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  1. MODUPOWER - MP9003 by MPI - 5V to 12VDC 300MA DC-DC CONVERTER

    MODUPOWER - MP9003

    5V to 12VDC 300MA

    DC-DC CONVERTER 24(23)-pin 33.5mm x 14.8mm x 12mm above board.

    Tubed, New.

    Made in USA

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  2. International Power Devices - HBS150YR-A - DC/DC Converter. Single output 9V 16Amp 150 watt.
    Special Price $136.98 Regular Price $150.00

    International Power Devices - HBS150YR-A - DC/DC Converter.

    Status: Discontinued

    Single output

    9V 16Amp 150 watt.

    Input: 24VDC. Open frame, half brick.


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  3. Endicott Research Group ERG - E1353 - Voltage Inverter Converter, DC-to-AC, 5VCD to 200 VAC 25kHz
    Special Price $24.98 Regular Price $28.50 As low as $19.98

    Endicott Research Group ERG - E1353 Voltage Inverter Converter

    ERG has been matching DC-AC inverters to backlit LCDs since 1979 for customers in the USA and around the world. ERG offers the industry’s widest range of DC-AC inverters for powering CCFL-backlit flat panel displays, bar none. Open frame and encapsulated inverters. Single-lamp to 6-lamp inverters.

    DC-to-AC Converter

    Converts 5 VDC to 200 VAC at 25 kHz.

    Mount: PCB (4 Pin)


    Applications: Epson LCD driver. Power to ensure longer useful EL (Electroluminecent Lamp) Lamp Life. ERG supports all major manufacturers of CCFL-, LED- and EL- backlit LCDs, and offers a broad array of standard and custom solutions.

    Alternates: EG9013, 8M059013

    Proudly Made in USA

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  4. CPI - Computer Products Inc. - WR24T05-12/55K3 - Input 18-36V, Triple Outputs +5V@5A, -12V@1.25A, +12V@1.25A, 55W
    Special Price $248.98 Regular Price $350.00 As low as $229.98

    CPI - WR24T05-12/55K3 TRIPLE-OUTPUT Wide Input DC/DC Converter


    Input Voltage: 18-36VDC

    Output Voltage: +5VDC@5A, -12VDC@1.25A, +12VDC@1.25

    Efficiency: 81%

    Dimensions: 3.5" x 5.5"L x 1.3"H with Optional Terminal Board Screw Connections

    Weight: 0.9lbs

    NSN: 6130-01-293-0247

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  5. CALEX - 5D15.150 - DC/DC Converter. Dual Out: +/-15V 150mA 4.5W.
    Special Price $18.98 Regular Price $24.50 As low as $16.98

    CALEX - 5D15.150 - DC/DC Converter.

    The versatile 5 Watt Dual Output converter is particularly suitable for use in microprocessor systems where 5 Volts is the primary power source, and where a low noise plus and minus output voltage is required.

    Status: Discontinued April 2020

    • Low Input/Output Noise Operation
    • Low Profile Case (0.40”)
    • Isolation Capacitance of 50pF
    • Extended Operating Temperature Range of -40ºC to +100ºC.
    • Fixed Frequency Operation

    Input: 5V.

    Dual Output: +/-15V 150mA 4.5 watt.

    Mount: 5 Pin Module PCB.

    Dimensions: 2" Square x 3/8" High.

    Proudly Made in the USA.

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  6. ASTEC - BK60A-048L-150F10G - 15V 10Amps OUT - 48V-In
    15V 150W-max OUT - 48VDC-In(36-75V 188W-max) AMPSS POWER MODULE2.3" x 2.4" x 0.5" plus sixteen 0.25"-leads SENSING,V-ADJ, SHARE, ENABLE, CLK-IN - "For Evaluation - Subject to change" NEW - APM-trademark $155.35 LIST Learn More
  7. ASTEC - AK60C-048L-120F08G - DC/DC Converter. 12VDC 8Amp, 100W.
    DC/DC Converter/Power supply module. Input: 48VDC (36-75VDC). Output: 12VDC 8Amp, 100 watt. Regulation 0.2%. Dimensions: 2.4" x 2.3" x 0.74" (including 9-pins). New, includes remote sensing, voltage adjustment 80-110% and TTL-Enable. Listed: UL/CSA (3) VDE CE. Learn More
  8. ASTEC - AA30A-048L-120D - DC/DC Converter. Output: +/-12V 30Watts.
    DC/DC Converter. Output: +/-12V 30Watts. Input: 48V(-35 to -60VDC@ 1.2A). Dimensions: 3" square x 0.4" high, 9 pin. Listed: UL and CSA-Level3. Learn More
  9. VICOR - VI-BN3-CV/B1 - 48VDC to 24VDC 150W DC/DC
    Special Price $79.95 Regular Price $95.97

    VICOR - VI-BN3-CV/B1 48VDC TO 24VDC DC/DC Converter

    With Trim and Remote Sensing

    Dimensions: 4-5/8" X 2-3/8" x 1"


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  10. ASTEC - AA15A-048L-150S - 15V @1A OUT 20.0-72.0VDC
    Special Price $87.99 Regular Price $110.00
    15VDC @ 1A OUTPUT 20-72VDC-Input 2"Square x 0.4"high 7-pin UL&TUV-certified Learn More
  11. ASTEC - AA03A-005L-050S - 5V Out 3W - 5V-In
    5VDC In - 5VDC Out 5W 2" x 1" x 0.4" plus 4-pins UL-approved NEWManuf in Mexico Learn More
  12. VICOR - VI-2N3-CV/B1 - 48VDC to 24VDC 6A 150W
    Special Price $79.95 Regular Price $95.00

    DC/DC 48VDC-171W-Max TO 24VDC 6.25Amps 150Watts Max with Remote Sensing and Trim 4.5" x 2-3/8" x 1" high - NEW

    Learn More
  13. SYNQOR - PQ48033HTA50NNS - DC/DC 48V to 3.3V 50Amp
    Special Price $49.95 Regular Price $75.00
    48VDC to 3.3VDC at 50Amps "Half-Brick". Isolated, No heatsink, required for heavy current output. Learn More
  14. Nemic/Lambda - PC6-48-5 - 5Vo 1.2Amp OUT - 36-72VDC Input
    IN: 36-72VDC Output 12VDC +/-5% 0 - 1200mA 3Watts - (Adjustable with TRM terminal) DC/DC Converter - Output current limiting, automatic recovery - Only 20 x 28mm, 7.8mm above board. SHIELDED in five dimensions. Learn More
  15. Lucent - JW150F1-99W - DC/DC Converter. Used.
    DC/DC Converter. Out: 30A 3.3VDC. In: 3.7A 36-75VDC. Mount: PCB. Package: 7 Pin module. Dimensions: 2.24" long x 2.28" wide x 0.50" high. Note: Used/Removed from equipment. Listed UL/CSA. Learn More
  16. TDK LAMBDA - SM3024S05 - 5VDC 30Watt OUT - 24VDC Input
    Special Price $69.98 Regular Price $89.98

    TDK LAMBDA - SM3024S05 - 5VDC 30Watt OUT - 24VDC Input

    65mm square x 10mm. 20-pins each side.

    Made in USA

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  17. International Power Devices - IAS005YR-2 - DC/DC Converter. 24VDC to 9VDC.
    DC/DC Converter. 24VDC to 9VDC. Chrome housed / module. PCB. Dimensions: 1" x 2". Note: Used/Removed from equipment. Learn More
  18. International Power Devices - BWD4805 - 48V in +/-12V Out
    Special Price $79.95 Regular Price $95.00
    Dual output 2.5Watt Module Inverters 48V in +/-12V Outwww.alldatasheet.com Learn More
  19. CDI - 212S24FR - DC/DC Converter. 2.5W. Output: 12V 165mA.
    Special Price $64.95 Regular Price $80.00
    DC/DC Converter. 2.5Watt. Input: 24V. Output: 12V 165mA. Mount: PCB. Package: 24 Dip. Learn More
  20. Burr Brown - PWR1219 - DC/DC Converter. 12VDC 250mA.
    DC/DC Converter. 3 Watt, unregulated. Input: 24VDC. Output: 12VDC 250mA. Mount: PCB 12 Pin. Learn More
  21. Astec - AK42A-024L-033D025SM - DC/DC Converter. Dual output. Output: 3.3V / 2.5V 4Amp.
    DC/DC Converter. Dual output. Output: 3.3V / 2.5V 4Amp. 13.2 watt / 10 watt. Input: (24V) 18-36V. Case: 2.00" L x 1.56" W x 0.50" H (50.8mm x 39.6mm x 12.7mm). 30 Pin. Learn More
  22. VICOR - VI-2W3-05 - 24VDC IN to 24VDC @150W / 6.25Amp OUT
    Special Price $189.98 Regular Price $250.00


    4VDC IN (18-36VDC)


    Product Type: Isolated DC-DC Converters

    Number of Outputs: 1 Output   

    Output Power: 150 W    

    Input Voltage, Min: 18 V, Input Voltage, Max: 36 V           

    Output Voltage-Channel 1: 24 V

    Isolation Voltage: 3 kV  

    Operating Temperature: - 10 C to + 85 C

    Package / Case:Full Brick, Through Hole

    Dimensions: Length: 117 mm, Width: 61 mm, Height: 12.7 mm  

    Dimensions: 4-9/16" L x 2-3/8" W x 1-1/8" HIGH

    Identical in specs to the VI-BW3-CV-B1

    Alternate: Mouser 492-VI-2W3-EV

    Learn More
  23. POWER ONE - XWT4805-12S1 - High Power Package Trim and Enable Pin
    DC/DC Converter 150Watt 48vdc input Tripple output 5vdc & bipolar 12v High Power Package Trim and Enable Pin USED/PULLSwith attached heatsink 13-PinInternational Power Devices USA Learn More
  24. Nemic/Lambda - RM50-48-2/TEL - 2Vo 10Amps OUT - 36-60VDC Input
    2Vo (Adjustable with TRM terminal and external resistor) 10Amps OUT - 36-75VDC1.6A Input - many remote functions. Unenclosed. 60x98mm x 11mm high including thirteen terminals. Learn More
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