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  1. Signalite - NE-83 (5AH) - Lamps & Lights. Neon, 60VDC 5mA Package of 5.
    Special Price $12.98 Regular Price $14.50

    Signalite - NE-83 (5AH) Lamps & Lights.

    Neon Lamp, 60VDC 5mA.

    Glow lamp, glass envelope with wire leads.

    Dimensions: 5.9mm D x 22.6mm tall.

    Lead spacing: 1.0mm.

    Vintage Genuine Signalite NE-83 Bulb 

    Package of 5.

    Learn More
  2. Chicago Miniature Lab - CM1829G - Lamps & Lights. 28V 0.07Amp. Green bayonet.
    Lamps & Lights. 28V 0.07Amp. Mount: bayonet. MSCP: 1.0 Filament: C-2F. Package: T-3-1/4. Color: green. Incandescent. Life: 1,000 hours. Learn More
  3. Western Electric - 13C - Lamps & Lights. Resistance lamp.
    Lamps & Lights. Resistance lamp. 10V 0.030Amp, 30V 0.058Amp, 90V 0.110Amp. Single tungsten filament. Base: solder terminals. Learn More
  4. Sylvania - 24MB - Bulb. 24V 0.07Amp. Package of 2.
    Lamps & Lights. 24V 0.07Amp Bulb. Filament: C-2F. CP: 0.5 Average life: 10,000 hours. Base: T2-1/2 single contact bayonet. Package of 2. Learn More
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