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  1. TDK Lambda - L-12-OV-5 - Overvoltage Protection. 12Amp 5V Hybrid Device.
    Special Price $46.98 Regular Price $68.50 As low as $38.98

    TDK Lambda - L-12-OV-5 Overvoltage Protection.

    12 A 30 Volt 1.0% range: 33.5Volts +/- 1V.  A temperature compensating hybrid circuit that resets itself when normal conditions resume.

    Temperature Compensated Trip Point

    Suitable for any Current Rated Device

    No Additional Components Required

    Mount: Flange Mount

    12Amp 5V Hybrid Device

    Trip 6.6V, +/-0.3V.

    Case: PCB Mount 1.5" x 0.750" base x 0.676" tall with 1.168" mounting centers.

    Genuine TDK Lambda - New Old Stock

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  2. General Electric - V575LA20A - MOV. 575 AC-RMS, 20 joules.
    Special Price $0.79 Regular Price $1.00
    MOV, metal oxide resistors. 575 AC-RMS, 20 joules, 0.65 watt. Case: radial leads. Dimensions: 16mm. Learn More
  3. CLARE - CM3P-350L - Gas Tube Arrestor. Transient protector.
    Special Price $2.98 Regular Price $3.50 As low as $2.49

    CLARE - CM3P-350L Gas Tube Arrestor.

    DC Breakdown Voltage: 350V.

    Tolerance: 20%.

    Transient Protector.

    Impulse Breakdown Voltage: 1200V max.

    Capacitance: 2pF max.

    Material: Ceramic tube sealed at both by electrodes, and inside it is filled by inert gas.

    Package: 3 radial leads.

    Lead spacing: 6mm.

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  4. TDK Lambda - L-35-0V-5 - Overvoltage Protector Module, IGBT
    Special Price $22.98 Regular Price $28.50

    TDK Lambda - L-35-0V-5 - Overvoltage Protector Module, IGBT.

    Overvoltage Protection

    Range: 6.6V =/-0.2V

    Package: Module.

    Made in Japan

    Typical Applications: Overvoltage Protection used in expensive Voltage Regulated Power Supplies, Standard for 5VDc Power Supplies

    NSN 6130-01-115-0946


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  5. SANKOSHA - Y08S-230B - Surge suppressors. Transient arrestor.
    Special Price $1.49 Regular Price $1.95
    SANKOSHA - Y08S-230B - Surge suppressors. Two electrode gas tube arrestor, gas discharge tube. Marked 23084. Case: Ceramic 8mmD x 6.9mm high with axial leadsTransient arrestor.Ideal as lightning surge counter easures for telecommunication lines, antennae, etc. UL approved UL1449, File No. E328370, model name is U type. 2-electrode type, Capacitance1pF or less (1MHz) DC sparkover voltage : 230V±15%, Impulse sparkover voltage(1kV/μs) : <=800V with lead wire Learn More
  6. POLYPHASER CORP - IS-NEMP-C2 - Nuclear Blast/Lightning Strike Protector 0.2-1GHz
    Special Price $119.98 Regular Price $139.95 As low as $109.98

    POLYPHASER CORP - IS-NEMP-C2 - High Altitude Nuclear Blast / Lightning Strike Impulse Suppressor.

    Coaxial Nuclear EMP Protector. This radio frequency surge protector / lightning surge arrestor helps protect your equipment from electromagnetic pulse (EMP) or power surges that are commonly caused by lightning or other strong electrical changes. Our radio frequency coaxial surge protector product is commonly used for radio and antenna installations where part or all system equipment is outdoors to protect sensitive equipment and is designed to pass 125 MHz to 1 GHz while suppressing DC surge.

    Military, government (FEMA and NCA), protection of emergency radio equipment. UL497B listed gas tube, ultra-fast response, and low let through energy. Covers the frequency range of 125 - 1000 MHz. 

    Surge Protector Type: Gas Discharge Tube

    Frequency: 0.2-1GHz

    Connector: Equipment Side = Type N Female, Antenna Side = N Female 

    Impedance: 50 Ohm

    125 - 220 MHz @ 200W

    220 - 700 MHz @ 100W

    700 MHz - 1GMHz @ 50 W


    Operating Temperature: -50 C to 50 C

    Throughput Energy: 250 uJ

    This series is capable of 50,000A IEC 1000-4-4 8/20uS waveform surges.

    The turn-on voltage is 250V.

    Length: 2.72" (69.09mm)

    NEW w/Spec.

    Approvals: CE Compliant, RoHS Compliant

    Applications: HF, UHF, VHF Radios, Ham Radio Protection.

    Note: Unit must be properly grounded to low impedance (R&L) ground.

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  7. PANASONIC/MATSUSHITA - ZNRK361-03 - MOV. Metal Oxide Varistor, 230VAC/300VDC.
    Special Price $0.98 Regular Price $1.50

    PANASONIC/MATSUSHITA - ZNRK361-03 - MOV. Metal Oxide Varistor, 230VAC/300VDC.

    “ZNR” Transient/Surge Absorber, Series V, Type D features large surge current and energy handling
    capability for absorbing transient overvoltage in a compact size.

    230VAC / 300VDC

    Package: Radial Leads.

    Approvals: UL,VDE,CSA

    New Old Stock


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  8. General Instruments - 5KP30 - Transient Protection, Diode, Single Unidirectional, TVP. 37V 5KW.
    Special Price $1.79 Regular Price $2.00 As low as $1.29

    General Instruments - 5KP30Transient Protection.

    Status: Discontinued

    Circuit protection. TVP, Transient Voltage Protector.

    37V 5KW.

    Package: Axial Leads.

    Note: Uni-directional.

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  9. CKE - Z21L101 - MOV. 100V, 1watt, 30 joules.
    Metal oxide varistors. 100V, 60AC/85DC, 165V clamping voltage, 1watt, 30 joules.Package: 20mm radial leads. Learn More
  10. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 1691-N3 SERIES C - Contact Protector, Snubber, 1 MFD 220-OHMS 150VDC, 120VAC
    Special Price $14.98 Regular Price $18.50 As low as $12.98

    ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 1691-N3 Series C Contact Protector / Surge Protector

    As a subsidiary of Rockwell International, one of the world's largest technology companies "Allen-Bradley" meets today's challenges of industrial automation with over 85 years of practical plant-floor experience.

    Status: Discontinued

    Snubber - Time Surge Protector, Two Double  (0.110" X 0.032") Tab Terminals

    Capacitor 1uF & Resistor 220 OHMS

    Maximum Voltage: 120VAC/150VDC

    Construction: Sealed Expoxy Enclosure

    Mounting: Two Base Holes 0.156" Diameter Spaced 1 9/16" Apart.

    Bulletin 1691

    Applications: Surge suppressors are used to protect solid state devices against electrical transients which can result whenerver electromechanical devices are operted. Surge Suppressors are for use with relays, timers, AC Contactors,and Starters.

    Genuine Allen Bradley - New Old Stock

    UL Recognized and CSA Approved

    Made in USA

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  11. Sola Electric - Sola 23-22-112-2HD - Transformer, Constant Voltage. CVS Series A 120VA, Used.
    Special Price $198.98 Regular Price $545.00

    Sola HD 23-22-112-2 120VA CVS Voltage Regulator.

    Transformer, constant voltage. 120/240 VAC Primary: 95-130V x 190-260V 60 Cycle. Secondary: 120V 60 Cycle. 1Phase 120VA. Packed weight approximately 16 lbs. Height 8" (203.2mm), Width 4" (101.6mm), Depth 5" (127mm). 

    • Superior voltage regulation of ±1%
    • Surge protection tested to ANSI/IEEE C62.41, Class A & B Waveform
    • Harmonic filtering
    • Hardwired
    • Acts as a Step-up/Step-down Transformer
    • Galvanic isolation provides exceptional circuit protection.
    • 25 year typical Mean Time Between Failure
    • No maintenance required

    • Industrial automation and control equipment PLCs
    • Analytical laboratory and factory automating equipment
    • Photo processing equipment
    • Sound/recording systems
    • Photographic enlargers
    • Broadcast equipment Related Products
    • On-line UPS (S4K Industrial)
    • Surge Protection
    • Three Phase Power Conditioners
    • Active Tracking® Filters

    Note: Used / Removed From Equipment - With 120 VAC Power Input and Output Cords attached.

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  12. SURGE CONTROL LTD - SPP-2204D - Transient Suppressor & Filter.
    Special Price $28.98 Regular Price $65.00

    SURGE CONTROL LTD - SPP-2204D Transient Suppressor & Filter.

    15Amp 220VAC 50/60Hz.

    Design Exceeds ANSI/IEEE C62.41-1991 CAT.B and IEC 801-4 Level 4 Specifications.

    5-Screw Terminals = Ground + Line In + Neutral In + Line Out + Neutral Out

    New Old Stock

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  13. PANASONIC/MATSUSHITA - ECQ-U2A224MG - Capacitor, MPF. 0.22uf 250VAC.
    Special Price $0.98 Regular Price $1.10 As low as $0.79

    PANASONIC/MATSUSHITA - ECQ-U2A224MGCapacitor, MPF. 0.22uf 250VAC.

    Case/Package:  Radial

    Dielectric Material: Metallized polyester film

    Case/Package:  Radial

    Capacitance:      220 nF

    Max Operating Temperature:     100 °C

    Min Operating Temperature:      -40 °C

    Tolerance:     20 %

    Voltage Rating (AC):        275 V

    Voltage Rating (DC):        909 mV

    Dimensions: Height         9 mm,  Height - (Max)    18.0086 mm

    Lead Diameter: 800 µm,  Lead Length     20 mm

    Lead Pitch:          15.0114 mm

    Length  17.5006 mm,   Width      17.5 mm

    Standards: UL (UL1414). Across-the-line capacitors. Antenna-coupling and line-by-pass capacitors. CSA (Standard C22.2 No.1-94). SEMKO, DEMKO, NEMKO, FIMCO, VDE, SEV; IEC384-14. Lead spacing: 0.59" [15mm].

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  14. ON SEMI - ESD5Z12T1G - Diode, transient suppressor. 12V.

    ON SEMI - ESD5Z12T1G Diode, Transient Suppressor.

    Single bidirectional 12V.

    Package: SOD-523.

    From 7" reel cut.

    Minimum Purchase 100

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  15. LITTELFUSE - V39MA2S - MOV. TVS. 25VAC, 31VDC, 40A. 250 pF.
    Special Price $0.69 Regular Price $0.85 As low as $0.49

    LITTELFUSE - V39MA2S MOV. TVS, transient voltage surge suppressor.

    Voltage Rating: 25VAC, 31VDC.

    0.17 Joules.

    Capacitance: 250pF.

    Peak Surge Current: 40A 

    Surge Rating: 0.17Joul

    Mount: PCB

    Package: 3mm D, Axial Leads.

    Alternate: Mouser 576-V39MA2S, Newark 75C8272

    More info:

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  16. International Rectifier IR - KY10DPF - Voltage surge suppressor. 260VRMS.
    Special Price $1.49 Regular Price $2.00 As low as $0.98

    International Rectifier IR - KY10DPF - Voltage Surge Suppressor.

    Status: Discontinued

    260VRMS, 220VDC 700VIC 0.25Amp.

    Spike suppressor.


    Case: 0.438" (11.1mm) D x 0.833" (21.1mm) long, axial leads.

    Note: pdf file available upon request.

    New Old Stock

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  17. General Electric - V56ZA2P - V56ZA2 - MOV. Metal Oxide Varistor 35V RMS 2.3 Joules.
    Special Price $0.98 Regular Price $1.50 As low as $0.69

    General Electric - V56ZA2P - V56ZA2 - MOV. Metal Oxide Varistor

    35V RMS, 45VDC, 2.3 Joules.

    Dimensions: 7mm D.

    Note: P56Z2.

    Cross NTE1V035.

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  18. GE/HARRIS - V130L10 - MOV, metal oxide varistor. 130V.
    Special Price $0.79 Regular Price $1.00
    MOV, metal oxide varistor. Transient surge suppressor. 130VRMS 175VDC. Package: radial leads, 14mm D. Learn More
  19. EPCOS - B40K550 - B72240B551K001 - MOV. Metal Oxide Varistor, 550VAC 960J.
    Special Price $16.98 Regular Price $24.50

    EPCOS - B40K550 - B72240B551K001 - MOV, Metal Oxide Varistor.

    Block Varistor High E Series

    Rated 550VAC, 745VDC.

    Varistor Voltage 910V.

    Tolerance; 10%.

    Energy 960J.

    Surge current 40kA for 8/20 uSeconds.

    Max clamping voltage 1500 @ 200 amps.

    Eliminates dangerous voltage transients and reduces EMP/RFI interference.

    Dimensions: (40mm) 0.55" thick, 2.2" tall, mounts on 2" centers.

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  20. CHALLENGER - 1599-DP.1/85959 - TVS, transient surge suppressor.
    TVS, transient surge suppressor. Single plug-in outlet. For TV, record players, video games and computers. LED shown while working. One time unit. Learn More
  21. AVX/Kyocera - VE24P00321K - Zinc Oxide Varistor. MOV 320VAC 0.8 watt.
    Special Price $0.59 Regular Price $0.75 As low as $0.39

    AVX/Kyocera - VE24P00321K Circuit Protection.

    “P Series” are especially dedicated to heavy duty applications encountered in the AC power network. Higher surge current and energy ratings provide an improved protection and a better reliability.
    Radial lead varistors
    Status: Discontinued

    Zinc Oxide Varistors.

    320VAC 0.8 watt. 360 J, 8000/6000A, 950pF

    Case: Radial Leads.

    Alternate: EPCOS B72220S0321K101, S20K320

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  22. AVX/Kyocera - VE17P00321K - Zinc oxide varistors. 320VAC 0.4 watt.
    Zinc oxide varistors. 320VAC 0.4 watt. Case: radial leads. More info: Learn More
  23. SPC TECHNOLOGY - SPC12989 - 6 Outlet Surge Suppressor Protector Power Strip, 6 Foot Cord, 15 A/1875W, 18,000 Amp Peak Surge Current
    Special Price $6.98 Regular Price $12.95 As low as $4.98

    SPC TECHNOLOGY - SPC12989 - 6 Grounded Outlets Surge Protector Power Strip

    Home/Office Surge Suppressor/Protector Power Strip.

    Combination On/Off  Switch & Resettable Circuit Breaker for Overload Protection.

    Protection Working - LED Indicator 

    6 Grounded Outlets.

    Supply Voltage: 125VAC, 60 Hz, 15 Amps./1875 Watts

    Peak Surge Current: 18,000 Amps.

    Clamping Voltage Max: Vc:330V.

    Housing Material: Rugged High Impact Plastic Housing.

    Built in Mounting Holes.

    Dimensions: 11" x 2" x 1-1/2" Deep.

    Extra Long 6 Foot (1.8m) 14-3C Grounded Power Cord.

    Operating Temperature: 105 Deg C.

    Color: Beige.

    Applications: Small Basic Electronics, Lighting, & Hobby Rooms. Not for around water or aquariums.

    RoHS Compliant.

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  24. SANKEN - SNRD39K1 - MOV. Radial 8mm. Package of 10.
    Special Price $2.98 Regular Price $4.00

    SANKEN - SNRD39K1 MOV, Metal Oxide Varistor.

    Applied voltage continuous: 25VAC, 31VDC.

    Varistor voltage: 39V.

    Joules: 1.5.

    Clamping voltage: 79V.

    Capacitance: 700pF.

    Package: Radial leads, 8mm.

    Alternates: 7D39K, D732Z0V250RA02, ERZ05DK390, S07K25

    Package of 10.

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