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  1. Vishay/Sprague - 673D102 - Capacitor, electrolytic. 2,900uD 40VDC.
    Capacitor, electrolytic. 2,900uD 40VDC. Tolerance: -10 +75%. Package: radial. Dimensions: 1.01" D x 2.940" tall. Learn More
  2. Philips - 2222-030-38109 - Capacitor, electrolytic. 10uF 63V. Package of 10.
    Capacitor, electrolytic. 10uF 63V. Tolerance: -15%, +50%. Material: aluminum. Dimensions: 5.9mm D x 10.8mm long. Package: axial leads. Note: Vishay/Philips. Package of 10. Learn More
  3. Sprague - M39018/03-0740 - Capacitor, Electrolytic. 680uF 50V.
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    Sprague - M39018/03-0740 Capacitor, Electrolytic.

    Mil Spec. Component

    680uF 50V.

    Tolerance: -10+75%.

    Dimensions: Ddiameter: 25 mm, Length: 42 mm

    Package: Axial leads.

    Note: Military M39081 type.

    Double marked 7M138.

    Manufacture Sangamo & Sprague.

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  4. BHC - ALS29A1029NN - Capacitor, electrolytic. 2,200uF 400VC.
    Capacitor, electrolytic. 2,200uF 400VC. Tolerance: -10+25%. Package: screw terminal. Dimensions: 3" D x 5-5/8" tall. Note: Computer grade. For power supply filters and energy storage applications. RFE/removed from equipment/used. Learn More
  5. Philips - 3186GH234U010BMA1 - Capacitor, electrolytic. 23,000uF 10VDC.

    Capacitor, electrolytic. 23,000uF 10VDC. Tolerance: -10%, +75%. Package: 2 screw terminals. Dimensions: 3" D x 5-3/4" tall. Operating temp: 85 DegC. Note: Computer grade.

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