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  1. Unidentified MFG - LT2-20-2F7 - NE2 - Neon, Glow Lamp/Bulb, Package of 100.
    Special Price $26.98 Regular Price $40.00

    LT2-20-2F7 - NE2 - Neon, Glow Lamp/Bulb

    Neon glow lamps are a sort of miniature gas discharge lamps. The lamp is composed by a sealed glass bulb containing two electrodes and a low pressure noble gas mixture. When current flows through the lamp, the gas immediately surrounding the negative electrode glows. 

    Neon, Glow Lamp, High Brightness

    Be sure to add a 75K or 100k series resistor for 110v operation or a 220k resistor for 220v operation

    Lamp Color: Orange. (Internal Helium gas)

    Dimensions: Approximately 5.8mm D x 15mm long with glass tip.

    Leads: 2" long with bare wire leads.

    1/4 watt

    Life: Greater than 25,000 Hours

    Package of 100.

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  2. PESTOLITE - F4T5-BL - Lamps & Lights. Ultra-Violet Fluorescent, T5, 40024-BL, 4 Watt Glass Bulb. Black Light, Package of 2.
    Special Price $6.98 Regular Price $12.50

    PESTOLITE - F4T5-BL - Ultra-Violet Fluorescent 4 watt glass bulb.

    Black Light. 0.63" D x 6.00" (152mm) L, 5.8" L with four pins.

    Average Lifetime: 6,000 hours 2-pins each end.

    Manufacturer: PestoLite Inc

    Model Reference: SK-6

    Lamp Type: F4T5 BL

    Base: Fluorescent T5

    Base Type: Miniature Bi-Pin

    Service Life: 6000 hrs

    Fixture Type: Insect Control Device

    Ballast Type: Preheat Magnetic

    Wattage: 4

    Voltage: 120 VAC

    Color Temperature: BlackLight, Color Rendering Index:   BlackLight

    Application/Use: Insect Control, Nail Dryer, Conterfeit Currency Detection, Mosquito/Fly Trap/Zapper.

    UPC: 600300307672

    Alternate P/Ns: 15503, S2904, 3000105, 10017, 4-152, BLE-220B, 204140, BL/350, Flykiller, UFL-F4T5/BL, 90450, LF-4054, 6240-00-151-7642, F4T5/UVA, F4T5/BLCE

    Package of 2.


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  3. MAJOR - NE-2 with resistor - Lamps, neon. Glow lamps. Package of 5.
    Lamps, neon. Glow lamps, 2 electrodes that glow orange when 115VAC is applied. Has a 30Kohm resistor in series with one lead and both wire leads are insulated with tubing. Case: 0.24" D x 0.64" long, glass envelope with wire leads, 2" + 3.5" wire leads. Package of 5. Learn More
  4. General Electric - EKZ - Lamp, quartz. Lamp and cable.
    Lamp, quartz. 10.8VDC 30W. Complete with QCX-20 socket/holder and mating fiber optic cable. Dimensions: overall 2" square x 4-7/8" tall, plus cable. Learn More
  5. EAO SWITCH - 701-968.24 - Lamps & Lights. Lamp cluster 24VDC.
    Lamps & Lights. Lamp cluster 24VDC, for EAO 14-131.022.1097.L24 illuminated push button switches. Learn More
  6. Dialco/Dialight - 507-4537-0937-640 - Neon indicator lamps 105-125VAC/DC.
    Special Price $3.98 Regular Price $5.00

     Dialco/Dialight - 507-4537-0937-640

    Neon Indicator Lamps 105-125VAC/DC, 0.3 mA, with 56K internal resistor.

    Clear cap, aluminum housing with nickel silver pins.

    Dimensions: 0.264" D x 1.45" long.

    Note: Cartridges accept holders #507-8745-504, not included.

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  7. Chicago Miniature Lab - CM3965 - Lamps. 5V bi pin. Package of 10.
    Lamps. 5V. Bi-pin 5.5mm with the plastic base of 6mm D x 14mm long. Lead spacing: approximately 3.3mm centers. Leads 6.5mm long. Lens. clear. From: Manufactures box of 400. Package of 10. Learn More
  8. Unidentified MFG - 9-202 - Lamps & Lights. Quartz Tungsten J Type T3 Halogen Lamp, 130V 500 watt.
    Special Price $3.98 Regular Price $5.00

    Quartz Tungsten J Type T3 Halogen Lamp

    Manufactured with multi-filament support, these bulbs outlast and are far superior to ordinary bulbs you get at the store. White, crisp halogen light provides energy efficient lighting for home, office or shop use. The multi-filament supports resist vibration and provides for long life. 

    Energy Used: 130V 500 watt.

    Size: 4.64" Long. (118 mm)

    Life: 2000 Hour Minimum

    Type: Bright White  Tubular Rough Service

    Construction: Clear finish, Ceramic Double Ended RSC base

    Brightness: 9,500 Lumens

    Applications: Double ended bulbs are commonly used for security lighting, work lights, high-end accent fixtures, and torchiere table or floor lamps.

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  9. Triad/Magnetek - 1030-32-500K - Mercury Ballast Kit - for 250W H37 480V lamp
    Universal Mercury and Metal Halide High Intensity Discharge Lamp Ballast Replacement Kit for 250Watt H-37 Lamp. Autotransformer Mercury Ballast and 22.5uF 280VAC Oil Capacitor, with brackets & instruction sheet.480Vac 60Hz Learn More
  10. SCHURTER - 0035.6722 - Panel indicator, 220VAC 0.5W. Red.
    Lamps & Lights. Panel indicator, 220VAC 0.5 watt. Mount: panel 3/8" snap in. Lens: Red. Note: Type LRE16/220V. Learn More
  11. JEMCO - RL-104-LRD - Lamps & Lights. Neon 115V.
    Lamps & Lights. Panel indicator, neon 115V. Lens clear, orange illumination. Mount: panel, snap-in. Rectangular 1.25" long x 0.36" wide, with 5" leads. Note: No wattage given. Learn More
  12. Keystone Electronics - 7113 - Lamps & Lights. 2.5V.
    Lamps & Lights. 2.5V. Mount: panel, snap-in 1/4". With 24" wire leads. Color: clear. Learn More
  13. General Electric - 19797-2 - Incandescent bulb 120V 150W.
    Lamps & Lights. Incandescent bulb 120V 150 watt. Inside frost. Medium base. (R-40 Bulb). Reflector flood lamp. Learn More
  14. Dialco/Dialight - 585-2215 - Lamp. LED cluster red 28V.
    Lamp. LED cluster 28V. Base: midget flange. Color: red. More info: Learn More
  15. Chicago Miniature Lab - 988 - 28V 100CP AVIATION BULB
    Special Price $3.75 Regular Price $5.00
    28V 100CP AVIATION BULB Learn More
  16. Unidentified MFG - NE-2 - Lamps. NE-2 Neon with resistor. 120 VAC, Package of 10.
    Special Price $4.98 Regular Price $6.50

    Lamps. NE-2 Neon with resistor for 120VAC.

    Contacts: bare wire leads.

    Package of 10.

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  17. Unidentified MFG - 8-513 - Vintage Lamp jewel. White. Package of 5.
    Special Price $3.98 Regular Price $5.00

    Vintage Jewel Lamp Lens.

    Dimensions: 0.338" OD.

    Slides into base 0.28" D.

    Color: White.

    Package of 5.

    Learn More
  18. Unidentified MFG - 9-217 - 12V Halogen Bulb & Socket 55Watt
    Special Price $3.75 Regular Price $5.00
    BULBS & SOX 12V 55 WATT Learn More
  19. Transistor Electronics Corp - TEC - L-1022-1A02-F2L-02 - Lamps & Lights. Aircraft Panel indicator, Red LED.

    Transistor Electronics Corp - L-1022-1A02-F2L-02

    TEC Aircraft Panel Indicator Red LED

    Lamps & Lights.

    Panel indicator,

    Red LED.

    Threaded bushing, 6.3mm long.

    Mount: PCB or panel.

    Contacts: 2 turret posts. Gold

    Dimensions: Body 12.6mm D x 12.6mm high.

    Lens: 8.4 mm D x 8.8mm high.

    Learn More
  20. Transistor Electronics Corp - DLR-5540C-9 - Indicator light for T1-3/4
    Indicator light for T1-3/4 flanged lamp Panel mount - no mounting hardware included Learn More
  21. Transistor Electronics Corp - 2259982-L - 28V Pilot Lamp #387 lamp

    Lamps & Lights. Panel indicator, 28V. White 0.45", with a #387 bulb.

    Learn More
  22. Sylvania - 1000PAR64Q/MFL - 1000WT. MEDIUM FLOOD
    Special Price $27.95 Regular Price $35.00
  23. Sylvania - 941 - Lamps & Lights. Panel indicator 48V.
    Lamps & Lights. Panel indicator 48V. Package: tubular bi-pin, clear lens. Dimensions: 5.4mm in front of panel, 17mm behind panel, 5.0mm bi-pin electrical contacts. Fits in 7.3mm hole. Learn More
  24. SOLI CO - 4-440 - Lamps & Lights. Panel indicator. 14V 1 watt.
    Lamps & Lights. Panel indicator. 14V 1 watt round snap-in 1/2 lamp. Lens color: orange. Learn More
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