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  1. Amphenol SPECTRA-STRIP - 455-248-50 / 843 132 2801 050 - Twisted Pair 'N'Flat Cable, 28-50C. Package of 100 feet.
    Special Price $69.98 Regular Price $129.00

    Amphenol Spectra-Strip 455-248-50 Ribbon Cable, 28-50C. (28 AWG 50 Conductor). Conductor type: stranded 7/36. Paired: Twist - N - Flat rainbow. Operating temp: 80 DegC. Insulation: 0.010". Note: Working voltage: 300V. Electrical Special Purpose Cable, 18 inch twist length is followed by 2 inch flat section of .050 spaced conductors alternately. 

    Alternate P/Ns: 843 132 2801 050 or NSN 6145010650439 

    Package roll of 100 feet (30.48m).

    Cross Sectional Shape: Twist

    Temperature Rating: -57.0 degrees to 80.0 C

    Cross-sectional Height: 0.045 inches,  Cross-sectional Width: 2.505 inches

    Conductor Quantity: 50

    Strand Quantity Per Conductor: 7 all conductors

    Round Conductor Size: 28 AWG all conductors

    Strand AWG Size Per Conductor: 36 all conductors

    Conductor Arrangement and Quantity: 25 twisted pair

    Voltage Rating: 300.0 root mean square (rms) operating voltage all conductors

    Color: Clear 1ST position jacket cable

    Material: Copper core conductor all conductors

    Material: Plastic polyvinyl chloride 1ST position primary insulation all conductors

    Surface Treatment: Tin core conductor all conductors

    NSN: 6145-01-065-0439

    Item Name: Cable, Special Purpose, Electrical

    Cage Code: 08261

    Alternate - Belden 9V28050

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