Unidentified MFG - 411823-1 - Solenoid, Laminate Open Frame AC. Coil: 26VAC, 0.75A, 5.5 Ohms.

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411823-1 T-Shaped Solenoid, 26 VAC Coil.

This solenoid has a T-shaped laminated design plunger and laminated steel frame. It has the unique ability to hold an exceptionally heavy load with a minium of humming or vibration. To minimize the humming or chattering of most AC solenoids, the contact surfaces of the laminated frame and plunger are machined to provide a smooth and flush contact surface.

Solenoid consists of a laminated steel frame, a coil, and a movable plunger in the center of the coil. When the coil is energized the plunger is pulled into the coil.

Operation: Pull.

Load Force: >48 oz.

Stroke Length: 0.6".

Duty Cycle: Continuous.

Coil: 26VAC 0.75A 5.5 Ohms.

Plunger Configuration: Rectangular w/pin-in-U.

Mechanical: 8 holes on Base.

Body Dimensions: 1.2"x1.5"x2.5" .

Weight: 0.42 lbs.

Connection: 3/16" Male Solder Spades.

Applications: Wurlitzer Solenoid 411823-1 Turntable Speed Shift Coil.

         Seeburg M100C Phonograph Latch Bar Solenoid

         Seeburg SS-160 Showcase Jukebox 

         Science Projects 

Similar to Dormeyer or Guardian Electric Industrial/Commercial Solenoids tailored
for high force, short stroke solutions. Continuous or intermittent duty; on/off operation; standard and laminates with life from 50,000 to 100,000 cycles, offering pull-in engagement which is well-suited to lock/latch operations.

Alternates: SOL-20.

Note: We have Solenoids with the power connections on either the left or right side. See last two pictures to identify options and advise if you need specific right or left connections. 

USED May have some rust on the frame.

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