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  1. VICTOR ELECTRIC WIRE - 117P7128 - 3229-22-20KV - Black - Cable, 20KV, Anode. 22-1C. Double Insulated.

    VICTOR ELECTRIC WIRE - 117P7128 - 3229-22-20KV Black - Double Insulated Cable, Hook up.

    High voltage fire resistant cables coated with a self developed fire retardant (FR) pvc compound that halts the spread of fire even in extreme temperature cases. The compound also offers a high dielectric strength and high insulation that is resistant to radiation, corona, and ozone. 

    22-1C. (22 AWG 1 Conductor).

    High Voltage, 20KV, Anode.

    Cable Diameter: 0.131".

    Operating Temperature: 80 Degree C. (176 F)

    UL Style/Standard: UL 3239

    AWM: Appliance Wiring Material

    FR-1 UL AWM E20316.

    VW-1 (Vertical-Wire) Flame Test (UL 83) (Formerly FR-1)

    Temperature: 200 C

    New Old Stock

    Alternate P/Ns: 40770 Black, Newark 84R9619, Daburn 2636/22A, 3229-22-20KV Black 

    Applications:  May be used in TV receivers, transformers, stoves, heaters, furnaces, dryers, signs, lighting fixtures, and high-temperature electronic devices.

    Note: Priced per Foot. Minimum order length is 10 Feet. Longer Lengths Further Discounted.

    Packages weighing over 5 lbs. require extra shipping charge dependent upon destination. 


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  2. Unidentified MFG - PT-590 - Wire Nuts and Fastener Mounting Kit.
    Special Price $2.98 Regular Price $4.50 As low as $1.98

    Hardware. Wire Nut Set and Fastener Mounting Kit.

    Each kit includes - Minimum 3 wire nuts plus 8 #6 Sheet Metal Screws 5/8" long and 8 Tinnerman Speed/Spring Nuts.

    Applications: Mounting Speakers, or similar replaceable items.

    Proudly Made in USA

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  3. MOLEX - MS-040 - Connector, rectangular. 4M to 4F. Package of 10.
    Connector, rectangular. Male 4 pin Molex to 4 position female IDC header. Overall length: 2". Package of 10. Learn More
  4. Raychem - D06209-000 - ZH2-10.0-0-FSP-SM - Tubing, Heat Shrink, ST Zerohal Polyolefin Black Thin/Single Spool, 164 Foot Reel (50m)
    Special Price $89.98 Regular Price $164.95

    TE Connectivity Raychem - D06209-000 - ZH2-10.0-0-FSP-SM - Tubing, Heat Shrink, ST Zerohal Polyolefin Black Thin/Single Spool.

    Flexible, Highly FlameRetardant, Low Recovery Temperature, ZEROHAL Polyolefin Tubing

    Style: Straight, Versafit V2 Tubin

    Body Material: Zerohal Polyolefin

    Color: Black

    Shrink Wall Type: Thin/Single

    Inside Diameter Before Shrinking (mm): 10.4

    Inside Diameter After Shrinking (mm): 5

    Minimum shrink temperature: 70°C [158°F]

    Minimum full recovery temperature: 90°C [194°F]

    Minimum Operating Temperature (°C): -30

    Maximum Operating Temperature (°C): 125

    Thickness: 0.56 mm

    Packaging: Sold by Complete Reel

    Material: Polyolefin (PO) Halogen Free

    Features: Flame Retardant Rating UL VW-1

    Shrink Ratio: 2:1

    Full Reel: 164 Foot Reel (50m)

    Applications: Electrical insulation and strain relief of connections and terminations in computers, appliances, and other
    commercial electronic products. Jacketing and bundling of light duty harnesses in rail and mass transit vehicles, buildings, and other enclosed areas where emission of toxic gasses from burning materials containing halogens is
    very undesirable.


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  5. 3M UG Scotchlok - UG Splice Connector - Package of 100
    Special Price $16.98 Regular Price $20.00

    3M UG Scotchlok Splice Connector -1F11G - Package of 100

    This connector is a long-time favorite of phone companies and phone geeks. You can "tap-splice" one wire into another, without cutting wires or stripping insulation. Just put them in the grooves, and snap the UG shut with a crimp tool.

    Status: Discontinued


    The connector is gel-filled so it can be used outdoors or in damp indoor locations.

    The UG connector accepts solid or stranded copper conductors of 19 - 26 AWG


    Cable Type: PIC
    Composition: Filled
    Connector Type: Bridge Tap/2 Conductor
    Flame Retardant: No
    Maximum Wire Gauge: 19 AWG
    Minimum Wire Gauge: 26 AWG
    Product Family: UG
    Run Insulation Outside Diameter: 0.066 Inch
    RUS Listed: Yes
    Tap Insulation Outside Diameter: 0.044 Inch
    Trademark Name 1: 3M
    Trademark Name 2: Scotchlok
    Proudly Made in USA


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