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  1. VICTOR ELECTRIC WIRE - 117P7128 - 3229-22-20KV - Black - Cable, 20KV, Anode. 22-1C. Double Insulated.

    VICTOR ELECTRIC WIRE - 117P7128 - 3229-22-20KV Black - Double Insulated Cable, Hook up.

    High voltage fire resistant cables coated with a self developed fire retardant (FR) pvc compound that halts the spread of fire even in extreme temperature cases. The compound also offers a high dielectric strength and high insulation that is resistant to radiation, corona, and ozone. 

    22-1C. (22 AWG 1 Conductor).

    High Voltage, 20KV, Anode.

    Cable Diameter: 0.131".

    Operating Temperature: 80 Degree C. (176 F)

    UL Style/Standard: UL 3239

    AWM: Appliance Wiring Material

    FR-1 UL AWM E20316.

    VW-1 (Vertical-Wire) Flame Test (UL 83) (Formerly FR-1)

    Temperature: 200 C

    New Old Stock

    Alternate P/Ns: 40770 Black, Newark 84R9619, Daburn 2636/22A, 3229-22-20KV Black 

    Applications:  May be used in TV receivers, transformers, stoves, heaters, furnaces, dryers, signs, lighting fixtures, and high-temperature electronic devices.

    Note: Priced per Foot. Minimum order length is 10 Feet. Longer Lengths Further Discounted.

    Packages weighing over 5 lbs. require extra shipping charge dependent upon destination. 


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  2. Unidentified MFG - PT-590 - Wire Nuts and Fastener Mounting Kit.
    Special Price $2.98 Regular Price $4.50 As low as $1.98

    Hardware. Wire Nut Set and Fastener Mounting Kit.

    Each kit includes - Minimum 3 wire nuts plus 8 #6 Sheet Metal Screws 5/8" long and 8 Tinnerman Speed/Spring Nuts.

    Applications: Mounting Speakers, or similar replaceable items.

    Proudly Made in USA

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  3. MOLEX - MS-040 - Connector, rectangular. 4M to 4F. Package of 10.
    Connector, rectangular. Male 4 pin Molex to 4 position female IDC header. Overall length: 2". Package of 10. Learn More
  4. 3M UG Scotchlok - UG Splice Connector - Package of 100
    Special Price $16.98 Regular Price $20.00

    3M UG Scotchlok Splice Connector -1F11G - Package of 100

    This connector is a long-time favorite of phone companies and phone geeks. You can "tap-splice" one wire into another, without cutting wires or stripping insulation. Just put them in the grooves, and snap the UG shut with a crimp tool.

    Status: Discontinued


    The connector is gel-filled so it can be used outdoors or in damp indoor locations.

    The UG connector accepts solid or stranded copper conductors of 19 - 26 AWG


    Cable Type: PIC
    Composition: Filled
    Connector Type: Bridge Tap/2 Conductor
    Flame Retardant: No
    Maximum Wire Gauge: 19 AWG
    Minimum Wire Gauge: 26 AWG
    Product Family: UG
    Run Insulation Outside Diameter: 0.066 Inch
    RUS Listed: Yes
    Tap Insulation Outside Diameter: 0.044 Inch
    Trademark Name 1: 3M
    Trademark Name 2: Scotchlok
    Proudly Made in USA


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