Mini Electrical Connectors

Electrical power connectors give devices the ability to transfer an electrical current through to another device, such as a computer. We carry a wide range of mini electrical connectors made for a variety of electronic products. Our electrical power connectors will keep your devices running smoothly.  

We offer brand-new electronic power connectors, delivered to you in the manufacturer’s packaging. We also carry connectors that are slightly used, but we guarantee their quality. Each and every one has been fully checked to ensure its reliability. If the mini electrical connector that you require for your device isn’t in stock, request it and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  

Shop our inventory below and order your mini electrical connector today. 

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  1. UNMARKED - PL259 Crimp - Connector, coaxial. PL-259 crimp UHF for RG-58.
    Connector, coaxial. PL-259 crimp UHF male connector for RG-58 cable, 2 piece. Learn More
    CHASSI MOUNT F CONN WITH NUT (FEMALE) app.5/8"of thread Learn More
  3. TROMPETER ELECTRONICS - PL75-7 - Connectors, coax. Wrench crimp triax.
    Connectors, coax. Wrench crimp triax, series 70. To: 0.250 cable. Military cage number 14949. Learn More
  4. SEALECTRO - 051-053-0349-220 - CONN Receptacle RtAngle Coax Gold
    Special Price $6.68 Regular Price $8.90
  5. PROAM - 4894000 - Connector, coax. SO-239, UHF 90 Deg F to F.
    Connector, coax. SO-239, UHF 90 Deg female, threaded bulkhead with washer. To female threaded bulkhead. Heavy / High-Power. Dimensions: 1" OD x 1.85" high x 1.37" wide. Learn More
  6. Kings - UG-146A/U - Connector, coaxial. N(M) to UHF(F).
    Connector, coaxial. Housing gender: receptacle/adapter. Contact gender: N male plug -to- UHF female. Circuit count: 1. Housing material: metal. Note: Jack/Socket. Learn More
  7. KINGS - KC59-139 - Connector, coaxial. BNC 50 Ohm.
    Special Price $1.41 Regular Price $1.88
    Connector, coaxial. Type: BNC. Housing gender: plug. Contact gender: male. Circuit count: 50 Ohm. Learn More
  8. Amphenol - UG-175/U - Connector, coaxial. PL259 for 175/U UHF adapter. New.

    Connector, coaxial. PL259 adapter for 175/U UHF adapter. Note: Mil Cage No. 74868.

    Learn More
  9. AMPHENOL - KS16287 - Factory New Twinax bulk head (F)
    Special Price $9.97 Regular Price $12.95
    Factory New Twinax bulk head (F) jacks Silver Plated for RG-224-hole flange-mount Silver-plated Learn More
  10. UNMARKED - CONN 11 - Mini-UHF Conn bulkhead mount
    RFX Mini UHF Connectors Bulkhead mount to solder type connection , bulk packed. Learn More
  11. HH Smith - UG-176 - Reducing Adapter for PL-259 UHF.
    Special Price $0.49 Regular Price $0.98

    Connector. Reducing Adapter for PL-259 UHF. PL259 (UHF) Insert for RG-59, 62, 71, 140 or RG-210/U Coaxial cable. Dimensions: 0.256"ID x 1" long. H H Smith # 1711. Note: No suffix.

    Learn More
  12. FINCO - SP-11F - Connector, coaxial splicer.
    Connector, coaxial splicer. For 0.30" inside between coax jacket and shield, 1-7/8" long and has a crimp ferrule 0.538"OD at each end. Brass / silver plated. Learn More
  13. ARC - 8-409 - TWINAX- "T " M-F-F
    Special Price $7.49 Regular Price $10.00
    TWINAX- "T " M-F-F Learn More
  14. Unmarked - 9-161 - Connector. F-61 "F" connector. Package of 2

    Connector. F-61 "F" connector. Solder style with approximately a 3/4" long threaded shank. Mount: Panel.Package of 2

    Learn More
  15. TROMPETER ELECTRONICS - UPL220-025 - Connector, coaxial. BNC 75 Ohm.
    Connector, coaxial. BNC 75 Ohm. Mounting type: straight plug, crimp. Learn More
  16. SEALECTRO - 5-190-74-600 - Connector, coaxial.
    Special Price $6.75 Regular Price $9.00
    Connector, coaxial. Learn More
  17. SEALECTRO - 51-073-6700 - Connector, adapter. N all mating ends.
    Connector, adapter. 2A Straight shape, external/internal coupling. N all mating ends. Note: Military NSN 5935-00-239-6096. Learn More
  18. PYRAMID/CABELCON - 750-CH-P - Connector, coaxial. Hardline.
    Connector, coaxial. Hardline cable termination. Core depth 7/8", pin length: 2". Learn More
  19. DELTA - M39012/01-0005 - Connector, coax. 50 Ohm.
    Connector, coax. 50 Ohm. RF radio frequency type contact, single mating end. Military 5935-00-928-3127. Learn More
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