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Find all of the electrical wires and cables you need at Electronic Surplus. As a professional surplus wire and cable distributor, we only carry professional-grade brands, such as Amp Inc. and Alpha Wire Co. Our manufacturers have made a name for themselves in the industry and have proven themselves as producers of reliable product lines.  

As a discount electronic supply store, we work hard to make the latest products readily available to you. If the electrical wire or cable you’re looking for isn’t in stock, fill out our part request form and we’ll get back to you shortly. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.  

Shop our collection of surplus cable and wire below.

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  1. Unidentified MFG - RG174A/U - Wire, coaxial. RG-174A/U 50-Ohm 26AWG. Package of 100 Feet.
    Wire, coaxial. RG-174 A/U 50-Ohm 26AWG. Stranded braid shielded. 0.10" OD. Style 1351. 60C max. Package of 100 Feet. Learn More
  2. AT&T - WRP-06P - Cable, multiconductor. 26-6C.
    Cable, multiconductor. 26-6C. (26 AWG 6 Conductor). Conductor type: stranded. Insulation: gray flexible 0.16" OD. Minimum order length: 25'. Note: ITT WRP-065. Internal colors: green, yellow, red, orange, black and brown. From: 2500 foot spool. Learn More
  3. Unidentified MFG - 2605EMC3S - Cable, Coiled Electrical Cord. 26-5C.
    Special Price $4.98 Regular Price $12.98

    Cable, Coiled Electrical Power Cord. 26-5C. (26 AWG 5 Conductor). Shielding: Overall foil shield. 4 Amp rating, Note: Retracted overall length measures 22 inches and expands to over 5 feet. Color: Grey.

    Learn More
  4. AMPHENOL/SPECTRA-STRIP - 191-2801-126 - Cable, ribbon. 26-26C. Package of 10 feet.
    Cable, ribbon. 26-26C. (26 AWG 26 Conductor). Conductor type: stranded 7/26. Note: Gray with red trace wire, 0.05" pitch spacing, 300V, 105 DegC, FT-1 VW-1, style 2651. Listed UL CSA. Package of 10 feet. Learn More
  5. Alpha Wire Co. - 5953 - Wire, hook-up. 26-1C. Solid.
    Wire, hook-up. 26-1C. (26 AWG 1 Conductor). Conductor type: solid, silver plated (SPC). Insulation: Kynar (PVDF), 5 mill wall, nom. Listed: PD-091250-9-A. Operating temperature: 105 DegC. Jacket: white. From: Manufactures reel of 1000 feet (304.8 meters). Minimum purchase 100 feet. Learn More
  6. Unidentified MFG - A104 - 15 TW PR/SH/DR (0.405"OD)
    Special Price $0.60 Regular Price $0.75
    15 TWISTED PAIR 26AWG SHIELDED DRAIN (0.405"OD) 30 COND Learn More
  7. SPECTRA-STRIP - 191-2602-020 - 20Cond 26Awg Ribbon Cable
    20Cond 26Awg Ribbon Cable Solid 300V 105 Deg C. Style 2652 Grey jacket 10-FOOT Min Purchase (Mates to TD6720BRN connectors) Learn More
  8. BELDEN WIRE - 9090 - Cable, coax, twin lead. 26-2C.
    Cable, coax, twin lead. 26-2C. (26 AWG 2 Conductor). Conductor type: stranded 7x34. Shielding: Belfoil shielded metro-color. Operating temp: 80 Deg C . Note: TV antenna, amateur and radio cable, 185 ohm. Note: bare copper covered steel. Orange polyethylene insulation and web between conductors. Cellular polyethylene oval insulation. 26AWG stranded tinned copper covered steel drain wire. Brown PVC jacket. Designed to provide superior FM radio and VHF, UHF, Color and B/W television reception. Learn More
  9. BERK-TEK - B101 - Cable. 26-2C. Package of 100 Ft.
    Cable, multiconductor. 26-2C. (26 AWG 2 Conductor). Conductor type: stranded 7/34. Paired: Twisted. Note: Jacket: Black/white. Package of 100 feet. Note: 2 Conductor twisted hook-up wire. Learn More
  10. BELDEN WIRE - 9123 - Cable, coax 75 Ohm RG6. 26-1C.
    Cable, coax 75 Ohm RG6. 26-1C. (26 AWG 1 Conductor). Shielding: with an 18AWG messenger guy wire. Minimum order length: 25. Learn More
  11. AMP INC - 57034-4-00 - Cable, ribbon, 300V. 26-14C.
    Cable, ribbon, 300V. 26-14C. (26 AWG 14 Conductor). Conductor type: stranded. Insulation: gray PVC. Minimum order length: 25 feet. Note: red trace wire. CSA/UP listed. VW-1FLAME TEST. Note: 13 lbs per 500 FT reel. Similar to BELDEN 9L28014-H100-8. Learn More
  12. Madison Cable Corp - A148 - Cable, multiconductor Sh. 26-4C.
    Cable, multiconductor shielded. 26-4C. (26 AWG 4 Conductor). Conductor type: solid. Paired: 2 PR Twi & Sh. Shielding: Foil & Braid. Operating temp: 125 Deg C. Insulation: CL2P. Application: IBM STP / IBM specification 6339583. Minimum order length: 25'. Note: Network cable. Learn More
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