.7" long behind panel, x 0.6" x  0.75" with 28 terminals. Panel hole:  threaded bushing. Un-used but old $2.95
Switch, rotary. 3 position all maintained, 4 circuit. Mech: Mounts in 0.88" hole. Selector switch. In Mfr Packaging $9.50
C & K Components
Switch, rotary. Contacts: 2P 4 Position. Contact Ratings: 12Amp 125VAC (6A 250VAC, 1A 125VDC). Connection: solder hook terminals. Mech: Single hole mount 3/8" threaded bushing. New (un-used) $1.50
Switch, rotary. Contacts: 1P5T. Mech: bushing. Body: Overall 23.9mm D. Note: 1 Tier. Shaft 1/8" x 8.9mm D.Threaded bushing length: 9.6mm long. New (un-used) $2.00
C & K Components
Switch, rotary, 1 Pole, 12 position. Non-shorting. Housing: plastic. Mount: PCB or Panel, bushing. Dimensions: 26.1mm D x 14.5mm. Bushing: 3/8" D x 7.8mm long. Shaft: 1/4" flattened x 1-1/2" long. Color: gray and red. Contacts: PCB terminals. New (un-used) $3.00
Switch, rotary. Contacts: DP4T. Connection: solder. Elect config: non-shorting. Mech: panel, bushing. Panel hole: 1.43" D x 2.134" long behind panel. Overall with shaft fully extended 3.7" long. Standard 3/8" threaded bushing x 0.516" long. Exterior shaft: 0.25" D x 0.450" long. Interior shaft: 0.125" D x 0.532" long. Only 0.072" when pushed in. Note: Two wafer. Un-used but old $2.59
Switch, rotary. Contacts: 1P3T (One pole 3 position) A-B-C. Contact Ratings: 10Amp 250VAC/6.3Amp 250VAC. Connection: solder terminals. Mech: Panel, single hole 0.777" (19.7mm) D, threaded. Panel hole: 24.4mm D x 2.1mm in front of panel. Note: Coin operated, flush. New (un-used) $3.00
Switch, rotary. Contacts: 18PDT (2 Position). Actuator: On-On. Non-Shorting. Mech: Bushing, adjustable stop plate. Body: 1.5" OD x 4.25" long including 2" long 1/4" shaft . Note: Three ceramic wafer (3 deck). Steatite.  NIB with knob. In Mfr Packaging $12.95
C & K Components
Switch, Rotary 3-Pole, 4-Position sequence repeated 3 times in 12 rotary positions. Non-shorting contacts. Wiper A connects to 1-2-3-4, Wiper B connects to 5-6-7-8 and Wiper C connects to 9-10-11-12.  New (un-used) $2.49
IND. SW. 3 POLE / /2 POSITION MOMENTARY New (un-used) $17.50
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