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  1. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 700-N5 -Series C Surge Suppressor. 150V AC/DC 35VA.
    Surge Suppressor. 150V AC/DC 35VA. They contain a resistor 220 Ohm and capacitor 1uF. Series C. 2 Wire module. Complete with manufactures specification sheet. Application: Can be used with Bulletin 700-P, -PH, -PK, and -N relays, and other electromechanical devices. Made in the USA. Learn More
  2. Lambda - L-12-OV-5 - Overvoltage protection. 12Amp 5V Hybrid device.
    Overvoltage protection. 12Amp 5V Hybrid device, trip 6.6V, +/-0.3V.Case: PCB mount 1.5" x 0.750" base x 0.676" tall with 1.168" mt ctrs. Learn More
  3. General Electric - V575LA20A - MOV. 575 AC-RMS, 20 joules.
    Special Price $0.79 Regular Price $1.00
    MOV, metal oxide resistors. 575 AC-RMS, 20 joules, 0.65 watt. Case: radial leads. Dimensions: 16mm. Learn More
  4. CLARE - CM3P-350L - Gas tube arrestor. Transient protector.
    Gas tube arrestor. DC breakdown voltage: 350V. Tolerance: 20%. Transient protector. Impulse breakdown voltage: 1200V max. Capacitance: 2pF max. Material: ceramic tube sealed at both by electrodes, and inside it is filled by inert gas. Package: 3 radial leads. Lead spacing: 6mm. Learn More
  5. SANKOSHA - Y08S-230B - Surge suppressors. Transient arrestor.
    Special Price $1.46 Regular Price $1.95
    Surge suppressors. Two electrode gas tube arrestor, gas discharge tube. Marked 23084. Case: Ceramic 8mmD x 6.9mm high with axial leads. Learn More

    MOV, metal oxide varistor. 230VAC 300VDC. Package: radial leads.

    Learn More
  7. General Instruments - 5KP30 - TVP. 37V 5KW.
    Circuit protection. TVP, transient voltage protector. 37V 5KW. Package: axial leads. Note: Uni-directional. Learn More
  8. CKE - Z21L101 - MOV. 100V, 1watt, 30 joules.
    Metal oxide varistors. 100V, 60AC/85DC, 165V clamping voltage, 1watt, 30 joules.Package: 20mm radial leads. Learn More
  9. PANASONIC/MATSUSHITA - ECQ-U2A224MG - Capacitor, MPF. 0.22uf 250VAC.
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    PANASONIC/MATSUSHITA - ECQ-U2A224MGCapacitor, MPF. 0.22uf 250VAC.

    Case/Package:  Radial

    Dielectric Material: Metallized polyester film

    Case/Package:  Radial

    Capacitance:      220 nF

    Max Operating Temperature:     100 °C

    Min Operating Temperature:      -40 °C

    Tolerance:     20 %

    Voltage Rating (AC):        275 V

    Voltage Rating (DC):        909 mV

    Dimensions: Height         9 mm,  Height - (Max)    18.0086 mm

    Lead Diameter: 800 µm,  Lead Length     20 mm

    Lead Pitch:          15.0114 mm

    Length  17.5006 mm,   Width      17.5 mm

    Standards: UL (UL1414). Across-the-line capacitors. Antenna-coupling and line-by-pass capacitors. CSA (Standard C22.2 No.1-94). SEMKO, DEMKO, NEMKO, FIMCO, VDE, SEV; IEC384-14. Lead spacing: 0.59" [15mm].

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  10. ON SEMI - ESD5Z12T1G - Diode, transient suppressor. 12V.
    Diode, transient suppressor. Single bidirectional 12V. Package: SOD-523. From 7" reel cut. Learn More
  11. LITTELFUSE - V39MA2S - MOV. TVS. 25VAC, 31VDC, 40A. 250 pF.

    LITTELFUSE - V39MA2S MOV. TVS, transient voltage surge suppressor.

    25VAC, 31VDC.

    0.17 Joules.

    Capacitance: 250pF.

    Package: 3mm D, axial leads.

    More info:

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  12. IR - KY10DPF - Voltage surge suppressor. 260VRMS.
    Special Price $1.12 Regular Price $1.49
    Voltage surge suppressor. 260VRMS, 220VDC 700VIC 0.25Amp. Spike suppressor. Non-polarized. Case: 0.438" (11.1mm) D x 0.833" (21.1mm) long, axial leads. Note: pdf file available upon request. Learn More
  13. General Electric - V56ZA2 - MOV. 35V RMS 2.3 Joules.
    MOV, metal oxide varistor. MOV 35V RMS, 45VDC, 2.3 Joules. Dimensions: 7mm D. Note: P56Z2. Cross NTE1V035. Learn More
  14. GE/HARRIS - V130L10 - MOV, metal oxide varistor. 130V.
    MOV, metal oxide varistor. Transient surge suppressor. 130VRMS 175VDC. Package: radial leads, 14mm D. Learn More
  15. EPCOS - B40K550 - MOV. 550VAC 960J.
    MOV, metal oxide varistor. Rated 550VAC, 745VDC. Varistor Voltage 910V. Tolerance; 10%. Energy 960J. Surge current 40kA for 8/20 uSeconds. Max clamping voltage 1500 @ 200 amps. Eliminates dangerous voltage transients and reduces EMP/RFI interference. Dimensions: (40mm) 0.55" thick, 2.2" tall, mounts on 2" centers. Learn More
  16. CHALLENGER - 1599-DP.1/85959 - TVS, transient surge suppressor.
    TVS, transient surge suppressor. Single plug-in outlet. For TV, record players, video games and computers. LED shown while working. One time unit. Learn More
  17. AVX/Kyocera - VE24P00321K - Zinc oxide varistors. 320VAC 0.8 watt.
    Circuit protection. Zinc oxide varistors. 320VAC 0.8 watt. Case: radial leads. Learn More
  18. AVX/Kyocera - VE17P00321K - Zinc oxide varistors. 320VAC 0.4 watt.
    Zinc oxide varistors. 320VAC 0.4 watt. Case: radial leads. More info: Learn More
  19. SPC TECHNOLOGY - SPC12989 - 6 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip, 6 Foot Cord, 15 A/1875W, 18,000 Amp Peak Surge Current
    Special Price $4.98 Regular Price $9.95 As low as $4.49

    SPC TECHNOLOGY - SPC12989 - 6 Grounded Outlets Surge Protector Power Strip

    Home/Office Surge Suppressor/Protector.


    On/Off Switch

    Protection Working - LED Indicator 

    6 Grounded Outlets.

    Supply Voltage: 125VAC, 60 Hz, 15 Amps./1875 Watts

    Peak Surge Current: 18,000 Amps.

    Clamping Voltage Max: Vc:330V.

    Housing Material: Rugged Plastic.

    Built in Mounting Holes.

    Dimensions: 11" x 2" x 1-1/2" deep.

    Extra Long 6 Foot (1.8m) 14-3C Grounded Power Cord.

    Operating Temperature: 105 Deg C.

    Color: Beige.

    RoHS Compliant.

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  20. SANKEN - SNRD39K1 - MOV. Radial 8mm. Package of 10.
    Special Price $2.98 Regular Price $4.00

    SANKEN - SNRD39K1 MOV, Metal Oxide Varistor.

    Applied voltage continuous: 25VAC, 31VDC.

    Varistor voltage: 39V.

    Joules: 1.5.

    Clamping voltage: 79V.

    Capacitance: 700pF.

    Package: Radial leads, 8mm.

    Alternates: 7D39K, D732Z0V250RA02, ERZ05DK390, S07K25

    Package of 10.

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  21. SANKEN - TNR15G560KM - MOV. Radial 15mm. Package of 10.
    MOV, metal oxide varistor. Applied voltage continuous: 35VAC, 45VDC. Varistor voltage: 56V. Joules: 10. Clamping voltage: 103V, 10A. Capacitance: 5,600pF. Package: radial leads, 15mm. Package of 10. Learn More
  22. PROTEK DEVICES - LCD08C - IC. TVS, transient voltage suppressor.
    IC. TVS, transient voltage suppressor. Low capacitance TVP array. Package: 16 Dip. Learn More
  23. Phoenix Contact - TT-UKK5-T-V-24DC ST - Termitrab/Surge Protector. Plug 2788391
    Special Price $14.98 Regular Price $20.00 As low as $12.98

    Phoenix Contacts - TT-UKK5-T-V-24DC ST, Plug 2788391

    The TT-UKK5-T-V-24DC-ST Series is a protective plug with varistor to plug onto base element TT-UKK5-T-BE. (Termitrab). The TT-UKK5-T-V-24DC-ST can be used in the signal circuits of electronic controllers. Screw connection, surge protection connector with a Siemens S14K25 varistor. ST-BE, 2802316.

    Status; Discontinued - Replacement 2906841

    IEC test classification/VDE requirement class: C1, C3

    Nominal voltage UN: 24 V DC

    Maximum continuous voltage UC: 31 V DC, 25 V AC

    Rated current: 26 A (40 °C)

    Operating effective current IC at UC: ≤ 150 µA

    Nominal discharge current In (8/20) µs (line-line): 350 A

    Total discharge current Itotal (8/20) µs: 350 A

    Max. discharge current Imax (8/20) µs maximum (line-line): 1 kA

    Nominal pulse current Ian (10/1000) µs (line-line): 25 A

    Residual voltage at In (line-line): ≤ 130 V

    Response time tA (line-line: ≤ 25 ns

    Capacity (line-line): typ. 4.6 nF

    Impulse durability (line-line): C1 - 500 V / 250 A, C3 - 10 A

    Dimensions: Height 52 mm X Width 6.2 mm X Length 41.5 mm

    Weight: 8.120 g (0.960 Ounce)

    Operating Temperature: -40 C to 60 C, IP20

    Country of Origin: Greece

    Alternate/Replacement/Supercession: 2906841

    Learn More
  24. Harris Corp - V130LA10A - MOV. 130VRMS 175VDC 38J. Used. Package of 10.
    MOV, transient voltage surge suppressor. 130VRMS 175VDC 38Joules. Package: 14mm radial leads/Cut 1/4" leads. Cross V130L10A. Package of 10. Learn More
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