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  1. Mini Circuit Labs - BHP-50 - Coaxial high pass filter. 50 Ohm.
    Coaxial high pass filter. 50 Ohm 41-200Mhz, BNC male to BNC female. More info: Learn More
  2. SCHAFFNER - FN-372-6-21 - AC Power Line Entry Module / EMI RFI Fused Filter, 6 Amp
    Special Price $16.98 Regular Price $32.50

    SCHAFFNER - FN-372-6 - 6Amp AC Power Line Entry Module / EMI RFI Fused Filter

    Schaffner Line Filter 6Amp with Dual Fuse Holders, AN IEC 320 inlet. 2- 0.18mHy 2 x 2200pF,

    Panel Mount, Solder Lug, Weight  2 Oz, Max Voltage 250V 50/60 Hz, MTBF @ 40C/230V (Mil-HB-217F) 550,000 hours,

    UL, (Fuses purchased separately), 

    Connector Style IEC 320-C14        

    Connector Type Receptacle, Male Blades - Module              

    Current - UL        6A          

    Voltage - UL        250VAC Max.

    Filter Type           Filtered (EMI, RFI) - Commercial

    Accomodates a Fuse       Yes (Not Included 20mm x 5mm 6 Amp)

    Number of Positions       3 Power Inputs    (100, 120, 220 VAC Drum Selectable).        

    Mounting Type Panel Mount, Snap-In   

    Termination       Quick Connect  

    Features              Voltage Selector              

    Fuse Holder, Drawer       Fuse Holder, Twin Fused              

    Panel Cutout Dimensions       28.5 x 56mm     

    Panel Thickness 0.031" ~ 0.126" (0.79mm ~ 3.20mm)      

    Material Flammability Rating      UL94 V-2             

    Ingress Protection           IP40      

    Approval Agency              CSA, UL, VDE

    Made in Switzerland with Germany Components

    Typical Uses - Electrical Equipment, Consumer goods, EDP and office equipment, Single-phase Power supplies,, Switch mode power supplies, Test and measurement equipment, & medical equipment.

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  3. SCHAFFNER - EMC - FN 363-4/01 - Filter. 4Amp 110/250 50/60Hz.

    SCHAFFNER EMC - FN 363-4/01 Filter.

    4Amp 110/250 50/60Hz.

    HPF 4A. 0.047uF(X2)SH 2x00.48mH. 400uH 2 x 2200pF(Y).

    With AC power outlet.

    Made in Switzerland

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  4. ECS INC - ZTA-3.58MG - Ceramic resonator 3.58MHz. Package of 10.
    Filter/resonator. Ceramic resonator 3.58MHz, 30 Ohm. Tolerance: 0.5%. Dimensions: 10mm wide x 5mm deep x 7.5mm high. Package: 2 Pin radial leads. Lead spacing: 5mm. Note: Extended temperature range. Package of 10. From: 500/manuf bag. More info: Learn More
  5. TE Connectivity / CORCOM - 20ESK6, F7585 - Filter, AC line. EMI & RFI 20Amp 120/250V 50/60Hz.
    Special Price $19.98 Regular Price $32.50 As low as $18.98

    TE Connectivity / CORCOM - 20ESK6, F7585 Filter, AC line.

    SK Series

    EMI & RFI 20 Amp 120/250V 50/60Hz, 10kHz-30MHz SEV VDE UL544.

    Application: Electro-mechanical noise, switching power supplies.

    Operating temperature: -10C - 40C

    Inductance: 0.06 mH  

    Housing: Chrome.

    Mount style: Flange 2-holes 4.0"spacing.

    ALT P/N: 20ESK6=F7585 S0.

    Dimensions: 5" Long x 2.2" wide x 1.75" high, with stud contacts.

    Each is test dotted. Weight: 1.2 lbs.

    RoHS compliant.


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  6. SCHAFFNER - FN322-3/05 - Filter. 3Amp 110/250V.
    Filter. 3Amp 110/250V 50/60Hz/HPF, 2 x 2mH, 0.015uF(x2) 2 x 2200pF (Y). With a male 3 conductor male universal input. Learn More
  7. Potter USA - 5000-3023 - Filter, line. 150Amp 100VDC.
    Filter, line. 150Amp 100VDC, 2.5�f @ 125Deg C. Enclosed, steel. Mount: single hole, centered flange on top. Dimensions: overall 0.90" D x 3.380" long, including threaded stud at each end. Learn More
  8. Mini Circuit Labs - BBP-21.4 - Lumped LC Band Pass Filter, 19.2 -23.6 MHz, 50 Ohm.
    Special Price $18.98 Regular Price $39.50 As low as $16.98

    Mini Circuit Labs - BBP-21.4 - Lumped LC Band Pass Filter, 19.2 -23.6 MHz, 50 Ohm.

    Coaxial bypass filter.

    BNC male to female.

    Low insertion loss

    Rugged shielded case

    Operating temperature -55C to 100C

    RF Power  Input 0.5W max.

    Applications: High rejection applications, image rejection, & IF signal processing.

    RoHS Compliant

    More info:

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  9. Filtron - FA965B - Filter, Line 20Amp 100VDC. RF/EMI Interference Module.
    Special Price $16.98 Regular Price $24.50 As low as $14.98

    Filtron - FA965B RF/EMI Line Filter Module.

    20Amp 100VDC.

    RF Interference.

    Type FA965B.

    Mount: Panel with two tabs at 2.4" centers.

    Dimensions: 2.027" square x 1.140" high.

    Two screw contacts, one each side. 1 terminal in / out

    Twice the current capability of Bendix / Sprague (FRI) B778585 

    New Old Stock 

    Made in USA

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  10. CORCOM - 5B4 - EMI Filters 5 Amps 115V/230V
    Special Price $5.98 Regular Price $8.50

    CORCOM - 5B4 EMI Filters 5 Amps 115V/230V

    Power Line Frequency rating per function: 400.0 !st radio interference.

    Priincipla circuitry: inductance Capacitance 1st Radio interference.

    Mounting 2 Threaded holes - 0.138"

    Operating voltage and type per function:  230.0o VAC radio Frequency 2nd function.

    Dimensions: 0.750" x 2.000"

    Body Material: Metal

    Output/Input impedance per functio: 50.0 Ohms 1st and 2nd Radio Interference.

    Max. dielectric withstanding DC voltage: 2.1Kvolts at sea level

    Operating current rating per function: 5.0 Amp Radio Interference.

    distance between centers of mount: 1.50" Nominal 

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  11. SURGE CONTROL LTD - SPP-2204D - Transient Suppressor & Filter.
    Transient Suppressor & Filter. 15Amp 220V 50/60Hz. New ANSI/IEEE C62.41-1991 CAT.B and IEC 801-4 level 4 spex - 5-screw terminals Learn More
    Special Price $27.95 Regular Price $35.00
    FGB-FIL interference suppression filter used for ZMS strain gauge carrier links and FGB-1/FGB-2 frequency generators. OVERLOAD FILTERDEMATIK FGB-FIL 469 529 4464/5 Learn More
    Special Price $8.99 Regular Price $12.50
    Special Price $6.75 Regular Price $9.00
  15. CORCOM - F2079 - Filter. Unknown ratings.
    Special Price $2.96 Regular Price $3.95
    Filter. Unknown ratings. Mount: 4 hole. Dimensions: 2" long x 1-1/3" wide x 1" high plus mount 1/3" additional each side with 2" centers. Learn More
  16. CORCOM - 3EF1 - Filter, RFI. IEC socket, 3Amp 115/250V 50-60HZ.

    Filter, RFI. IEC socket, 3Amp 115/250V 50-60HZ. Used/Removed from equipment.

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  17. SCHAFFNER - FN406-0,5-02 - Power Line filter In-Line 0.5A 125/250VAC
    Filter, Power Line EMI. Current: 500mA. Voltage: 125/250V 50/60Hz. Inductance: 24mHy. Mounting: 5-pins In-line. Termination Style: PCB Pins, Through Hole. Learn More
  18. Murata - DST310-55Y5S222M100 - EMI/RFI Suppression filter. Disc Type EMI Filters w/Ferrite Beads 2200pF 100V.
    Special Price $0.89 Regular Price $1.29 As low as $0.29

    EMI/RFI Suppression filter. Type: DST310 Series

    DST310 are T-type EMI suppression filters. The disc-type EMIFIL increases the self-resonant frequency of the capacitor by attaching two lead wires to one of the electrodes of the capacitor and increases the insertion loss by adding inductance to the lead in the DST and DSS types only. Frequencies to be suppressed can be selected by choosing the capacitance. They are also recommended for use as by-pass capacitors.

    Capacitance: 2200pF

    Working Voltage: 100V.

    Tolerance: 20%.

    Package: Disc, Radial Leads.



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