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  1. Mueller Electric Co - BU-60 Series - Hardware, Alligator Clips. 10 Amp. Package of 25.
    Special Price $4.98 Regular Price $7.00

    Mueller Electric Co - BU-60 series Hardware, Alligator Clips.

    Jaw Opening: 0.310" (7.87mm)             

    Current Rating (Amps): 10A       

    Material: Steel     

    Plating: Nickel   

    Insulation: Non-Insulated  

    Color: Natural

    Length: 1.970" (50.04mm)           

    Termination: Crimp or Solder

    Note: May have a bit of "RUST" from moisture during storage.

    Compatible with all shrouded, unshrouded, or retractable 0.16" (4mm) banana plugs, solder or crimp connection, jaw opens 0.31" (7.9 mm) max.

    Material: Nickel-plated steel (BU-60).

    Length: 1.97" (50mm).

    Package of 25.

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  2. AUGAT - P6646-1 - Electrical contacts. Pogo. Package of 10.
    Special Price $26.98 Regular Price $38.50 As low as $19.98

    Everett Charles / Augat Pylon Connectors, - P6646-1 - Electrical Contacts. Pogo. Package of 10.

    Test Spring Probes/PCB

    Pogo Spring-Loaded Radius Contacts Gold Tipped.

    Body Material" Gold

    Plunger Material: Heat Treated BeCu, Gold Plated over hard Nickel

    Barrel Material: Phosper Bronze, Gold Plated

    Ball Material: Stainless Steel

    Mount: PCB

    Spring Force: 1.0 - 2.2-Oz.

    Stroke 0.10"-0.07".

    Length: 18.03 mm

    Test Center: 0.050".

    Current Rating: 3 Amps

    Operating Temperature: -55 C to 85 C

    Resistance: <30milliohm.

    Applications: Pogo Contacts for Board Test, Battery Interconnects, Medical Devices and other Momentary Electrical Contacts.

    Alternates: Newark 50F5567, Farnell 1422340

    Package of 10

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  3. Mueller - BU-P3770-0 - Commercial Binding Post, Test Jack. Black Deluxe 5-Way Connector, Gold Plated Tellurium Copper.
    Special Price $7.98 Regular Price $10.95 As low as $5.49

    Mueller - BU-P3770-0 - Commerical Binding Post, Test Jack. Black Deluxe 5-Way Connector, Gold Plated Tellurium Copper.

    Binding posts are used to make quick attachments with test lead wire, connecting them to electronic test instruments. One common design for binding posts is called a universal or five-way style. This style allows for the joining of multiple types of connectors such as unshrouded or retractable 4mm banana plugs, bare wire, or spade, pin connectors, uninsulated wire, and more. Tellurium copper reduces EMF noise for a cleaner signal.

    Head Style: Knurled

    Termination: Threaded and Turret

    Termination Thread: 8-32

    Current Rating (Amps): 15 A

    Voltage: Hands-free testing to 2500 VRMS

    Contact Material: Tellurium Copper, Gold Plated

    Plating: Gold

    Color: Black

    Cross Hole Diameter: 0.096" (2.43mm)

    Head Size: 0.440" OD (11.18mm)

    Material – Insulation: Polycarbonate (PC)

    Nut Material: Brass, Gold Plated

    Panel Thickness: 0.070" ~ 0.250" (1.77mm ~ 6.35mm)

    Temperature: -50 C to 115 C (-58 F to 239 F)

    RoHS 3 Compliant

    Alternates: Digi-Key 314-1200-ND, Mouser 548-BU-P3770-0, Allied 70272537, Pomona 3770, Pomona 3750, Keystone 4097, Keystone 7017, S-H266H, 004136, BU-P3750-0, DS-BU-P3770, BP21B, Abbatron 1517, 1514, 6937K62

    Applications: Special Effects Equipment, Analytical Instruments, Test Equipment, Loudspeakers, Audio Amplifiers




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  4. SPC Technology Multicomp - SPC15319 - MBP159 - Connector, Binding Post Un-Insulated. Nickel Plated Brass.
    Special Price $3.98 Regular Price $4.95 As low as $2.49

    SPC Technology Multicomp - SPC15319 - MBP159 - Connector, Binding Post.

    The SPC15319/ MBP159 Binding Post made of nickel-plated brass. This binding post features single-wire connection, screw contact termination and ideal for panel mounting. Accepts 14AWG wires.

    Commercial Quality - Compression Style

    Contact Ampacity: 15 Amp.

    Insulation Material: Non-insulated.

    Accepts 14 AWG Wire 

    Contact Plating: Bright Nickel Plated Brass Head and Body.

    Mount: Panel Mount

    Outside Dimensions: 10mm Diameter,.

    Length:  14.30 Closed, 18.80mm Height Extended.

    Note: Knurled Knob Screw Actuation. 2.8 x 4.7mm slot for wires.

    Mounts from bottom with 6/32 screw (Not Included/ Purchased Separately).

    RoHS Compliant

    Alternate: Newark 79K4913, 159 HH SMITH

    Applications: Instrumentation, Speakers, Laboratory Breadboarding.

    Made in Taiwan.


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  5. BEMAN - MP-6 1090 Meg 2% - Resistor, Ceramic. 1090 Meg Ohm, 6 Watt
    Special Price $14.98 Regular Price $18.95

    BEMAN - MP-6 Resistor, Ceramic.

    Resistance: Precision 1090Meg Ohm.

    Power: 6 Watt.

    Tolerance: 2%.

    Voltage: 30KV. Glass-like. Spiral Wound. Precision.

    Dimensions: 5/16" D x 6" long.

    Alternates: Heath Kit P/N 2-47, RCA WG-206, BE1090

    New Old Stock

    Additional Information: https://www.utm.edu/staff/leeb/Probe.pdf

    Application: Fits Heathkit Model 336 and RCA WG-289 or WG-297 High Voltage Probes and others.

    Note: Handle the 1090 resistor with care, very fragile.

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    PROBE replacement parts 8-1/2 Foot probe cable with an uncovered probe at each end - 0ne end single cond wire 2-3/4" long - other end has 180-ohm res in series with output - No probe covers or connectors Learn More
  7. Tenma - SPC Technology - SAMAR - SPC21094 - IC Test Clip. 28 Pin / Position, Gold Plated.
    Special Price $16.98 Regular Price $19.50

    Tenma - SPC Technology - SAMAR - SPC21094  IC Test Clip. 28 Pin.

    Header connector for easier, faster, hand-free testing. Easy attachment on high density PC boards. Simplifies prototyping, production test, field service work and quality control inspection

    Test clips for through hole integrated circuits with 28 contacts (2 X 14).

    Row-to-row Circuits DIP: 0.600".

    Pin Spacing: 0.100"

    Contacts: Brass - Gold Plated Contacts and Test Pins.

    Body: ABS, White

    Double Spring Loaded, Steel, Nickel Plated

    RoHS Compliant.

    Made in Taiwan

    Alternate/Cross/Equivalents: 3M 923690-28, Digi-Key 923690-28-ND, MCM 22-665, Newark 91B1040, ITC-28A

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  8. SPC / Voltrex - TJ-200-BL - Pin Jack, Blue vertical. Package of 100.
    Pin test jack, vertical. Blue. Contact Silver Plated, Rated 5 Amps. Formed Contact, for .080 Inch Diameter Tip Plug. 0.191" [4.8mm]D x 0.444" [11.2mm]L. Rohs compliant. Package of 100. Learn More
  9. POMONA ELECTRONICS - 4723-0 - Test Clip. Mini Grabber, Hook.
    Special Price $3.98 Regular Price $6.95


    Test Clip. Mini Grabber, hook.

    Black with shrouded banana jack, accepts newer moveable shrouded banana plugs or regular old fashioned banana plugs.

    Rating: 30VAC / 60VDC 5Amps.

    Hook max opening 0.12'' / 3mm, overall length 2.54" Hook contact:

    Beryllium copper gold plated per MIL-G-45204.

    Spring is stainless steel #302 - banana jack.

    Nickel plated per QQ-N-290.

    Glass Filled Nylon Insulating Material

    Maximum Temperature 102 C (216 F)

    UNSPSC Code 39121729

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  10. MAC - MAC pins - Banana Plugz - Programming plug and wire lead.
    Mac pin/banana plug. Programming plug and wire lead. Plugs into the programming boards.Gold-plated. Dimensions: Tip 0.154' (3.9mm) D x 0.154" (3.9mm) long. Body: 3.9mm D x 0.801" (20.3mm) long. PreWired with 36'' of white teflon solid wire. Has a round metal ball in the center of the plug for extra contact force. Appears to fit a standard banana jack. Learn More
  11. OLDAKER MFG - AP-61-106G - Test probe tips, threaded. Package of 10.
    Special Price $4.98 Regular Price $8.50
    Test probe tips, threaded. Tapered. Dimensions: 1.32" long. Package of 10. Learn More
  12. TEKTRONIX - 175-1661-01 - Passive Probe assemblies w/o Tips
    Special Price $32.95 Regular Price $39.99
    Passive Probe assemblies w/o Tips. CA, Assy, SP, Elec: 2 Meter, Yellow. RF Cable 39-Ohm Coax 78. Note: Military NSN 5995-011393375. New. Learn More
  13. K AND H PRODUCTS - LP540H - Logic pulser injector probe.
    Logic pulser injector probe. Assists in logic circuit analysis and diagnostics.Outputs a square wave compatible with most logic families due to using the circuits own power source as reference. 2 speeds switched 0.5pps and 400pps Indicator Leds. Learn More
  14. Cambion Custom - M4x0.7mm - Gold Plated Aluminum Terminal Post / Turret / Contact, M4 x 0.7MM Thread, 20mm Length.
    Special Price $1.98 Regular Price $2.49 As low as $0.98

    Cambion Custom - M4x0.7mm - Gold Plated Aluminum Terminal Post / Turret / Contact

    Gold Plated Aluminum: Gold is a fully noble metal which does not form an oxide on other compounds under most conditions.  As such, gold plating of aluminum is the best choice for low voltage current carrying applications where even a thin oxide or sulfide compound can interfere with the design.  Gold plating of aluminum over a sulfamate nickel underplate offers unmatched consistency in solderability.  Due to its unreactive nature, gold offers excellent biocompatibility for critical medical applications.

    Status: Discontinued

    M4 x 0.7MM Thread, 20mm Length.

    Double Turret Post

    Mounting Type: Threaded : M4 x 0.7mm

    Terminal Material: Gold Plated Aluminum

    Insulation: Non-Insulated

    Overall Length: 20mm (0.79")

    Turret Post End Diameter: 3mm (0.117"), Widest Diameter 5.6mm

    Fastening Thread: M4x0.7mm, Threaded Section Length 2.60mm or alternated stack in PCB or connector.

    Similar Non-Gold Plated Turrets / Contacts: Cambion 160-1582-02-01-00, Keystone 1587-2

    New Old Stock - Made in USA

    Applications: Contect Terminals, Ground Stud, Chassis Ground, PCB Post, Speaker Terminal, Hifi Audio Guitar, Test and Measurement Test Point.


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  15. Philips ECG - PR31 - Logic Pulser Probe / Logic Circuit Test Probe
    Special Price $19.98 Regular Price $26.95

    Philips ECG - PR31 Logic pulser probe, compatible with most logic families.

    The PR-31 Pulse Generator is used to inject a signal into a logic circuit without having to remove the IC or open the circuit. Using the companion PR-21 Logic Probe you can detect component failures or wiring errors. The average power of the injected signal is limited by supply voltage (Vcc) of the circuit under test, and with its short duration pulses, will not damage circuit components. 

    The PR-31 Logic Pulsar produces a 10µs signal at a 100 mA load and can be switched to either 0.5Hz or 400Hz. It is also capable of generating a square wave equal to approximately 90% of the supply voltage (Vcc) at the square wave output terminal so that an oscilloscope can be used to observe and trace signals. The PR-31 Logic Pulsar also has an external sync input, which enables the user to synchronize the pulse output with an external signal, such as a computer clock circuit.

    Specifications - Logic Probe

    • Frequency Response: 50MHz
    • Detectable Pulse Width: 10ns
    • Logic Threshold: TTL Hi 3V, Lo 0.75V
    • Input Impedance: CMOS Hi 60% Vcc, Lo 15% Vcc
    • Operating Supply Voltage: 4-18V
    • Max. Input Protection: ±70VAC/DC @ 15s
    • Power Supply Protection: ±20V

    Specifications - Logic Pulser

    •  Pulse Repition Rate: 0.5/400Hz
    • Pulse Width: 10µs
    • Output Current:
      • Pulser Mode @ 0.5Hz 100mA sink.source
      • Square Wave Mode @ 500Hz 5mA sink/source
    • Sync Input Impedance 1MΩ
    • Operating Supply Voltage 5-15V
    • Max. Sync Input Protection ±120Vdc @ 30s
    • Output Protection ±35VDC @ 30s
    • Power Supply Protection ±20VDC @ 30s

    For use with logic probe or osciloscope.

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  16. ITT POMONA ELECTRONICS - 3750-8 - Connector, Binding Post.
    Special Price $6.98 Regular Price $7.95 As low as $5.98

    ITT POMONA ELECTRONICS - 3750-8 - Connector, Binding Post.

    Contact Ampacity: 15Amp.

    Insulation Voltage: 2500VDC.

    Housing Material: Brass, Gold Plated.

    Insulation Material: Polycarbonate.

    Color: Grey.

    Orientation: Straight

    Termination: Turret

    Voltage Rating: 2.5 kV

    Hole Diameter: 2.4384 mm

    Panel Thickness : .35 mm

    Compliance: CE, Lead Free          

    REACH SVHC      

    RoHS: Compliant

    Alternate: Mouser 563-3750-8, Newark 90B9058

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  17. Calrad - 90-768 - Hardware, Clips. Alligator Clips. Package of 16.
    Special Price $4.50 Regular Price $6.49

    Calrad - 90-768  Hardware, Alligator Clips.

    90 Series Alligator Clips with Set Screw.

    Nickel Plated with Screw Terminals.

    Also fits Banana Plugs.

    Dimensions: Overall 1.970" Long x 0.310" Wide x 0.513" High.

    Clamping depth: 0.6".

    Package of 16.


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