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RAINBOW-Sinsei Shoji Co
AV Equipment/Video. Lens, TX zoom, fast f1:1.6 C-mount 11-110mm, 6-12VDC input power. Lens size: Large 3"  D opening. Electrically operated with cable and connectors. Dimensions: approximately 7.25" L x 4"  x 5".  Cross: Picker P/N T10-J374-001. In Mfr Packaging $179.75
Ampex 1" Magnetic Tape C, B format Video tape. In Mfr Packaging $18.99
VideoScope Int'l Ltd
Video Image Intensifier. Complete with power supply/control box. Power tube 72mm D x 11.75" long, lens cap each end. C mount for lens and C mount for video camera. Cable and 5 pin connector. Appears new.  New (un-used) $989.88
Remote control unit. Mount: Rak 19". Dimensions: 19" long x 10-1/2" wide x 1.75" high. Powers up looks in good condition. Used $75.00
4 Results  1