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At Electrical Surplus, we offer an extensive selection of electronic semiconductor devices for sale. Semiconductor components offer several advantages, including being shock-proof, having an almost unlimited lifespan, and requiring a low voltage to operate properly.  

Our supply ranges from electronic transistors and timers to diodes and audio converters. Start shopping for your semiconductor components today to experience all of the advantages they have to offer. If the semiconductor you’re looking for is out of stock, you can request a part and we’ll get it to you as quickly as possible.

 Find the semiconductor component you need in our selection below.  

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  1. !@ 1 item
  2. Unmarked 49 items
  3. Hitachi 9 items
  4. NEC Corporation 5 items
  5. ST Microelectronics 8 items
  6. Amperex 3 items
  7. AMC 1 item
  8. Ampex 1 item
  9. ASI 1 item
  10. Bendix 4 items
  11. Central Semi 2 items
  12. CEN 1 item
  13. CDTO 2 items
  14. CDBS 1 item
  15. CBS 2 items
  16. Clevite 3 items
  17. CR 1 item
  18. DELCO 1 item
  19. DELCO/GM 4 items
  20. DII 1 item
  21. DIT 1 item
  22. EDI 1 item
  23. FAIRCHILD 20 items
  24. ETCO 7 items
  25. ETC INC 1 item
  26. ESE 1 item
  27. Fairchild semiconductor corportion 1 item
  28. ET 2 items
  29. Fairchild Semiconductor. 1 item
  30. General Electric 21 items
  31. GE/RCA 5 items
  32. G 6 items
  33. FSC 1 item
  34. General Instruments 1 item
  35. GM/DELCO 3 items
  36. General Semiconductor 1 item
  37. Harris Corp 10 items
  38. GTC INC 1 item
  39. GPD 1 item
  40. Hewlett Packard 1 item
  41. HOLLAND 1 item
  42. HE 1 item
  43. ID 2 items
  44. ITT 4 items
  45. KEC 1 item
  46. Lambda 3 items
  47. KS 1 item
  48. MAJOR 5 items
  49. LPT 1 item
  50. LTE 2 items
  51. National Semiconductor Corp 5 items
  52. Mallory Capacitor Co 1 item
  53. Matsushita 8 items
  54. Micropower 1 item
  55. Motorola 258 items
  56. MOT 1 item
  57. Texas Instruments 32 items
  58. NAT 2 items
  60. NES 1 item
  61. NJS 2 items
  62. NTE Electronics Inc. 59 items
  63. Philips 33 items
  64. NTE Electronics Inc 4 items
  65. ON SEMI 1 item
  67. Philco 5 items
  68. Sylvania 4 items
  69. RAYTHEON. 5 items
  70. RAYTHEON 2 items
  71. RAY/CRP 1 item
  72. RCA 43 items
  73. Samsung 1 item
  74. S 3 items
  75. ROHM 13 items
  76. RP 1 item
  77. SES 3 items
  78. Sanyo 3 items
  79. Sanken 3 items
  80. SCS 1 item
  81. SCA 1 item
  82. Semiconductor Technology Inc 2 items
  83. SCI 2 items
  84. SEMI TECH 1 item
  85. SGS 3 items
  86. SEM 1 item
  87. SGS THOMP 1 item
  88. SIG 1 item
  89. Siliconix 6 items
  90. Silicon General/Microsemi 1 item
  91. SK 1 item
  92. SILICON GEN 1 item
  93. SK SERIES 2 items
  94. ST 1 item
  95. Sony 1 item
  96. Solitron 2 items
  97. Sprague 3 items
  98. Solid State Devices Inc 1 item
  99. SPI 1 item
  100. STC 3 items
  101. SUMITOMO 1 item
  102. Tektronix 1 item
  103. T 1 item
  104. Teccor 1 item
  105. SYNERTEC 2 items
  106. Tenna 2 items
  107. TCG 1 item
  108. Toshiba 8 items
  109. TI/ST 1 item
  110. Transistor Electronics Corp 1 item
  111. Unitrode 1 item
  112. TUNG-SOL 1 item
  113. TS 1 item
  114. UPI 1 item
  115. UST 1 item
  116. Western Electric 1 item
  117. Westinghouse 1 item
  118. Zeltex 1 item
  119. Zetex 5 items
  120. WT 1 item
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  1. Unidentified MFG - 2N4125 HOUSE - PNP. 30V 200ma amplifier. H#183-1. Package of 25.
    Transistors, PNP. 30V 200ma amplifier. House marked 183-1. Case: TO-92. Package of 25. Learn More
  2. Motorola - MJ2500 - Transistor, PNP. 60V, 10A, 150W. TO-3 Steel
    Special Price $2.98 Regular Price $3.50 As low as $1.98

    Motorola - MJ2500 Transistor, PNP.

    Max voltage: 60V.

    Max current: 10Amp.

    Dissipation: 150 watt.

    Package: TO-3 steel.

    Application: GP amplifier.

    Medium power complementary silicon darlington.

    Learn More
  3. Motorola - JAN2N6365 - Transistor, PNP. Germanium 30v TO-18. Gold Leads, 5961-01-017-0381
    Special Price $5.98 Regular Price $6.50 As low as $3.98

    Motorola - JAN2N6365 Transistor, PNP. 5961-01-017-0381

    Germanium 30v collector to base emitter open and 25 collector to emitter with base short circuited to emitter100.00 max coll current DC 150.0 max total power dissipation. TO-18 gold leads metal can, hermetically sealed.

    Made in the USA.

    Military NSN 5961-01-017-0381.

    MRC      Parameter          Characteristics

    ABBH     Inclosure Material            Metal

    ABHP     Overall Length   0.170 inches minimum and 0.210 inches maximum

    ABJT      Terminal Length               0.500 inches minimum and 0.750 inches maximum

    ADAV    Overall Diameter              0.209 inches minimum and 0.230 inches maximum

    ALAS      Internal Configuration    Junction contact

    ALBA     Electrode Internally-Electrically Connected to Case           Collector

    ASCQ     Internal Junction Configuration  PNP

    AXGY     Mounting Method           Terminal

    AYQS     Terminal Circle Diameter              0.100 inches nominal

    CBBL      Features Provided           Hermetically sealed case

    CTMZ    III Semiconductor Material           Germanium

    CTQN    Voltage Rating in Volts per Characteristic               30.0 maximum breakdown voltage, collector-to-base, emitter open and 25.0 maximum breakdown voltage, collector-to-emitter, with base short-circuited to emitter

    CTQX     Current Rating per Characteristic               100.00 milliamperes source cutoff current maximum

    CTRD     Power Rating per Characteristic 150.0 milliwatts small-signal input power, common-collector preset

    TEST       Test Data Document       81349-MIL-S-19500 specification (includes engineering type bulletins, brochures, etc., that reflect specification type data in specification format; excludes commercial catalogs, industry directories, and similar trade publications, reflecting general type data on certain environmental and performance requirements and test conditions that are shown as "typical", "average", "nominal", etc.).

    TTQY      Terminal Type and Quantity        3 uninsulated wire lead

    ZZZK      Specification/Standard Data        81349-MIL-S-19500/471 government specification




    Learn More
  4. Motorola - JAN2N3792 - Transistor, PNP. P/N: JAN2N3792. New.
    Transistor, PNP. Voltage: 80V. Current: 10Amp. Dissipation: 150 watt. Operating temperature: -65 to 200 Deg C. Package: TO-3. Note: Silicon. Military NSN 5961-00-1364-4162. Learn More
  5. Motorola - 2002 HOUSE - Transistor, PNP. Messanger output.
    Special Price $3.71 Regular Price $4.95
    Transistor, PNP. Messenger output. CB-Radio. House numbered: 2002. Package: TO-3. Note: Germanium. Learn More
  6. Motorola - 2N5876 - Transistor, PNP. 10 Amp, 80V, 150W
    Special Price $5.98 Regular Price $8.50 As low as $4.98

    Motorola - 2N5876 Transistor, PNP.

    Max Voltage: 80V.

    Collector current continuous: 10Amp.

    Dissipation: 150 watt.


    Operating/storage temperature: -65 to 200 Deg C.

    Package: TO-3.

    Note: Silicon high power.

    Application: power amplifier and switching applications.

    Form Fit & Function replacement: 2N5875

    Functional Equivalents: 2N6489, 2N5885, 2N5886


    Learn More
  7. Motorola - 2N4900 - Transistor, PNP. P/N: 2N4900.
    Transistor, PNP. Max voltage: 80V. Max current: 1Amp. Dissipation: 25 watt. Package: TO-66. P/N: 2N4900. Learn More
  8. KEC - KN2907 - Transistor, PNP. Epitaxial Planar, TO-92, Package of 10.
    Special Price $3.98 Regular Price $6.00

    KEC (Korea Electronics Corp.) - KN2907 Transistor, PNP.

    Max voltage: 40VCEO, 60VCBO.

    Max current: 600mA.

    Dissipation: 625mW.

    Package: TO-92.

    Operating Temperature: -55 to 150 Deg C.

    Note: Epitaxial Planar.

    Genuine KEC - New Old Stock

    Alternates: 2N2907, MPS2907, NTE159

    Package of 10.

    Learn More
  9. DELCO/GM - 2N278 HOUSE - Transistor, PNP. House Part Number 5490810, TO-36
    Special Price $9.98 Regular Price $16.50 As low as $7.98

    Delco/GM 2N278 Transistor, PNP.

    Max voltage: 45VCEO, 50VCBO.

    Max current: 15 Amp.

    Dissipation: 170 watt.

    Package: TO-36. P/N: 2N278 House numbered 5490810.

    Note: Germanium, 1MHz.

    Replaces/ Alternates/Substitutions: ECG 330, 2N4052, 2N5053, MP4052, MP4053Cross-Reference Search Result (Equivalent Transistors)

    Cross-Reference Search Result (Equivalent Transistors)

    ↓ Type Mat       Struct   Pc          Vcb       Vce       Veb       Ic            Tj           Ft           Hfe        Caps

    2N278 Germ       PNP      170        50          30          30          15          100        0.2         35       TO36

    2N4052 Germ    PNP      170        60          45          30          50          110        0.24       120       TO36

    2N4053 Germ    PNP      170        75          60          40          50          110        0.24       120       TO36

    MP4052 Germ   PNP      170        60          45          30          50          110        0.24       120        TO36

    MP4053 Germ   PNP      170        75          60          40          50          110        0.24       120        TO36

    Learn More
  10. AMC - 2N1532 - Transistor, PNP, Germanium, TO3.
    Special Price $9.98 Regular Price $14.50 As low as $7.98

    AMC - 2N1532 - Transistor, PNP, Germanium, TO3.

    Status Discontinued
    Case Connection COLLECTOR
    Collector Current-Max (IC) 5.0 A
    Collector-emitter Voltage-Max 75.0 V
    Configuration SINGLE
    DC Current Gain-Min (hFE) 20.0
    JEDEC-95 Code TO-3
    JESD-30 Code O-MBFM-P2
    Number of Elements 1.0
    Number of Terminals 2
    Operating Temperature-Max 100.0 Cel
    Package Body Material METAL
    Package Shape ROUND
    Package Style FLANGE MOUNT
    Transistor Application SWITCHING
    Transistor Element Material GERMANIUM
    Transition Frequency-Nom (fT) 0.2 MHz

    Voltage: 75VCE/100VCBO.

    Dissipation: 90 Watt.

    Package: TO-3.

    Note: Germanium.

    Difficult to find Transistor.

    Cross/Alternate: NTE121.

    Learn More
  11. Tenna - 2SA354 - Transistor, PNP. Germanium VHF, RF Converter, New
    Special Price $4.98 Regular Price $9.50 As low as $2.98

    Tenna - 2SA354 Transistor, PNP.

    Polarity: PNP

    Maximum Collector Power Dissipation (Pc): 0.08 W

    Maximum Collector-Base Voltage |Vcb|: 25 V

    Maximum Emitter-Base Voltage |Veb|: 1 V

    Maximum Collector Current |Ic max|: 0.01 A

    Max. Operating Junction Temperature (Tj): 75 °C

    Transition Frequency (ft): 12 MHz

    Collector Capacitance (Cc): 4 pF

    Forward Current Transfer Ratio (hFE), MIN: 70

    Package: TO1

    Similar TO1 Transistors having similar specifications: (confirm your specifications before substituting):

    2G413, 2N1632, 2N1634, 2N1636, 2N1637, 2N1638, 2N1639, 2N2957, 2N4106, 2N4106A, 2SA353, 2SA353A, 2SA354, 2SA354A, 2SA355, 2SA355A, 2SA370, 2SA380, 2SB190, 2SB271, 2SB272, 2SB273, 2SB350, 2SB350A, 2SB350H, 2SB370, 2SB370A, 2SB370AH, 2SB408, 2SB429, 2SB450, 2SB450A, 2SB459, 2SB460, 2SB460A, 2SB460B, 2SB470, 2SB619, 40261, 40262, HEPG0008, HEPG0009, XC121, XC131, XC171



    Learn More
  12. Sylvania - 2N1039-1 - Transistor, PNP. 40V, 3 Amp, Stud Mount, Germaniun.
    Special Price $9.98 Regular Price $14.50 As low as $8.98

    Sylvania - 2N1039-1 - Transistor, PNP.

    Voltage: 40V.

    Current: 3 Amp.

    Package: Stud.

    Note: Germanium.

    Learn More
  13. RAYTHEON - 2N1034 - Transistor, PNP. P/N: 2N1034.
    Transistor, PNP. Max voltage: 40V. Max current: 50mA. Dissipation: 250mW. Package: TO-5. P/N: 2N1034. Note: Silicon. Learn More
  14. National Semiconductor Corp - D45C8 - Transistor, PNP. P/N: D45C8.
    Special Price $1.94 Regular Price $2.59
    Transistor, PNP. Max voltage: 60VCEO, 70VCES. Max current: 4 Amp. Dissipation: 30 watt. Package: TO-220. P/N: D45C8. Operating temperature: -55 to 150 Deg C. Note: Silicon. Learn More
  15. Motorola - SP2264 - PNP GER 30W 40V 5A ALUM
    Special Price $2.63 Regular Price $3.50
    PNP GER 30W 40V 5A Steel/Alum gold leads NEW. Learn More
  16. Motorola - MJE105 - Transistor, PNP. P/N: MJE105.
    Special Price $11.99 Regular Price $14.99
    Transistor, PNP. Voltage:-50V. Current: -5Amp. Dissipation: 65 watt. Operating temperature: -55 to 150 Deg C. Package: TO-127. Note: Silicon. Learn More
  17. Mallory Capacitor Co - PTC122 - Power Output Transistor, PNP. Alternates NTE127, ECG127, 2N1906, 2SB126, 2SB143 & Others.
    Special Price $8.98 Regular Price $26.50

    Mallory Capacitor Co - PTC122 Transistor, PNP.

    Power Output Horizontal and Vertical Deflection

    Voltage: 220VCEO, 320VCBO.

    Current: 10 Amp.

    Dissipation: 56 watt.

    Package: TO-3.

    Note: Germanium PNP.

    Used/Removed from equipment.

    Alternates/Replacement/Substtutions: NTE127, ECG127, 2N1906 and Internet described replacment for following transistors: (Confirm your application specification before ordering):

    Equivalent replacement for the following (Confirm your application specification before ordering):
    002-012700-12, 0573199, 0573199H, 0573212H, 09-301071, 09-301073, 09-301079, 09-310171, 1-015-1160, 103-34-8305, 116-068, 11606-8, 116068, 116-086, 11608-6, 116086, 116-087, 11608-7, 116087, 116-088, 11608-8, 116088, 116-089, 11608-9, 116089, 119722, 119723, 121244, 121-370, 125-4, 125-4(RCA), 13-10321-58, 13-1038-1, 13-16592-1, 13-16607-1, 13-16608-1, 13-17607-1, 13-17607B, 13-17608-1, 13-17608-2, 13-17608B, 13-17608C, 13-17609-1, 13-21606-1, 13-2I606-1, 13-55009-1, 13-55009-2, 135744, 1471125-3, 1472460-3, 1472494-1, 1472500-1, 147351-4-1, 1473514-1, 1473648-1, 171003, 171004, 17607-1, 1962323, 19A115056-P1, 19A115531-P1, 200064-6-109, 200064-6-110, 2000646-110, 200AGEL3731, 200AGEO3730, 2057A2-265, 2057B2-134, 2057B2-136, 21606-1, 231140-04, 23114004, 231140-09, 23114009, 231140-26, 23114026, 23114-097, 23114097, 2314009, 2320201, 2320833, 236288, 23B-210-230-2, 240403, 243168, 2494, 2494(RCA), 2495-1(RCA), 2496, 2496(RCA), 2500, 2500(RCA), 25B375A-NB, 275845, 2N1167, 2N1167A, 2N2290, 2N2526, 2N2527, 2N2528, 2N257-BLK, 2N257-GRN, 2N3730, 2N3731, 2N3732, 2N4346, 2N5155, 2N5156, 2N5324, 2N5325, 2SA340H, 2SB107B, 2SB107C, 2SB107D, 2SB107E, 2SB107F, 2SB107G, 2SB107GN, 2SB107H, 2SB107J, 2SB107K, 2SB107L, 2SB107M, 2SB107OR, 2SB107R, 2SB107X, 2SB107Y, 2SB119B, 2SB119C, 2SB119D, 2SB119E, 2SB119F, 2SB119G, 2SB119GN, 2SB119H, 2SB119J, 2SB119K, 2SB119L, 2SB119M, 2SB119OR, 2SB119R, 2SB119X, 2SB119Y, 2SB122A, 2SB122B, 2SB122C, 2SB122D, 2SB122E, 2SB122F, 2SB122G, 2SB122GN, 2SB122H, 2SB122J, 2SB122K, 2SB122L, 2SB122M, 2SB122OR, 2SB122R, 2SB122X, 2SB122Y, 2SB123B, 2SB123C, 2SB123D, 2SB123E, 2SB123F, 2SB123G, 2SB123GN, 2SB123H, 2SB123J, 2SB123K, 2SB123L, 2SB123M, 2SB123OR, 2SB123R, 2SB123X, 2SB123Y, 2SB124A, 2SB124B, 2SB124C, 2SB124D, 2SB124E, 2SB124F, 2SB124G, 2SB124H, 2SB124J, 2SB124K, 2SB124L, 2SB124M, 2SB124OR, 2SB124R, 2SB124X, 2SB124Y, 2SB126B, 2SB126C, 2SB126D, 2SB126E, 2SB126G, 2SB126GN, 2SB126H, 2SB126J, 2SB126K, 2SB126L, 2SB126M, 2SB126OR, 2SB126P, 2SB126R, 2SB126X, 2SB126Y, 2SB127B, 2SB127C, 2SB127D, 2SB127E, 2SB127F, 2SB127G, 2SB127GN, 2SB127H, 2SB127J, 2SB127K, 2SB127L, 2SB127M, 2SB127OR, 2SB127R, 2SB127X, 2SB127Y, 2SB128AA, 2SB128AB, 2SB128AC, 2SB128AD, 2SB128AE, 2SB128AF, 2SB128AG, 2SB128AH, 2SB128B, 2SB128C, 2SB128D, 2SB128E, 2SB128F, 2SB128G, 2SB128GN, 2SB128H, 2SB128J, 2SB128K, 2SB128L, 2SB128M, 2SB128OR, 2SB128R, 2SB128X, 2SB128Y, 2SB129A, 2SB129B, 2SB129C, 2SB129D, 2SB129E, 2SB129F, 2SB129G, 2SB129GN, 2SB129H, 2SB129J, 2SB129K, 2SB129L, 2SB129M, 2SB129OR, 2SB129R, 2SB129X, 2SB129Y, 2SB130B, 2SB130C, 2SB130D, 2SB130E, 2SB130F, 2SB130G, 2SB130GN, 2SB130H, 2SB130J, 2SB130K, 2SB130L, 2SB130M, 2SB130OR, 2SB130R, 2SB130X, 2SB130Y, 2SB131B, 2SB131C, 2SB131D, 2SB131E, 2SB131F, 2SB131G, 2SB131GN, 2SB131H, 2SB131J, 2SB131K, 2SB131L, 2SB131M, 2SB131OR, 2SB131R, 2SB131X, 2SB131Y, 2SB132B, 2SB132C, 2SB132D, 2SB132E, 2SB132F, 2SB132G, 2SB132GN, 2SB132H, 2SB132J, 2SB132L, 2SB132M, 2SB132OR, 2SB132R, 2SB132X, 2SB132Y, 2SB137A, 2SB137B, 2SB137C, 2SB137D, 2SB137E, 2SB137F, 2SB137G, 2SB137GN, 2SB137H, 2SB137K, 2SB137L, 2SB137OR, 2SB137R, 2SB137X, 2SB137Y, 2SB138A, 2SB138B, 2SB138C, 2SB138D, 2SB138E, 2SB138G, 2SB138GN, 2SB138H, 2SB138J, 2SB138K, 2SB138L, 2SB138M, 2SB138OR, 2SB138R, 2SB138X, 2SB138Y, 2SB140A, 2SB140B, 2SB140C, 2SB140D, 2SB140E, 2SB140F, 2SB140G, 2SB140GN, 2SB140H, 2SB140J, 2SB140K, 2SB140L, 2SB140M, 2SB140OR, 2SB140X, 2SB140Y, 2SB142A, 2SB142D, 2SB142E, 2SB142F, 2SB142G, 2SB142GN, 2SB142H, 2SB142J, 2SB142K, 2SB142L, 2SB142M, 2SB142OR, 2SB142R, 2SB142X, 2SB142Y, 2SB143A, 2SB143B, 2SB143C, 2SB143D, 2SB143E, 2SB143F, 2SB143G, 2SB143GN, 2SB143H, 2SB143J, 2SB143K, 2SB143L, 2SB143M, 2SB143OR, 2SB143X, 2SB143Y, 2SB144A, 2SB144B, 2SB144C, 2SB144D, 2SB144E, 2SB144F, 2SB144G, 2SB144GN, 2SB144H, 2SB144J, 2SB144K, 2SB144L, 2SB144M, 2SB144OR, 2SB144R, 2SB144X, 2SB144Y, 2SB145A, 2SB145B, 2SB145C, 2SB145D, 2SB145E, 2SB145F, 2SB145G, 2SB145GN, 2SB145H, 2SB145J, 2SB145K, 2SB145L, 2SB145M, 2SB145OR, 2SB145R, 2SB145X, 2SB145Y, 2SB146A, 2SB146B, 2SB146C, 2SB146D, 2SB146E, 2SB146F, 2SB146G, 2SB146GN, 2SB146H, 2SB146J, 2SB146K, 2SB146L, 2SB146M, 2SB146OR, 2SB146R, 2SB146X, 2SB146Y, 2SB147A, 2SB147B, 2SB147C, 2SB147D, 2SB147E, 2SB147F, 2SB147G, 2SB147H, 2SB147J, 2SB147K, 2SB147L, 2SB147M, 2SB147OR, 2SB147X, 2SB147Y, 2SB149A, 2SB149B, 2SB149C, 2SB149D, 2SB149E, 2SB149F, 2SB149G, 2SB149GN, 2SB149H, 2SB149J, 2SB149K, 2SB149L, 2SB149M, 2SB149-N, 2SB149OR, 2SB149R, 2SB149X, 2SB149Y, 2SB151A, 2SB151B, 2SB151C, 2SB151D, 2SB151E, 2SB151F, 2SB151G, 2SB151GN, 2SB151H, 2SB151J, 2SB151K, 2SB151L, 2SB151M, 2SB151OR, 2SB151R, 2SB151X, 2SB151Y, 2SB152A, 2SB152B, 2SB152C, 2SB152D, 2SB152E, 2SB152F, 2SB152G, 2SB152GN, 2SB152H, 2SB152J, 2SB152K, 2SB152L, 2SB152M, 2SB152OR, 2SB152R, 2SB152X, 2SB152Y, 2SB19A, 2SB19B, 2SB19C, 2SB19D, 2SB19E, 2SB19F, 2SB19G, 2SB19GN, 2SB19H, 2SB19J, 2SB19K, 2SB19L, 2SB19M, 2SB19OR, 2SB19R, 2SB19X, 2SB19Y, 2SB20A, 2SB20B, 2SB20C, 2SB20D, 2SB20E, 2SB20F, 2SB20G, 2SB20GN, 2SB20H, 2SB20J, 2SB20K, 2SB20L, 2SB20M, 2SB20OR, 2SB20R, 2SB20X, 2SB20Y, 2SB215A, 2SB215B, 2SB215C, 2SB215D, 2SB215E, 2SB215F, 2SB215G, 2SB215GN, 2SB215H, 2SB215J, 2SB215K, 2SB215L, 2SB215M, 2SB215OR, 2SB215R, 2SB215X, 2SB215Y, 2SB216B, 2SB216C, 2SB216D, 2SB216E, 2SB216F, 2SB216G, 2SB216GN, 2SB216H, 2SB216J, 2SB216K, 2SB216L, 2SB216M, 2SB216OR, 2SB216R, 2SB216X, 2SB216Y, 2SB217B, 2SB217C, 2SB217D, 2SB217E, 2SB217F, 2SB217GN, 2SB217H, 2SB217K, 2SB217L, 2SB217M, 2SB217OR, 2SB217R, 2SB217X, 2SB217Y, 2SB21A, 2SB21B, 2SB21C, 2SB21D, 2SB21E, 2SB21F, 2SB21G, 2SB21GN, 2SB21H, 2SB21J, 2SB21K, 2SB21L, 2SB21M, 2SB21OR, 2SB21R, 2SB21X, 2SB21Y, 2SB228A, 2SB228B, 2SB228C, 2SB228D, 2SB228E, 2SB228F, 2SB228G, 2SB228GN, 2SB228H, 2SB228J, 2SB228K, 2SB228L, 2SB228M, 2SB228OR, 2SB228R, 2SB228X, 2SB228Y, 2SB229A, 2SB229B, 2SB229C, 2SB229D, 2SB229E, 2SB229F, 2SB229G, 2SB229GN, 2SB229J, 2SB229K, 2SB229L, 2SB229M, 2SB229OR, 2SB229R, 2SB229X, 2SB229Y, 2SB230A, 2SB230B, 2SB230C, 2SB230D, 2SB230E, 2SB230F, 2SB230G, 2SB230GN, 2SB230H, 2SB230J, 2SB230K, 2SB230L, 2SB230M, 2SB230OR, 2SB230R, 2SB230X, 2SB230Y, 2SB231, 2SB231A, 2SB231B, 2SB231C, 2SB231D, 2SB231E, 2SB231F, 2SB231G, 2SB231GN, 2SB231H, 2SB231J, 2SB231K, 2SB231L, 2SB231M, 2SB231OR, 2SB231R, 2SB231X, 2SB231Y, 2SB232, 2SB232A, 2SB232B, 2SB232C, 2SB232D, 2SB232E, 2SB232F, 2SB232G, 2SB232GN, 2SB232H, 2SB232K, 2SB232L, 2SB232M, 2SB232OR, 2SB232R, 2SB232X, 2SB232Y, 2SB233A, 2SB233B, 2SB233C, 2SB233D, 2SB233E, 2SB233F, 2SB233G, 2SB233GN, 2SB233H, 2SB233J, 2SB233K, 2SB233L, 2SB233M, 2SB233OR, 2SB233R, 2SB233X, 2SB233Y, 2SB234, 2SB234A, 2SB234B, 2SB234C, 2SB234D, 2SB234E, 2SB234F, 2SB234G, 2SB234GN, 2SB234H, 2SB234J, 2SB234K, 2SB234L, 2SB234M, 2SB234N, 2SB234OR, 2SB234R, 2SB234X, 2SB234Y, 2SB239B, 2SB239C, 2SB239D, 2SB239E, 2SB239F, 2SB239G, 2SB239GN, 2SB239H, 2SB239J, 2SB239K, 2SB239L, 2SB239M, 2SB239OR, 2SB239R, 2SB239X, 2SB239Y, 2SB240C, 2SB240D, 2SB240E, 2SB240F, 2SB240GN, 2SB240H, 2SB240J, 2SB240K, 2SB240L, 2SB240M, 2SB240OR, 2SB240R, 2SB240X, 2SB243, 2SB243A, 2SB243B, 2SB243C, 2SB243D, 2SB243E, 2SB243F, 2SB243G, 2SB243GN, 2SB243H, 2SB243J, 2SB243K, 2SB243L, 2SB243M, 2SB243OR, 2SB243R, 2SB243X, 2SB243Y, 2SB244, 2SB244A, 2SB244B, 2SB244C, 2SB244D, 2SB244E, 2SB244F, 2SB244G, 2SB244GN, 2SB244H, 2SB244J, 2SB244K, 2SB244L, 2SB244M, 2SB244OR, 2SB244R, 2SB244X, 2SB244Y, 2SB245, 2SB245A, 2SB245B, 2SB245C, 2SB245D, 2SB245E, 2SB245F, 2SB245G, 2SB245H, 2SB245J, 2SB245L, 2SB245M, 2SB245OR, 2SB245R, 2SB245X, 2SB245Y, 2SB246A, 2SB246B, 2SB246C, 2SB246D, 2SB246E, 2SB246F, 2SB246G, 2SB246GN, 2SB246H, 2SB246J, 2SB246K, 2SB246L, 2SB246M, 2SB246OR, 2SB246R, 2SB246X, 2SB246Y, 2SB247A, 2SB247B, 2SB247C, 2SB247D, 2SB247E, 2SB247F, 2SB247G, 2SB247GN, 2SB247H, 2SB247J, 2SB247K, 2SB247L, 2SB247M, 2SB247OR, 2SB247R, 2SB247X, 2SB247Y, 2SB248B, 2SB248C, 2SB248D, 2SB248E, 2SB248F, 2SB248G, 2SB248GN, 2SB248H, 2SB248J, 2SB248K, 2SB248L, 2SB248M, 2SB248OR, 2SB248R, 2SB248X, 2SB248Y, 2SB249B, 2SB249C, 2SB249D, 2SB249E, 2SB249F, 2SB249G, 2SB249GN, 2SB249H, 2SB249J, 2SB249K, 2SB249L, 2SB249M, 2SB249OR, 2SB249X, 2SB249Y, 2SB250B, 2SB250D, 2SB250E, 2SB250F, 2SB250G, 2SB250GN, 2SB250H, 2SB250K, 2SB250L, 2SB250M, 2SB250OR, 2SB250X, 2SB250Y, 2SB251, 2SB251A, 2SB251B, 2SB251C, 2SB251D, 2SB251E, 2SB251F, 2SB251G, 2SB251GN, 2SB251H, 2SB251J, 2SB251K, 2SB251L, 2SB251M, 2SB251OR, 2SB251R, 2SB251X, 2SB252, 2SB252A, 2SB252B, 2SB252C, 2SB252D, 2SB252E, 2SB252F, 2SB252G, 2SB252GN, 2SB252H, 2SB252J, 2SB252L, 2SB252M, 2SB252OR, 2SB252R, 2SB252X, 2SB252Y, 2SB253, 2SB253A, 2SB253B, 2SB253C, 2SB253D, 2SB253E, 2SB253F, 2SB253G, 2SB253GN, 2SB253H, 2SB253K, 2SB253L, 2SB253M, 2SB253OR, 2SB253X, 2SB253Y, 2SB254A, 2SB254B, 2SB254C, 2SB254(D), 2SB254D, 2SB254E, 2SB254F, 2SB254G, 2SB254GN, 2SB254H, 2SB254J, 2SB254K, 2SB254L, 2SB254M, 2SB254OR, 2SB254R, 2SB254X, 2SB254Y, 2SB255A, 2SB255B, 2SB255C, 2SB255D, 2SB255E, 2SB255F, 2SB255G, 2SB255GN, 2SB255H, 2SB255J, 2SB255K, 2SB255L, 2SB255M, 2SB255OR, 2SB255R, 2SB255X, 2SB255Y, 2SB25A, 2SB25C, 2SB25D, 2SB25E, 2SB25F, 2SB25G, 2SB25GN, 2SB25H, 2SB25J, 2SB25K, 2SB25L, 2SB25M, 2SB25-N, 2SB25OR, 2SB25R, 2SB25X, 2SB25Y, 2SB26B, 2SB26C, 2SB26D, 2SB26E, 2SB26F, 2SB26G, 2SB26GN, 2SB26H, 2SB26J, 2SB26K, 2SB26L, 2SB26M, 2SB26OR, 2SB26R, 2SB26X, 2SB26Y, 2SB270F, 2SB270G, 2SB270GN, 2SB270H, 2SB270J, 2SB270K, 2SB270L, 2SB270M, 2SB270OR, 2SB270R, 2SB270X, 2SB270Y, 2SB274, 2SB275, 2SB275A, 2SB275B, 2SB275C, 2SB275D, 2SB275E, 2SB275F, 2SB275G, 2SB275GN, 2SB275H, 2SB275J, 2SB275K, 2SB275L, 2SB275M, 2SB275OR, 2SB275R, 2SB275X, 2SB275Y, 2SB276, 2SB276A, 2SB276B, 2SB276C, 2SB276D, 2SB276E, 2SB276F, 2SB276G, 2SB276GN, 2SB276H, 2SB276J, 2SB276K, 2SB276L, 2SB276M, 2SB276OR, 2SB276R, 2SB276X, 2SB276Y, 2SB27A, 2SB27B, 2SB27C, 2SB27D, 2SB27E, 2SB27F, 2SB27G, 2SB27GN, 2SB27H, 2SB27J, 2SB27K, 2SB27L, 2SB27M, 2SB27OR, 2SB27R, 2SB27X, 2SB27Y, 2SB282A, 2SB282B, 2SB282C, 2SB282D, 2SB282E, 2SB282G, 2SB282GN, 2SB282H, 2SB282J, 2SB282K, 2SB282L, 2SB282M, 2SB282OR, 2SB282R, 2SB282X, 2SB282Y, 2SB283A, 2SB283B, 2SB283C, 2SB283D, 2SB283E, 2SB283F, 2SB283G, 2SB283GN, 2SB283H, 2SB283J, 2SB283K, 2SB283L, 2SB283M, 2SB283OR, 2SB283R, 2SB283X, 2SB283Y, 2SB284A, 2SB284B, 2SB284C, 2SB284D, 2SB284E, 2SB284F, 2SB284G, 2SB284H, 2SB284J, 2SB284K, 2SB284L, 2SB284M, 2SB284OR, 2SB284R, 2SB284X, 2SB284Y, 2SB285A, 2SB285B, 2SB285C, 2SB285D, 2SB285E, 2SB285F, 2SB285G, 2SB285GN, 2SB285H, 2SB285J, 2SB285K, 2SB285L, 2SB285M, 2SB285OR, 2SB285R, 2SB285X, 2SB285Y, 2SB286, 2SB287, 2SB28A, 2SB28B, 2SB28C, 2SB28D, 2SB28E, 2SB28F, 2SB28G, 2SB28GN, 2SB28H, 2SB28J, 2SB28K, 2SB28L, 2SB28M, 2SB28OR, 2SB28R, 2SB28X, 2SB28Y, 2SB295A, 2SB295B, 2SB295C, 2SB295D, 2SB295E, 2SB295F, 2SB295G, 2SB295GN, 2SB295H, 2SB295J, 2SB295K, 2SB295L, 2SB295M, 2SB295OR, 2SB295R, 2SB295X, 2SB295Y, 2SB296, 2SB296A, 2SB296B, 2SB296C, 2SB296D, 2SB296E, 2SB296F, 2SB296G, 2SB296GN, 2SB296H, 2SB296J, 2SB296K, 2SB296L, 2SB296M, 2SB296OR, 2SB296R, 2SB296X, 2SB296Y, 2SB29A, 2SB29B, 2SB29C, 2SB29D, 2SB29E, 2SB29F, 2SB29G, 2SB29GN, 2SB29H, 2SB29J, 2SB29K, 2SB29L, 2SB29M, 2SB29OR, 2SB29R, 2SB29X, 2SB29Y, 2SB300, 2SB300A, 2SB300B, 2SB300C, 2SB300D, 2SB300E, 2SB300F, 2SB300G, 2SB300GN, 2SB300H, 2SB300J, 2SB300K, 2SB300L, 2SB300M, 2SB300R, 2SB300X, 2SB300Y, 2SB301, 2SB301A, 2SB301B, 2SB301C, 2SB301D, 2SB301E, 2SB301F, 2SB301G, 2SB301GN, 2SB301H, 2SB301J, 2SB301L, 2SB301M, 2SB301OR, 2SB301R, 2SB301X, 2SB301Y, 2SB309, 2SB309A, 2SB309B, 2SB309C, 2SB309D, 2SB309E, 2SB309F, 2SB309G, 2SB309GN, 2SB309H, 2SB309K, 2SB309L, 2SB309M, 2SB309OR, 2SB309R, 2SB309X, 2SB309Y, 2SB30A, 2SB30B, 2SB30C, 2SB30D, 2SB30E, 2SB30F, 2SB30G, 2SB30GN, 2SB30H, 2SB30J, 2SB30K, 2SB30L, 2SB30M, 2SB30OR, 2SB30R, 2SB30X, 2SB30Y, 2SB310, 2SB310A, 2SB310B, 2SB310C, 2SB310D, 2SB310E, 2SB310F, 2SB310G, 2SB310GN, 2SB310H, 2SB310J, 2SB310K, 2SB310L, 2SB310M, 2SB310OR, 2SB310R, 2SB310X, 2SB310Y, 2SB311, 2SB311A, 2SB311B, 2SB311C, 2SB311D, 2SB311E, 2SB311F, 2SB311G, 2SB311GN, 2SB311H, 2SB311J, 2SB311K, 2SB311L, 2SB311M, 2SB311OR, 2SB311R, 2SB311X, 2SB311Y, 2SB312, 2SB312A, 2SB312B, 2SB312C, 2SB312D, 2SB312E, 2SB312F, 2SB312G, 2SB312GN, 2SB312H, 2SB312J, 2SB312K, 2SB312L, 2SB312M, 2SB312X, 2SB312Y, 2SB313, 2SB313A, 2SB313B, 2SB313C, 2SB313D, 2SB313E, 2SB313F, 2SB313G, 2SB313GN, 2SB313H, 2SB313J, 2SB313K, 2SB313L, 2SB313M, 2SB313OR, 2SB313R, 2SB313X, 2SB313Y, 2SB318, 2SB318A, 2SB318B, 2SB318C, 2SB318D, 2SB318E, 2SB318F, 2SB318G, 2SB318GN, 2SB318H, 2SB318J, 2SB318K, 2SB318L, 2SB318M, 2SB318OR, 2SB318R, 2SB318X, 2SB318Y, 2SB319, 2SB319A, 2SB319B, 2SB319C, 2SB319D, 2SB319E, 2SB319F, 2SB319G, 2SB319GN, 2SB319H, 2SB319J, 2SB319K, 2SB319L, 2SB319M, 2SB319OR, 2SB319R, 2SB319X, 2SB319Y, 2SB31A, 2SB31B, 2SB31C, 2SB31D, 2SB31E, 2SB31F, 2SB31G, 2SB31GN, 2SB31H, 2SB31J, 2SB31K, 2SB31L, 2SB31M, 2SB31OR, 2SB31R, 2SB31X, 2SB31Y, 2SB320, 2SB320A, 2SB320B, 2SB320C, 2SB320D, 2SB320E, 2SB320F, 2SB320G, 2SB320GN, 2SB320H, 2SB320J, 2SB320K, 2SB320L, 2SB320M, 2SB320OR, 2SB320R, 2SB320X, 2SB320Y, 2SB337(A), 2SB337-B, 2SB337K, 2SB337L, 2SB337OR, 2SB338A, 2SB338B, 2SB338C, 2SB338D, 2SB338E, 2SB338F, 2SB338G, 2SB338GN, 2SB338J, 2SB338K, 2SB338L, 2SB338M, 2SB338OR, 2SB338R, 2SB338X, 2SB338Y, 2SB341, 2SB341A, 2SB341B, 2SB341C, 2SB341D, 2SB341E, 2SB341F, 2SB341G, 2SB341GN, 2SB341H, 2SB341J, 2SB341K, 2SB341L, 2SB341M, 2SB341OR, 2SB341R, 2SB341S, 2SB341V, 2SB341V(S), 2SB341X, 2SB341Y, 2SB342, 2SB342A, 2SB342B, 2SB342C, 2SB342D, 2SB342E, 2SB342F, 2SB342G, 2SB342GN, 2SB342H, 2SB342J, 2SB342K, 2SB342L, 2SB342M, 2SB342OR, 2SB342R, 2SB342X, 2SB342Y, 2SB343, 2SB343A, 2SB343B, 2SB343C, 2SB343D, 2SB343E, 2SB343F, 2SB343G, 2SB343GN, 2SB343H, 2SB343J, 2SB343K, 2SB343L, 2SB343M, 2SB343OR, 2SB343R, 2SB343X, 2SB343Y, 2SB355A, 2SB355B, 2SB355C, 2SB355D, 2SB355E, 2SB355F, 2SB355G, 2SB355GN, 2SB355H, 2SB355J, 2SB355K, 2SB355L, 2SB355M, 2SB355OR, 2SB355R, 2SB355X, 2SB355Y, 2SB356A, 2SB356B, 2SB356C, 2SB356D, 2SB356E, 2SB356F, 2SB356G, 2SB356GN, 2SB356H, 2SB356J, 2SB356K, 2SB356L, 2SB356M, 2SB356OR, 2SB356R, 2SB356X, 2SB356Y, 2SB357, 2SB357A, 2SB357B, 2SB357C, 2SB357D, 2SB357E, 2SB357F, 2SB357G, 2SB357GN, 2SB357H, 2SB357J, 2SB357K, 2SB357L, 2SB357M, 2SB357OR, 2SB357R, 2SB357X, 2SB357Y, 2SB358, 2SB358A, 2SB358B, 2SB358C, 2SB358D, 2SB358E, 2SB358F, 2SB358G, 2SB358GN, 2SB358H, 2SB358J, 2SB358K, 2SB358L, 2SB358M, 2SB358OR, 2SB358R, 2SB358X, 2SB358Y, 2SB359, 2SB359A, 2SB359B, 2SB359C, 2SB359D, 2SB359E, 2SB359F, 2SB359G, 2SB359GN, 2SB359H, 2SB359J, 2SB359K, 2SB359L, 2SB359M, 2SB359OR, 2SB359R, 2SB359X, 2SB359Y, 2SB360, 2SB360A, 2SB360B, 2SB360C, 2SB360D, 2SB360E, 2SB360F, 2SB360G, 2SB360GN, 2SB360H, 2SB360J, 2SB360K, 2SB360L, 2SB360M, 2SB360OR, 2SB360R, 2SB360X, 2SB360Y, 2SB361, 2SB361A, 2SB361B, 2SB361C, 2SB361D, 2SB361E, 2SB361F, 2SB361G, 2SB361GN, 2SB361H, 2SB361J, 2SB361K, 2SB361L, 2SB361M, 2SB361OR, 2SB361R, 2SB361X, 2SB361Y, 2SB362, 2SB362A, 2SB362B, 2SB362C, 2SB362D, 2SB362E, 2SB362F, 2SB362G, 2SB362GN, 2SB362H, 2SB362J, 2SB362K, 2SB362L, 2SB362M, 2SB362OR, 2SB362R, 2SB362X, 2SB362Y, 2SB373A, 2SB373B, 2SB373C, 2SB373D, 2SB373E, 2SB373F, 2SB373G, 2SB373GN, 2SB373H, 2SB373K, 2SB373L, 2SB373M, 2SB373OR, 2SB373R, 2SB373X, 2SB373Y, 2SB375, 2SB375-2B, 2SB375-5B, 2SB375A, 2SB375A-2B, 2SB375A-5B, 2SB375AL, 2SB375A-NB, 2SB375B, 2SB375C, 2SB375D, 2SB375E, 2SB375F, 2SB375G, 2SB375GN, 2SB375H, 2SB375J, 2SB375K, 2SB375L, 2SB375M, 2SB375-OR, 2SB375OR, 2SB375R, 2SB375TV, 2SB375X, 2SB375Y, 2SB390, 2SB390A, 2SB390B, 2SB390C, 2SB390D, 2SB390E, 2SB390F, 2SB390G, 2SB390GN, 2SB390H, 2SB390J, 2SB390K, 2SB390L, 2SB390M, 2SB390OR, 2SB390R, 2SB390X, 2SB390Y, 2SB391A, 2SB391B, 2SB391C, 2SB391D, 2SB391E, 2SB391F, 2SB391G, 2SB391GN, 2SB391H, 2SB391J, 2SB391K, 2SB391L, 2SB391M, 2SB391OR, 2SB391R, 2SB391X, 2SB391Y, 2SB406, 2SB410, 2SB411, 2SB411TV, 2SB412, 2SB41A, 2SB41B, 2SB41C, 2SB41D, 2SB41E, 2SB41F, 2SB41G, 2SB41GN, 2SB41H, 2SB41J, 2SB41K, 2SB41L, 2SB41M, 2SB41OR, 2SB41R, 2SB41X, 2SB41Y, 2SB424A, 2SB424B, 2SB424C, 2SB424D, 2SB424E, 2SB424F, 2SB424G, 2SB424GN, 2SB424H, 2SB424J, 2SB424K, 2SB424L, 2SB424M, 2SB424OR, 2SB424R, 2SB424X, 2SB424Y, 2SB425, 2SB425A, 2SB425B, 2SB425-BL, 2SB425C, 2SB425D, 2SB425E, 2SB425F, 2SB425G, 2SB425G-BL, 2SB425G-R, 2SB425G-Y, 2SB425H, 2SB425J, 2SB425K, 2SB425L, 2SB425M, 2SB425-R, 2SB425R, 2SB425X, 2SB425-Y, 2SB425Y, 2SB426A, 2SB426B, 2SB426-BL, 2SB426C, 2SB426D, 2SB426E, 2SB426F, 2SB426G, 2SB426G-BL, 2SB426GN, 2SB426G-R, 2SB426G-Y, 2SB426J, 2SB426K, 2SB426L, 2SB426M, 2SB426OR, 2SB426-R, 2SB426X, 2SB426-Y, 2SB42A, 2SB42B, 2SB42C, 2SB42D, 2SB42E, 2SB42F, 2SB42G, 2SB42GN, 2SB42H, 2SB42J, 2SB42K, 2SB42L, 2SB42M, 2SB42OR, 2SB42R, 2SB42X, 2SB42Y, 2SB432, 2SB432A, 2SB432B, 2SB432C, 2SB432D, 2SB432E, 2SB432F, 2SB432G, 2SB432GN, 2SB432H, 2SB432J, 2SB432K, 2SB432L, 2SB432M, 2SB432OR, 2SB432R, 2SB432X, 2SB432Y, 2SB447, 2SB447A, 2SB447B, 2SB447C, 2SB447D, 2SB447E, 2SB447F, 2SB447G, 2SB447GN, 2SB447H, 2SB447J, 2SB447K, 2SB447L, 2SB447OR, 2SB447R, 2SB447X, 2SB447Y, 2SB448A, 2SB448B, 2SB448C, 2SB448D, 2SB448E, 2SB448F, 2SB448G, 2SB448GN, 2SB448H, 2SB448K, 2SB448L, 2SB448M, 2SB448OR, 2SB448R, 2SB448X, 2SB448Y, 2SB449A, 2SB449B, 2SB449C, 2SB449D, 2SB449E, 2SB449(F), 2SB449G, 2SB449GN, 2SB449H, 2SB449J, 2SB449K, 2SB449L, 2SB449M, 2SB449OR, 2SB449PG, 2SB449X, 2SB449Y, 2SB464, 2SB464A, 2SB464B, 2SB464C, 2SB464D, 2SB464E, 2SB464F, 2SB464G, 2SB464GN, 2SB464H, 2SB464J, 2SB464K, 2SB464M, 2SB464OR, 2SB464X, 2SB464Y, 2SB465A, 2SB465B, 2SB465C, 2SB465D, 2SB465E, 2SB465F, 2SB465G, 2SB465GN, 2SB465H, 2SB465J, 2SB465K, 2SB465L, 2SB465M, 2SB465R, 2SB465X, 2SB465Y, 2SB466A, 2SB466B, 2SB466C, 2SB466D, 2SB466E, 2SB466F, 2SB466G, 2SB466GN, 2SB466H, 2SB466J, 2SB466K, 2SB466L, 2SB466M, 2SB466OR, 2SB466R, 2SB466X, 2SB466Y, 2SB467A, 2SB467C, 2SB467D, 2SB467E, 2SB467F, 2SB467G, 2SB467GN, 2SB467H, 2SB467J, 2SB467K, 2SB467L, 2SB467M, 2SB467OR, 2SB467X, 2SB467Y, 2SB468, 2SB468A, 2SB468B, 2SB468B-5, 2SB468C, 2SB468D, 2SB468E, 2SB468F, 2SB468G, 2SB468GN, 2SB468H, 2SB468J, 2SB468K, 2SB468L, 2SB468-OR, 2SB468OR, 2SB468X, 2SB468Y, 2SB472(B), 2SB472C, 2SB472D, 2SB472E, 2SB472F, 2SB472G, 2SB472GN, 2SB472H, 2SB472J, 2SB472K, 2SB472M, 2SB472OR, 2SB472X, 2SB472Y, 2SB62A, 2SB62B, 2SB62C, 2SB62D, 2SB62E, 2SB62F, 2SB62G, 2SB62GN, 2SB62H, 2SB62J, 2SB62K, 2SB62L, 2SB62M, 2SB62OR, 2SB62R, 2SB62X, 2SB62Y, 2SB63A, 2SB63B, 2SB63C, 2SB63D, 2SB63E, 2SB63F, 2SB63G, 2SB63GN, 2SB63H, 2SB63K, 2SB63L, 2SB63M, 2SB63OR, 2SB63R, 2SB63X, 2SB63Y, 2SB64A, 2SB64B, 2SB64C, 2SB64D, 2SB64E, 2SB64F, 2SB64G, 2SB64H, 2SB64J, 2SB64K, 2SB64L, 2SB64M, 2SB64OR, 2SB64R, 2SB64X, 2SB64Y, 2SB69A, 2SB69B, 2SB69C, 2SB69D, 2SB69E, 2SB69F, 2SB69G, 2SB69GN, 2SB69H, 2SB69J, 2SB69K, 2SB69L, 2SB69M, 2SB69OR, 2SB69R, 2SB69X, 2SB69Y, 2SB80A, 2SB80B, 2SB80C, 2SB80D, 2SB80E, 2SB80F, 2SB80G, 2SB80GN, 2SB80H, 2SB80J, 2SB80K, 2SB80L, 2SB80M, 2SB80OR, 2SB80R, 2SB80X, 2SB80Y, 2SB81A, 2SB81B, 2SB81C, 2SB81D, 2SB81E, 2SB81F, 2SB81GN, 2SB81H, 2SB81J, 2SB81K, 2SB81L, 2SB81M, 2SB81OR, 2SB81R, 2SB81X, 2SB81Y, 2SB82A, 2SB82B, 2SB82C, 2SB82D, 2SB82E, 2SB82F, 2SB82G, 2SB82GN, 2SB82H, 2SB82J, 2SB82K, 2SB82L, 2SB82M, 2SB82OR, 2SB82R, 2SB82X, 2SB82Y, 2SB83A, 2SB83B, 2SB83C, 2SB83D, 2SB83E, 2SB83F, 2SB83G, 2SB83GN, 2SB83H, 2SB83J, 2SB83K, 2SB83L, 2SB83M, 2SB83OR, 2SB83R, 2SB83X, 2SB83Y, 2SBZ, 2SC341V, 2SV341V, 31-0175, 3-20, 322968-141, 324-0116, 324-0128, 34459, 34-6002-24, 34-6002-30, 34-6002-31, 34-6002-49, 3514-1(RCA), 3514(RCA), 3583(RCA), 3648-1(RCA), 3648(RCA), 40349(HAMMOND), 40439, 40439(RCA), 40440, 40442, 417-112, 4-2021-05070, 4459, 4623, 4652, 46-8613-3(HOR-OUT), 46-8622-3, 46-86518-3, 48-134459, 48-134623, 48-134652, 48-134934, 48-137001, 48-137178, 48-137234, 48-137235, 48-137342, 48-137342-P47, 48-137367, 4822-130-40764, 482213040764, 48-84306A27, 48-869090, 48-869614, 489751-115, 48R869090, 48S134934, 48S134938, 48S137001, 48S137342, 514-1(RCA), 541-1(RCA), 561-6803-732, 561-6901-010, 561-6901-110, 561-6956-373, 573199, 573212, 592-1(SYL), 608-112, 608112, 608-1(SYL), 608-2(SYL), 609-1(SYL), 61218, 62051450, 62141042, 690V080H42, 690V080H43, 7292684, 7297348, 73B140-004, 802425-0, 8024250, 810056-000, 86-292-2, 86-292-9, 8-905-605-775, 8-905-605-908, 8-905-613-232, 8-905-613-295, 9331-124-60112, 933112460112, 9331-324-60112, 933132460112, 935-6040, 980150, A339H, A340H, AD163, AD166, AD167, AL100, AL100(BRIDGE), AL102, AL102(BRIDGE), AL103, AL112, AT110, AT111, AT112, AT113, AT200, AU101, AU103, AU104, AU105, AU106, AU107, AU108, AU110, AU111, AU112, AU113, AU206, AU210, AU213, AUY28, AUY34, AUY38, AY102, B10142, B10142A, B10142B, B10143, B10143A, B10143B, B102000, B102001, B102002, B102003, B103000, B103001, B103002, B103003, B103004, B1178, B128AA, B128AB, B128AC, B128AD, B128AE, B128AF, B128AG, B128AH, B128B, B128C, B128D, B128E, B128F, B128G, B128H, B152, B152A, B231, B232, B234, B234N, B243A, B251, B251A, B252, B252A, B253, B253A, B274(JAPAN), B275, B276, B296, B300, B301, B309, B310, B311, B312, B313, B318, B319, B320, B341, B341H, B341V, B342, B343, B357, B358, B359, B360, B361, B362, B375, B375-2B, B375-5B, B375A, B375A-2B, B375A-5B, B375A-NB, B375TV, B390, B410, B411, B425, B425Y, B432, B447, B464, B465, B468, B468A, B468B, B468C, B468D, C321V, C341V, CDT1312, CDT1313, CDT1315, CDT1322, CXL127, D080, D081(TRANS), DG13, DG130, DG13TV, DG14, DTG-1010, DTG1010, DTG-1101, DTG1110, ECG127, ES15X52, ES15X54, ES15X77, ES42(ELCOM), ET15X26, ET15X40, G008(HEP), G6007(HEP), G6008(HEP), GE-25, HEP234, HEP235, HEP625, HEP-G008, HEP-G6007, HEPG6007, HEPG6007P/G, HEP-G6008, HEPG6008, HEPG6008P/G, HEPG6017, HEPG6017P/G, HO300, IRTR27, IRTR34, KOS25661-20, M4459, M4623, M4652, M7342, M7342/P4F, M9090, MBRS360T3, MN61, MN63, MN64, MP1612A, MP1612B, MP1613, MP3730, MP3730A, MP3730B, MP3731, MPS3731, NTE127, P1F, P1Y, P3H, P3J, P4F, P4H, PTC122, Q5030, R-2001, R2001, R2003, R-2460-3, R2460-3, R2460-9, R2460-9(RCA), R2494-1, R2500-1, R2964, R3514-1, RE16, REN127, SE-5-0399, SE5-0399, SE50399, SF.T212, SF.T213, SF.T214, SF.T238, SF.T239, SF.T240, SF.T250, SK3034, SK3035, SK32, SK36, SK3764, SK3764/127, SP1742, SP2411, SP2512, SP2597, SP3035, SP39, SP62, SS32, SS36, TA1928A, TA2083, TA2188, TM127, TNJ-60075, TNJ60075, TNJ-60080, TNJ60080, TQ5028, T-Q5030, TR16, TR-183(OLSON), TR-27, TR27, TR-34, TR34, TV106, TV111, TV-114, TV114, TV24142, TV24162, TV24163, TV24218, TV24341, TV24468, TV24568, TV2SB126, TV2SB126V, TV2SB448, TV411, TVS25B448, TVS-2B126F, TVS-2SB126V, TVS2SB126V, TVS-2SB448, TVS2SB449F, ULT3730, ULT3731, VS2SA128V, VS2SA448, VS-2SB126F, VS-2SB126FV, VS-2SB126V, VS-2SB128, VS-2SB128V, VS-2SB448, W13, WEP235, ZEN328


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  18. Panasonic - MATSUSHITA - 2SB126 - Transistor, PNP. 32V, 3.5A, T)-3 Steel, Germanium
    Special Price $3.49 Regular Price $4.00 As low as $2.98

    Panasonic - MATSUSHITA - 2SB126 Transistor, PNP.

    Audio Frequency stage, power Transistor, Switch.

    Maximum Collector Power Dissipation (Pc): 40 W

    Maximum Collector-Base Voltage |Vcb|: 32 V

    Maximum Collector-Emitter Voltage |Vce|: 16 V

    Maximum Emitter-Base Voltage |Veb|: 10 V

    Maximum Collector Current |Ic max|: 3.5 A

    Max. Operating Junction Temperature (Tj): 85 °C

    Transition Frequency (ft): 0.06 MHz

    Forward Current Transfer Ratio (hFE), MIN: 15

    Package: TO-3 steel.

    Made in Japan

    Note: Germanium.

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  19. Sprague - 2N4126 - Transistor, PNP. Package of 10.
    Special Price $2.29 Regular Price $3.00

    Sprague - 2N4126 Transistor, PNP.

    Voltage: 25V.

    Current: 200mA.

    Dissipation: 625mW.

    Operating temperature: -55 to 150 Deg C.

    Package: TO-92, plastic.

    Note: Silicon.

    Package of 10.

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  20. Motorola - MJ2901 - Transistor, PNP. P/N: MJ2901.
    Special Price $8.99 Regular Price $12.00
    Transistor, PNP. Max voltage: 40V. Max current: 15Amp. Dissipation: 115 watt. Package: TO-3 aluminum gold leads. P/N: MJ2901. Application: GP switching and amplifier. Note: Silicon. Maybe replaced with Synertek. Learn More
  21. Motorola - 2N4126 HOUSE - Transistor, PNP. H# 183-4. Package of 20.
    Special Price $3.98 Regular Price $6.00
    Transistor, PNP. Voltage: 25V. Current: 200mA. Dissipation: 625mW. Operating temperature: -55 to 150 Deg C. Package: TO-92, plastic. Note: Silicon. House numbered: 183-4. Package of 20. Learn More
  22. Hitachi - 2SB337 - Transistor, PNP Germanium. TO-3 Steel
    Special Price $2.98 Regular Price $6.00 As low as $1.98

    Hitachi - 2SB337 Transistor, PNP Germanium.

    Status: Discontinued

    Maximum Collector Power Dissipation (Pc): 12 W

    Maximum Collector-Base Voltage |Vcb|: 40 V

    Maximum Collector-Emitter Voltage |Vce|: 30 V

    Maximum Emitter-Base Voltage |Veb|: 1 V

    Maximum Collector Current |Ic max|: 7 A

    Max. Operating Junction Temperature (Tj): 90 °C

    Transition Frequency (ft): 0.125 MHz

    Forward Current Transfer Ratio (hFE), MIN: 50

    Package: TO-3 Steel

    Note: New Old Stock - Highly discounted due to transistor are operable but may not meet original manufactures specifications completely. One customer reportedly did some testing on a sample and reported transistor worked fine but did not meet all specs. Over 700 with no returns.

    Made In Japan

    Alternates: ECG 104, ECG 121, NTE 104, NTE 121 

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  23. Unidentified MFG - 2SA495 - Transistor, PNP. P/N: 2SA495.

    PNP Silicon transistor. Voltage: -30VCEO, -35VCBO. Current: 100mA. Dissipation: 200mW. Package: TO-98var. Note: Silicon.

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  24. Unidentified MFG - 2N5087 - Transistor, PNP Silicon. 50V, TO-92
    Special Price $0.39 Regular Price $0.50 As low as $0.19

    2N5087 Amplifier Transistor, PNP silicon.

    Low Power Low Noise General Purpose.

    Max Voltage: 50V.

    Max Current: 50mA.

    Dissipation: 625mw.

    Package: TO-92.

    Marked: NP2N5087.

    Alternates: BC322, KT3107J


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