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  1. Eastern Air Devices - LA23ECH-27 - Motor, Stepper. 1.4VDC 1.9A 1.8 Deg/Step.
    Special Price $19.98 Regular Price $38.50

    Eastern Air Devices - LA23ECH-27 - Motor, Stepper.

    2 Phase

    1.4VDC 1.9Amp

    1.8 Deg/Step.

    Torque: 35 in-oz (2.45 kg*cm)

    Steps/Revolution: 200

    4 Wire, 11" Leads.

    Oval Mount: 66.5mm centers.

    Dimensions: 57.5mm D x 52.4mm deep, plus 6.3mm flatted shaft 11mm long.

    Alternate P/N: 400-0072.

    Genuine Eastern Air Devices - New Old Stock

    Proudly Made in USA

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  2. Philips AIRPAX - S-A83709-M4 - Motor, Stepper. 12VDC 15 Deg/Step 0.4 Amp.
    Special Price $12.98 Regular Price $16.50 As low as $8.98

    Philips AIRPAX - S-A83709-M4 Motor, Stepper.

    12VDC 15 Deg/Step

    0.4 Amp/Phase IMP-Protected.

    6 Wire.

    Shaft: 0.25" D x 0.7" long.

    56mm diameter x 23mm thick.

    Mounting slots on 68mm centers.

    Six 4" leads.

    Shaft: 0.25" diameter x 0.75" long.

    C/N 1218676-00

    Made in Singapore

    Digital P/N: 70-18658-00

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  3. Warner Electric - M062-LE-511E - STEPPER SLO-SYN 5.3V 200S/R
    200-Steps/Revolution 5.3VDC 1.6A STEPPER with 8-wire RENCO ENCODER Model#77678-045 "Connect per 225373" 2.25"OD x 6" including 1/4" [6.3mm] x 18.8mm shaft - 47mm mounting centers, 56.6mm sq flange Learn More
  4. Warner Electric - KML061F11 - SloSyn 1.34VDC, 5.4Amp, 200S/R.
    Motors, stepper. SloSyn 1.34VDC, 5.4Amp, 200S/R. NEMA 23, 1-stack. Case: mount ra bracket with 1-3/4" ctrs. Shaft: 1/4" D x 3/4" long, 4 wire leads. RFE/removed from equipment/guaranteed. Learn More
  5. Warner Electric - KML063F04 - Motors, stepper. 4.95VDC, 1.8Amp, 200S/R.

    Warner Electric - KML063F04 Motors, stepper.

    4.95VDC, 1.8Amp, 200S/R, 2.75 Ohms, 17mH.

    Bipolar Holding: 350-oz-in, NEMA 23, 3-stack.

    Case: 2-1/4" square x 4" long, 0.315" D shaft with flat 0.72" long, 4 wire leads.

    RFE/removed from equipment.

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  6. SUPERIOR ELECTRIC CO. - M062-FC09E - Motor, stepper. Slo-syn 1.65VDC 4.7A.
    Motor, stepper. Slo-syn synchronous 1.65VDC 4.7Amp, 200 S/R = 1.8 degree. Hold 100-In-Oz. Dual-shaft 6.7mm x {two} 18.9mm 0.75". Dimensions: 2.25" D x 4.5" long including 1/4" shafts. 6 wire, 46.6mm centers on 51.5mm square plate. Learn More
  7. SUPERIOR ELECTRIC CO. - M111-FD-310 - SLO-SYN Stepper 8.75VDC 1.25A 250-Oz-In
    Motor, Stepper SLO-SYN. Supply: 8.75VDC 1.25A . Steps: 200 steps/revolution . Torque: 250-Oz-In. Wire count: 6-lead internal terminal board. Mech. Mtg: 3-hole mounting. Has a 0.70" gear attached to the shaft, removable. Learn More
  8. SEIBERCO Inc - 2311-021 - Motor. Stepper. 8 wires.
    Motor. Stepper. 8 wires. Mounting: 4 holes 0.2"D x 1.85 spacing. Body: 2.25" sq x 2"L. Shaft: 3/8"D x 3/4"L. Weight: 1.6 lbs. 6' cable. Learn More
  9. Oriental Motors - PH268-21M2 - Motors, stepper. 2-PH 5.4VDC 1.5A 1.8 Deg/Step
    Motor, stepper. Supply: 5.4VDC 2-Phase. N/P Current: 1.5A. Steps: 1.8 degree. Weight: 2.8 lbs. With magnetic brake DC24V 0.17Amp. Learn More
  10. IEF WERNER - 86/2P/8A/3,7Nm/SDB - Precision Stepper 1.8deg BiPolar Sealed
    2-Phase Stepper Motor 85mm Dia 213mm Long plus 1"long keyed shaft 10.1mm / 0.40" dia - 70mm mounting centers - two control connectors 6-pin(Motor Y) and 12-pin(Enc Y) IP-52 Amps Rw-0.2 Ohm I(bip)8Amp 1.8-degree- new surplus, 11.1# unpackedpacked)... Learn More
  11. AIRPAX - K82702-P2 - Motor, stepper. 12VDC.
    Motor, stepper. 12VDC, step angle 7.5 Deg. Ohms/Coil 61. Enclosed, 4 wire. Dimensions:2.25" D x 1" high. Mount flange oval 3.2" long with 2 holes at 2.65" centers. Note: Possibly used. North American Philips or Airpax. Learn More
  12. AIRPAX - B82403-M7 - Motor, stepper. 12VDC.
    Motor, Stepper. Gear Ratio: 15:1. Supply: 12VDC. Steps: 7.5 Degree. Wire count: 8-Wire. Body Dimensions: 2.131"OD. Learn More
  13. Superior Electric - M093-FD11 - Motor, stepper SLO-SYN. 2.64V 6-wire 450-Oz-In.

    Motor, stepper SLO-SYN. Supply: 2.64VDC. 5.5A. Steps: 200 steps / revolution. Torque: 450-Oz-In Holding. Direction: reversible. Wire count: 6 wires. Mech. Mtg: 4 holes 70mm spacing. Body Dimensions: 86mm D x 132mm L plus shaft. 10mm D. Class B insulation, 65degC. Weight: 8 lbs. Note: This motor is 9 lbs packed and will require additional shipping funds above the $9.90 USD the website will attached to any order.

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  14. ANAHEIM AUTOMATION - 42D112S - 1.8 Deg 20-Oz-In 2.3V 6A STEPPER MOTOR

    106mm dia x 123mm long, with 15.9mm [5/8"] 35.5mm [1.4"] long Keyed shaft, 4 holes 88mm centers on 9.6mm thick 107.7mm square aluminum flange - 1.8 DEG 200 STEP/REV 2.3VDC / PHASE 6.1AMP - 0.625"Shaft Residual Torque: 20 OZ-IN - CLASS B STEPPER MOTOR 42=FRAME SIZE SINGLE SHAFT Min Holding Torque: 625-OZ-IN - DYNAMIC STEW TORQUE: 425-oz-in nom rotor inertia: 54.6 Oz-In SEC X SEC X 1000 - weighs 8.3-pounds

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  15. SEIKO EPSON - STP-42NI48LH - Motor, stepper. 12VDC 50 Ohm.
    Motor, stepper. 12VDC 50 Ohm. Dimensions: 42mm D with square mounting plate x 22mm deep, 6 wire 8 inches long. Shaft: 3mm x 9.5mm long.Weight: 4.2 OZ. Learn More
  16. Philips - ECG1736 - IC. 4 Phase stepper motor driver. New.
    IC. 4 Phase stepper motor driver. Power amplifier module. Case: 18 Power SIP. New. Learn More
  17. FuJI Electrochemical Co. - SM25-24KO - 6-Wire 25mm Mini Stepper Motor
    Special Price $14.98 Regular Price $18.50

    FUJI Electrochemical Co. - SM25-24KO - Motors Mini Stepper

    A 6-wire stepper motor is similar to a 4-wire configuration with the added feature of a common tap placed between either end of each phase. Stepper motors with these center taps are often referred to as unipolar motors. This wiring configuration is best suited for applications requiring high torque at relatively low speeds.

    2mm Shaft 8mm Long


    Dimensions: 25mm [1"] Dia x 6mm [0.63"'deep 2-hole mount 32mm [1.25"] Centers 

    New Old Stock

    Made in Japan

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  18. Parker Compumotor Corp - CPL57-120 - Stepping Motor. 130-In-Oz, 3600 RPM, Dual Shaft.
    Special Price $139.98 Regular Price $185.00

    Parker Compumotor Corp - CPL57-120 Stepping Motor.

    RS-232 driven 50-150VDCpeak - 20kHz PWM

    Max. Continuous Speed: 3600RPM.

    Torque (Continuous): 130 in-oz,  Torque (Peak): 160 in-oz

    Rottor Inertia: 0.0042 oz-in-sec2

    Dual 1/4" shafts 0.75" long.

    Motor Weight: 3.2 lbs.

    Connectors: One 5 Pin male and One 6 position female circular connectors.

    Mount: Flange 2.25" x 2.25", with 4 (.205") holes at 2.625" bolt circle.

    Body Dimensions: overall 2.250" side x 3.362" deep x 4.750" high, plus dual shafts.

    Note: Used/Removed from equipment. Motor Only - Good Condition.

    Made in USA.

    Additional Information:


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  19. Applied Motion Products Inc - 5023-169D - Motor, stepper. Dual shaft, 8 Wire.
    Motor, stepper. Dual shaft, 8 Wire. Max phase current: 2.47Amp V4 1.63 Ohm. Mount: Panel, 47mm centers. Body: 56mm D x 141mm long. Shaft(s) 6.4mm D x 19mm long. Weight: 2.9 lbs. Learn More
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