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  1. Deltrol Controls - 900 DPST-NC - Long Base - 20335-81 - Electromechanical Relay, 12VDC, 30 Amps.
    Special Price $16.98 Regular Price $24.50 As low as $12.98

    Deltrol Controls - 900 DPST-NC - 20335-81 Electromechanicl Relay, Control. Long Base, 900 Series

    Deltrol 900 Series relays feature rugged construction, and DuPont Rynite molded coils which are environmentally protected and Class F insulated allowing temperature tolerance up to 115C.  

    Status: Discontinued

    Input: DC.

    Contacts: DPST NC.

    Contact Ratings: 30 Amp.

    Contact Material: Silver Cadmium Oxide

    Coil Voltage: 12VDC (1-1/2HP or 30Amp at 120/240VAC 1PH, 2HP or 20Amp at 600VAC).

    Coil Resistance: 72 Ohm.

    Mech Mtg: Panel.

    Termination: Screw

    Packaging: Open frame, 2 holes, 1.9" spacing.

    Size: 2.5 x 3.3 x 2.3" high.

    Weight: 9 oz.

    Expected Life: 100,000 Operations

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    Learn More
  2. WABASH - 470-19-3 - Relay, dip. DPST NO 12VDC 250mA.
    Relay, dip. DPST NO 12VDC 250mA, 500 Ohm, 2 Form A. 50VDC MAX. Package: 8 dip. Dimensions: 19.3mm x 6.7mm long. Learn More
  3. MAGNECRAFT/S&D - 181BXX116 - 6VDC DPST N.O Hermetically Sealed
    Special Price $7.31 Regular Price $9.75
    Hermetically Sealed - silver metal case 1.5" x 1.4" x 2.4" with three threaded mounting studs. DPST N.O 6VDC 40-Ohm Coil 190mADC 6-Solder-Hook terminals out thru bottom glass seal - 5.2-oz Learn More
  4. AROMAT - S4E-12V - Relay, control. Input: DC. Contacts: 4PST NO.
    Relay, control. Input: DC. Contacts: 4PST NO. Contact Ratings: 4A-1/20HP-125-250VAC/3A-30VDC. Coil Voltage: 12V. Mech Mtg: Dip. Size: 0.475 x 1.10 x 0.40"H. Learn More
  5. Square D - XDO-40 XD Series-A - 230VDC 4PST-NO-10A
    230/250VDC 11watt Coil - DC CONTROL RELAY 4N.Open 10A-AC, 5A-DC CONTACTS - Designed for horizontal two point mounting with coil terminals upward 132mm x 57mm x 90mm. New. with6-page instructrion sheet. UL CSANEMA weighs 3-lbs Learn More
  6. Potter & Brumfield - T92P7D12-12 - Relay, DC. DPST-NO 30Amp 12VDC.
    Special Price $6.75 Regular Price $9.00
    Relay, power. Input: DC. Contacts: DPST NO. Contact Ratings: 30Amp. Coil Voltage: 12VDC (30Amp 120/277VAC, 20Amp 28VDC, 1HP 120VAC, 2-1/2HP 240VAC, TV10 120VAC). Coil Current: 141.67mA (1.7 watt). Coil Resistance: 86 Ohm. Size: 1.33 x 2.0 x 1.0" high. Note: Designed to control Compressor loads to 3.5 tons - 25FLA 110LRA. UL873 and UL508 spacings and VDE 8mm spacings. 4kv dielectric coil-to-contacts. Learn More
  7. OHMITE - DOX-381 - 24VDC 4PST-10A 230-Ohm
    Special Price $2.25 Regular Price $3.00
    24VDC 4PST-10A 230-Ohm solder terminals new open frame. Learn More
  8. OMRON - G6B-2214P-US-5VDC - Relay, control. Input: DC. Contacts: DPST-NO.
    Relay, control. Input: DC. Contacts: DPST-NO. Contact Ratings: 5Amp 250Vac/5A30VDC. Coil Voltage: 5VDC. Coil Current: 60mA. Coil Resistance: 83.3 Ohm. Mech Mtg: PCB 6 Dip. Size: 0.782" wide x 0.431" deep x 0.415" high. Note: Listed: UL/CSA. Rohs compliant. Learn More
  9. CLAREED - CR4Z-1265-TN - 4PST 2 N.O. 2 N.C 36VDC COIL
    Special Price $1.50 Regular Price $2.00
    4PST 2 N.O. 2 N.C 36VDC COIL Learn More
  10. OMRON - G7L-2A-T-CB-DC12 - Relay, DC. Coil: 12VDC 25A.
    Relay, DC. DPST 12VDC 25 Amp. Power relay Contacts: 120-277VAC@25A. Base: 1/4" QC terminals, overall 2" long x 1.3" deep. Learn More
  11. CP CLARE - A100279 - Relay, power. DPST and 2 NO 3VDC.
    Relay, power. Input: DC. Contacts: DPST and 2 NO. Contact Ratings: 3VDC. Pulls in about 2VDC. Coil Resistance: 1 ohm. Packaging: Open frame. Note: 280 Turns of #24 FMX. NIB. Learn More
  12. COTO - 8L02-05-01 - 5VDC Relay New 8-Dip
    5VDC DPST-NO Relay 200-Ohm, Maximum Switched Power: 10 W, Maximum Switched Current: 500 mA, New 8-Dip Learn More
  13. Potter & Brumfield - PRD7DY0-110 - Relay, DC. DPST-NO 25Amp 110VDC.
    Relay, control. Input: DC. Contacts: DPST-NO. Contact Ratings: 25Amp. Coil Voltage: 110VDC (1HP, 120/240VAC, 1PH, 25Amp, 240VAC, 20Amp, 277VAC). Mech Mtg: Panel, open frame. Note: Listed: UL/CSA. Learn More
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