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  1. Cinch Connectivity Johnson - 108-0901-001 - Connector, Banana Jack. White. Insulated Solder Terminal
    Special Price $0.49 Regular Price $0.65 As low as $0.35

    Cinch Connectivity Solutions /Johnson 108-0901-001 Connector, Banana Jack.

    For Standard 0.175" plug, 15Amp.

    Gender: Female. Straight. Wire size: 16AWG.

    Formed Brass Ccontact and Bright Tinned Finish, with Nickel-Plated Nut.

    Color: White.

    Termination: Solder. 

    Contact: Formed brass per QQ-B-626D
    Finish: Bright tin
    Body: Nylon 6/6 per ASTM D4066
    Hardware: Nickel plated nut (unassembled)
    Body Thread Stripping Torque: 6.0 lb. in. (7kg. cm.)
    Panel Thickness: Up to .343 (8.80)

    Current: 15 amps
    Breakdown Voltage: 7000 Vrms minimum ✝
    Contact Resistance: 0.010 ohms maximum
    Contact-To-Panel: 2.4 pF nominal

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  2. HH Smith - 1828 - Banana jacks. Shorting links. Package of 10.
    Special Price $3.98 Regular Price $5.00

    HH Smith - 1828 Connector, banana jacks.

    Shorting links only.

    Dimensions: 1.02" long x 0.43" wide x 0.25" ID.

    Package of 10.

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  3. Calrad - 90-757 - Connector, binding post. Package of 2.
    Connector, binding post. Push button, spring loaded. Color: Black. New. Package of 2. Learn More
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