Mini Electrical Connectors

Electrical power connectors give devices the ability to transfer an electrical current through to another device, such as a computer. We carry a wide range of mini electrical connectors made for a variety of electronic products. Our electrical power connectors will keep your devices running smoothly.  

We offer brand-new electronic power connectors, delivered to you in the manufacturer’s packaging. We also carry connectors that are slightly used, but we guarantee their quality. Each and every one has been fully checked to ensure its reliability. If the mini electrical connector that you require for your device isn’t in stock, request it and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  

Shop our inventory below and order your mini electrical connector today. 

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  1. SEALECTRO - 51-075-6801 - Connector, BNC. Bulkhead to SMB Plug 50 Ohm.
    Connector, BNC. Bulkhead to SMB Plug 50 Ohm. Housing gender: receptacle. Contact gender: female. Circuit count: 1. Mounting type: Panel, flange. RF connector. Military NSN 5935-00-988-5646. Learn More
  2. CTI - 4244000 - BNC (F) female with solder pin on 90 Deg RG6
    BNC (F) female (threaded panel mount) with solder pin on right angle 90 Degree RG6 cable push in end. Learn More
  3. Unidentified MFG - 9-131 - Connector, BNC. Male for coax cable RG-59 + RG-62.
    Connector, BNC. Male BNC for standard coax cable RG-59 and RG-62. The collet/strain relief grips the cable for a solid connection. Reuseable. Learn More
  4. Unidentified MFG - 4-273 - Connector, BNC. Female teflon.
    Special Price $0.59 Regular Price $0.75

    NEW TEFLON Insulated, Gold-plated center contact Female PCB MOUNT BNC CONNECTORS. 0.6" square nylon housing 0.7" tall, 1.3"overall above board.

    Learn More
  5. SWITCHCRAFT - BNCRAPC2001 - Connector, BNC. Female panel.
    Connector, BNC. Female panel with nut or PC mount, has two wire leads half inch long, bent down to pc board. Black body 0.575"W x 0.7"H with pc studs. Length behind panel: 0.6". Overall Length: 1.8". Learn More
  6. AMPHENOL - 554-84/912 - Connector, BNC. F Isol bulkhead jack.
    Connector, BNC. Housing gender: receptacle. Contact gender: female bulkhead jack. Mounting type: For coax cable: 58, 59, 179, 316. Note: Isolated. New individually packaged. Alt P/N: 31-10-75. Learn More
  7. AMPHENOL - 309-95725 - BNC (F) SINGLE HOLE
    Special Price $3.71 Regular Price $4.95
    BNC (Female) SINGLE HOLE PANEL MT FOR RG 59 & 62 A &B completesilver plated & tarnished Learn More
  8. AMPHENOL CONNEX - 112459 - Connector, BNC. "T" adapter, jack-plug-jack.
    Connector, BNC. "T" adapter, jack-plug-jack. Impedance: 50-ohm. Compliant with directive 2002/95/EC. Learn More
  9. Unidentified MFG - 980G02-020-007 - Connector, BNC.
    Connector, BNC. Isolated panel Jack with 5 inches of wire, two solid conductors ending in a 2-position flat connector. Learn More
  10. TROMPETER ELECTRONICS - PL20-5 - Connector, BNC/TNC/F. Male.
    Connector, BNC/TNC/F. Gender: male. For 50 Ohm RG-174 coax cable. Mount: cable. Note: ALT P/N: 76902. Learn More
  11. AMPHENOL - 309-36800 - (F) BNC for RG58 & RG141
    (F) BNC for RG58 & RG141 female cable end (jack)inf manuf pkg'd. Learn More
  12. TROMPETER ELECTRONICS - 94256201 - Connector, BNC. Plug 1786 - BNC B.
    Connector, BNC. Plug 1786 - BNC B. For RG6 cable. Controlnet BNC Plug RG-6QS. Learn More
  13. SEALECTRO - 51-175-007926803, -6801 GOLD BNC CONN
    Special Price $14.95 Regular Price $19.00
    -6803 -6801 GOLD BNC CONN Learn More
  14. ITT Pomona Electronics - 3283 - BNC. Female to female adapter.
    Connector, BNC. Female to female adapter. Impedance: 50 Ohm. Learn More
  15. AMPHENOL - 31-224 - BNC NEW
    Special Price $8.25 Regular Price $11.00
    NEW BNC CONN + KIT Connectors RF Plug Twinaxial Straight Body Style RG 108A Clamp Termination Learn More
  16. Amphenol - 554-91/1920 - Connector, coaxial. BNC male. New.
    Special Price $4.46 Regular Price $5.95
    Connector, coaxial. Type: BNC. Housing gender: plug. Contact gender: male. Learn More
  17. AMPHENOL - 35650-75 - Connector, BNC. (M) terminator.
    Special Price $12.75 Regular Price $17.00
    Connector, BNC. (M) terminator resistor terminated cap and chain 0-4 Ghz with low reflection, usable to 11Ghz 75-ohm 500 volt 0.5Watt. Learn More
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