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  1. J.W.MILLER - 4608-RC - Inductor, choke. 3.9uH 1Amp.
    Inductor, choke. Inductance: 3.9uH. Current: 1Amp. Tolerance: 10%. DC Resistance: 0.45 Ohm. Minimum quality factor: 60@7.96MHz. Core material: Phenolic. Package: axial leads. Dimensions: 0.27mm D x 20.07mm long. Operating temperature: -55 to 125 Deg C. More info: Learn More
  2. Vishay / Dale Electronics - IM-2-5.6uH 10% B08 - Inductor. 5.6uH 10% Package of 10.
    Inductor, high frequency. 5.6uH +/-10%. Series: IM-2. DC resistance: 1.8M Ohm max. DC current: 185mA. Self-resonant freq: 65MHz. Q-Factor: 50. Package: axial lead. Package of 10. Learn More
  3. TOKO AMERICA - DB32C - A993AS-6R8M - 6.8uH SMD Fixed Inductors
    Special Price $1.98 Regular Price $3.00


    6.8uH 20% 0.11-Ohm SMD

    Fixed Inductors DB320C Series,

    3.8mm footprint

    Manuf in China/manuf pkg'd.

    Learn More
  4. API DELEVAN - S4924-223K - Inductors, ferrite core/ferrite sleeve. 22uH.
    Inductors, ferrite core/ferrite sleeve. 22uH. DC resistance: 0.89 Ohm max. Max 561mA. Dimensions: 12.44 to 13.21mm wide x 5.84 to 6.35mm deep x 5.33 to 5.84mm high. Operating temperature range: �55 to +125 DegC. Case: SMD. Learn More
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