Semiconductor Components

At Electrical Surplus, we offer an extensive selection of electronic semiconductor devices for sale. Semiconductor components offer several advantages, including being shock-proof, having an almost unlimited lifespan, and requiring a low voltage to operate properly.  

Our supply ranges from electronic transistors and timers to diodes and audio converters. Start shopping for your semiconductor components today to experience all of the advantages they have to offer. If the semiconductor you’re looking for is out of stock, you can request a part and we’ll get it to you as quickly as possible.

 Find the semiconductor component you need in our selection below.  

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  1. LITE-ON - LTL221 - LED. 2V 32ma. Package of 10.
    Special Price $1.98 Regular Price $3.00 As low as $1.49

    LITE-ON - LTL221 LED. 2V 20ma.

    Status: Discontinued 

    Voltage, Forward: 2V

    Dominant Wavelength: 635nm.

    Mounting Type: Through Hole

    Half-Intensity Beam

    Millicandela Rating: 5.6mcd

    Angle: 760 Deg.

    Lens: Diffused. Round with Domed Top

    Lens Size: 3.00mm 

    Color: High Efficiency Red.

    Lens Size: T1, Flanged, 3mm Diameter x 5mm High.

    Package of 10.

    Alternate: Dialight 521-9216, Everflight MV5777C

    Learn More
  2. KINGBRIGHT - L34HDSL - LED. 2.8V 30ma. Package of 25.
    LED. 2.8V 30ma. Luminous Intensity: 2m. Wavelength: 665nm. Half-intensity beam angle: 120 Deg. Lens: diffused. Color: high efficiency red. Lens size: T1, flanged, 3mm D x 5mm high. Package of 25. Learn More
  3. EVERLIGHT - 9521VGC/TR7 - LED. Subminiature SMD Yellow. Package of 50.
    LED. Subminiature 570nm. Dimensions: 1.8mm. Package: SMD. Color: yellow. Package of 50. From: manufacture 7" reel. Learn More
  4. Stanley Electric - SPY3401 - LED. 2.5V 50mA. Yellow.
    LED. 2.5V 50mA, test 20mA. Peak wavelength: 570nm. Case: Round T-1 (3mm), short leads. Color: yellow. Lens: Clear. Learn More
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