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  1. ERICSSON - PKG4410PI - DC/DC 3.3VDC 14A OUT,38-72V-IN 3"X2.5"
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    ERICSSON - PKG4410P - DC/DC  Convertor

    The PKG units can be used as on-board distributed power modules, or serve as building blocks for more centralized power boards. The high efficiency makes it possible to operate over a wide temperature range without any extra heatsinks. At forced convection cooling >200 lfm (1 m/s), the PKG units can deliver full power without heatsinks up to +65°C ambient. With derated output power it can also operate in temperature controlled environments with non-forced convection cooling. By adding external heatsinking, the temperature range can be extended even further. Thanks to its peak power capability, the PKG series is ideal for applications where max power is only required during short durations e.g. in disc drives. The PKG series uses ceramic substrates with plated copper in order to achieve good thermal management, low voltage drops, and a high efficiency.

    Input Voltage: 38-72VDC

    Output Voltage: 3.3VDC @ 13.6Amps

    45W Output.

    Efficiency typ 86% (5 V) at full load

    1500 V dc isolation voltage

    Terminal Type: PCB

    MTBF >200 years at +75 °C casetemperature

    Rugged mechanical design andefficient thermal management, max+100 °C case temperature

    EMI measured according toEN 55 022 and FCC part 15J

    Dimensions: Size 74.7x63.5x11.0 mm (2.94x2.50x0.433 in.

    Made in Sweden

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