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  1. PANASONIC/MATSUSHITA - ECES2WU470J - Capacitor, electrolytic. 47uF 450VDC.
    Capacitor, electrolytic. 47uF 450VDC. Package: radial snap in. Dimensions: 1" D x 1" tall. Operating temp: 85 DegC. Note: High voltage. Learn More
  2. NIPPON CHEMI-CON - 772496 - Capacitor, electrolytic. 50uF 200VDC.
    Capacitor, electrolytic. 50uF 200VDC. Operating temperature: 105 deg C. Package: radial. Dimensions: 16mm D x 40mm long. Learn More
  3. NIPPON CHEMI-CON - 674D/100UF/250VDC - Capacitor, electrolytic. 100uF 250VDC.
    Capacitor, electrolytic. 100uF 250VDC. Package: radial 3 leaded. Dimensions: 19.2mm D x 68.2mm tall . Operating temp: 105 degC. Note: Series 674D. Military 5910-LL-H90-0389. Alt P/N 5856390-1. Learn More
  4. EPCOS - B43505S2227M1 - Electrolytic. 220uF 250V. Package of 5.
    Capacitors, electrolytic. 220uF 250VDC. Material: aluminum. Operating temperature: 105 Deg C. Package snap in. Dimensions: 25 x 35mm. Package of 5. Note: High Voltage. Learn More
  5. Sprague - 53D/280UF/250VDC - Capacitor, electrolytic. 280uF 250VDC.
    Capacitor, electrolytic. 280uF 250VDC. Tubular. Material: aluminum. Package: axial leads. Dimensions: 1" D x 2-1/8" long. Operating temperature: 85 Deg C. Type: 53D281. Learn More
  6. SANGAMO - 380R331M200A02 - Capacitor, electrolytic. 330uF 200V.
    Capacitor, electrolytic. 330uF 200V. Tolerance: (+/- Percentage is unmarked). Package: snap in. Dimensions: 1-1/3" D x 1-3/16" high. Operating temp: -40 to 80 Deg C. Learn More
  7. CDE - 380LX331M200J012 - Capacitor, electrolytic. 330uF 200V.
    Capacitor, electrolytic. 330uF 200V. Material: aluminum. Package: radial, snap in. Dimensions: 25mm x 25mm. Learn More
  8. Unidentified MFG - CEHPW-N470UF200V - Capacitor, electrolytic. 470uF 200VDC.
    Capacitor, electrolytic. 470uF 200VDC. Package: radial. Dimensions: 7/8" D x 2.5" high. Learn More
  9. Sprague - 81D471M200MB5 - Capacitor, electrolytic. 470uF 200V.
    Capacitor, electrolytic. 470uF 200V. Snap-in. Dimensions: 35.2mm D x 31.3mm high. Temp max +105 Deg C. Lead spacing: 10mm. Learn More
  10. NICHICON - CAP1032 - Capacitors, electrolytic. 470uf 200V.
    Capacitors, electrolytic. 470uf 200V. Temp max 105 Deg C. Mount: snap in. Dimensions: 35.2mm D x 31.4mm long. Learn More
  11. NIPPON CHEMI-CON - CAP250 - Capacitors, electrolytic. 560uF 400VDC.
    Capacitors, electrolytic. 560uF 400VDC. Mount: snap-in. Dimensions: 1-5/8" D x 2" tall. Learn More
  12. PANASONIC/MATSUSHITA - ECE-T2VP681EA - Capacitor, electrolytic. 680uF 350VDC.
    Capacitor, electrolytic. 680uF 350VDC. Mount: snap-in. Dimensions: 1-1/3" D x 2-1/8" high. High Voltage. Learn More
  13. Unidentified MFG - 827LBA250M2DF - Capacitor, electrolytic. 820uF 200VDC.
    Capacitor, electrolytic. 820uF 200VDC. Snap in. Dimensions: 30.3mm D x 41mm high. Note: Leads can be soldered if desired. Operating temperature: 85 Deg C. Learn More
  14. United Nippon Chemi-Con - 7NS02L - CAP287 - 820UF 200VDC New snap-in Electrolytic Capacitor.
    Special Price $4.98 Regular Price $5.50 As low as $3.49

    United Nippon Chemi-Con Electrolytic Capacitor.

    820UF 200VDC

    New snap in capacitors

    50mm tall x 25.4mm dia round.

    Leads can be soldered if desired.

    Alternate New United P/N:EKMH201VNN821MQ50T 

    Learn More
  15. NIPPON CHEMI-CON - 32D112F400DE2A - Capacitor, electrolytic. 1100uF 400VDC.
    Capacitor, electrolytic. 1100uF 400VDC. Dimensions: 3" D x 5.5" high. Note: Computer grade. Military NSN 5910-00-169-3402. Learn More
  16. Mepco - 3110EA112T200AHA1 - Capacitor, electrolytic. 1100uF 200VDC.
    Capacitor, electrolytic. 1100uF 200VDC. Dimensions: 1.76 D x 3.25" high. Learn More
  17. Mallory - CGS252T250V5L - 2500UF 250VDC Electrolytic Capacitors
    2500UF 250VDC Electrolytic Computer Grade Aluminum Capacitors85 Deg C Max Surge 300V 5-5/8" tall x 2" dia. Made in the USA Learn More
  18. G E INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS - 23M322F450FH1H1 - Capacitor, electrolytic. 3200uF 450VDC.
    Capacitor, electrolytic. 3200uF 450VDC. Material: Aluminum. Dimensions: 3" D x 5.125" high. Operating temperature: 85 Deg C. Note: High Voltage. Learn More
  19. Mallory - CAP2050 - Capacitor, electrolytic. 3500uF 350VDC.
    Capacitor, electrolytic. 3500uF 350VDC. Type CGS. Max surge: 400VDC. Operating temperature: 85 Deg C. Dimensions: 3" D x 6" high. Note: Computer grade. Made in the USA. Learn More
  20. HITACHI - FX2575V562NF196M6 - Capacitor, electrolytic. 5600uF 575VDC.
    Capacitor, electrolytic. 5600uF 575VDC. Surge 625VDC. Contacts: screw terminals. Dimensions: 3-1/2" D x 7-3/4" high. Computer grade. Factory new with 1/4 x 28 screws. Learn More
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