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Mueller Electric Co
BU-60 series
Hardware, alligator clips. 10 Amp. Note: May have a bit of rust from moisture during storage. Compatible with all shrouded, unshrouded, or retractable 0.16" (4mm) banana plugs, solder or crimp connection, jaw opens 0.31" (7.9 mm) max. Material: nickel-plated steel (BU-60). Length: 1.97" (50mm). Package of 25. New (un-used) $3.00
Connectors, electrical contacts. Pogo spring-loaded radius contacts gold tipped. Spring force: 1 - 2.2-Oz. Stroke 0.10"-0.07". Centerline 0.050". 3 Amps Max. 0.026"D x 0.68"L  Res<30milliohm. Package of 10.  New (un-used) $4.99
SPC Technology / SAMAR
Connector, binding post. Contact ampacity: 15Amp. Insulation material: Non-insulated. Contact plating: Nickel plated brass head and body. Outside dimensions: 10mmD, 14.1mm closed, 18mmH extended. Note: Knurled knob screw actuation. 2.8 x 4.7mm slot for wires. Mounts from bottom with 6/32 screw (not included).  Package of 4. New (un-used) $1.95
175 186
Dual probe assembly. Replacement parts. With an 8-1/2 foot cable. An uncovered probe at each end. One end single wire 2-3/4" long, the other end has 180 Ohm resistor in series with output. No probe covers or connectors. Un-used but old $13.98
SPC / Voltrex
Pin test jack, vertical. Blue. Contact Silver Plated, Rated 5 Amps. Formed Contact, for .080 Inch Diameter Tip Plug.  0.191" [4.8mm]D x 0.444" [11.2mm]L. Rohs compliant. Package of 100.                                                                                                            New (un-used) $24.95
SPC Technology / SAMAR
Test clips for integrated circuits with 28 contacts. Row-to-row circuits 0.6".  Gold plated contacts and test pins. Rohs compliant. New (un-used) $4.75
MAC pins - Banana Plugz
Mac pin/banana plug. Programming plug and wire lead. Plugs into the programming boards.Gold-plated. Dimensions: Tip 0.154' (3.9mm) D x 0.154" (3.9mm) long. Body: 3.9mm D x 0.801" (20.3mm) long. PreWired with 36'' of white teflon solid wire. Has a round metal ball in the center of the plug for extra contact force. Appears to fit a standard banana jack. New (un-used) $2.59
Pomona Electronics
Black Minigrabber Test Clips - Shrouded Banana Jack accepts newer moveable shrouded Banana Plugs or regular old fashioned Banana Plugs. Rating: 30VAC / 60VDC 5Amps. Hook max opening 0.12'' / 3mm. OALength 2.54" Hook Contact: Beryllium Copper Gold plated per MIL-G-45204. Spring Stainless steel #302 - Banana Jack: Nickel plated per QQ-N-290. New (un-used) $1.95
Test leads wire. Silicone covered 24AWG stranded copper (many strands) with one (M) uninsulated banana plug. Length: 3 feet (36"). Color: Yellow. Ideal for do it yourself test leads and patch cords. Package of 3. Un-used but old $3.00
Logic pulser injector probe. Assists in logic circuit analysis and diagnostics. Outputs a square wave compatible with most logic families. 2 speeds switched 0.5pps and 400pps Indicator Leds. In Mfr Packaging $23.99
Cable, 0.5-meter IEE-488 GPIB compatible. 1.5-foot  long shielded cables with connector blocks at both ends, has a plug on one side and matching receptacle on the other for parallel connecting of instruments. Used $19.88
Hewlett Packard
Signal check probe. New (un-used) $0.00
Passive Probe assemblies w/o Tips.  CA, Assy, SP, Elec: 2 Meter, Yellow. RF Cable 39-Ohm Coax 78.  Note: Military NSN 5995-011393375. New.     In Mfr Packaging $39.99
Test probe tips, threaded. Tapered. Dimensions: 1.32" long. Package of 10. New (un-used) $3.00
14 Results  1