Eastern Air Devices - D80NPK-2 - 1/50HP 1800 RPM Synchronous Induction Motor, High-end Turntable Motor

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Eastern Air Devices - D80NPK-2

115VAC Synchronous Capacitor (4uF) Induction Motor

1/50HP 60Hz 1800-RPM Continuous Duty - 1Phase 0.65Amp 4-teflon wires -

4uf Start Capacitor Required - Not Included 

3.9"D x 4"Long 4-hole front mounting 1.85"spacing 0.188"

4.7mmD shaft 0.45"Long weighs 3.5-pounds

Rare and desirable 1950’s E.A.D., Eastern Air Devices synchronous capacitor induction motor in superb New condition. These were used in all the best turntables and tape players in the mid to late 50’s. This includes most all the early “H” model Rek-O-Kut and Gray turntables. It has a stepped shaft for two speeds or a pulley can be added. Shaft sizes appear to be 3/16” and 5/16”. These electric motors are now extremely hard to find and very desirable for their good torque, compact size and speed stability. The outer aluminum housing and fan are removable and motor can be used without them just using the heat sync fins alone. Like all these type motors, it must be used with a capacitor to get it started. See picture of label on the side of the motor for specs. Cosmetics are quite nice, bearings/bushings show no wear, motor runs as new. I removed the original protective grease/Cosmoline from the shaft and as you can see the wire ends have not been used. This was obviously bought as a spare and never mounted.