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  1. Unidentified MFG - 5-008 - Power cord. 2 Conductor, 2.5 foot.

    Power cord. 120VAC, 16-2C, male, single ended. Length: 2.5 foot. Color: white.

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  2. Royal Appliance - 9-064 - Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Power Cord. Single ended 18 AWG, 2 Conductor SVT 10A 125V, 35 Foot, Abrasive Resistant.
    Special Price $6.98 Regular Price $16.50 As low as $4.98

    Royal Appliance - 9-064 Molded Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Power Cord.

    Single Ended 18-2C (18AWG 2 Conductor Copper) ungrounded SVT 10 Amp 125V.

    Wire Resistance: 18AWG Copper wire is 0.0064 ohms per foot.

    Standard Male Plug (Type A) Molded with Cord Holder

    Abrasion Resistant, Vacuum Cleaner Cord, Heavy Duty.

    Replace your Frayed or Chewed Appliance Cords.

    Length: 35 feet.

    Color: High Visible Red.

    Type "A" plugs are mainly used in the USA, Canada, Mexico & Japan.

    Note: A durable stiff, slick jacket is essential, because soft jacketed cords too easily get curly like a phone cord after a while from being drug around corners.

    Applications: Applicance cords, Extensions cords, Christmas lights, Projects.

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  3. Feller GmbH - 13VL - Cord. Flexible, CE CSA Hospital Grade IEC, 18 AWG, 10 Amp. 3 Conductor, 9 Foot,
    Special Price $12.98 Regular Price $18.50 As low as $9.98

    Feller GmbH - 13VL Flexible Cord. Hospital Grade North America

    The "Green Dot"  on the cord near the plug-in indicates the cord has been designed and tested according to the criteria set by the certification organization and known as "Green Dot Hospital Grade Power Cords."

    These cords are specially designed using solid nickel-plated blades. Inside the cable are retention devices that help prevent stress on internal connections.These power cord are built to withstand the demands of a hospital environment and are a dependable and safe replacement for worn out or missing power cords.

    3 Conductor 10Amp 125VAC 18AWG.

    Connector A: NEMA 5-15PHG

    Connector B: IEC-60320-C13

    Flexible CE CSA hospital grade IEC cord SJT.

    Blades: Nickel Plated

    Standard wall plug with IEC right angle (F) instrument plug.

    Solidly built with strain reliefs molded in.

    Gray, 0.3"OD, 9 foot, cable.

    Plug Approvals: UL, CSA

    Cordage Approvals: UL, CSA

    Applications: Connect computer, monitor or other devices to a hospital grade AC outlet.

    Connector Approvals: ENEC, CSA, UL, PSE-JET, Australia, CCC, CE, Korea (South), Israel, Taiwan, EAC

    Made in Gunseldorf Austria


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  4. ECS - 5-290 - Power cord. 18-3C, 6 foot, 10A. SJTO
    Special Price $3.49 Regular Price $4.50 As low as $2.49

    ECS - 5-290 Power Cord.

    UL SJTO: Service Thermoplastic Oil-resistant Jacket 

    Unterminated Flying Pigtail Leads

    18 AWG 3 Conductor (18-3C).

    Single Ended

    Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor.

    300v, 10A, 105 Deg C (-40 F to 165 F),

    Right Angle Male Plug.

    Color: Black.

    Length: 6 Foot.

    New Old Stock

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  5. Unidentified MFG - 5-204 - Computer cord 3 conductor 18AWG
    Special Price $3.38 Regular Price $4.50
    Cable assembly. Computer cord 3 conductor 18AWG with 220V (M) 2 pin round to 10Amp 250Vac (F) computer socket, 6 foot. Color: light grey. Learn More
  6. Alpha Wire - 507F BK078 - 5-706 - Power Cord. Single Ended 3 Conductor 3C Shielded w/Drain, 18AWG, 6 1/2" Long, Female IEC 320-C13 Molded Connector.
    Special Price $4.98 Regular Price $7.50 As low as $3.98

    Alpha Wire 507F BK078 - Heavy Duty Instrument Power Cord.

    Shielded cables, in general, are built to last longer and take more punishment than unshielded cables. That is why they are the preferred choice for industrial and factory use.

    Single Ended 3 Conductor Shielded with Drain Wire (Tinned Copper)

    18AWG Instrumentation Power Cord, 0.345" Outer Diameter Cable. 

    Rated: 10A, 125VAC, 1250 Watts

    6-1/2" (2.0M) Long with (Female) IEC C13 Type Connector.

    Molded Vinyl Grounding Connector, IEC 320-C13.

    Mates with C14 plug, which is often mounted into a recessed panel or chassis on computer power supplies or power transformers.

    CSA, SJT, UL

    Color: Black.

    Alternate: 507F BK078, Mouser 602-507F-02

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  7. ROYAL APPLIANCE - 5-369 - Power Extentsion Cord. 18AWG 2 Conductor, 25' With InLine Rocker Switch.
    Special Price $12.98 Regular Price $16.95 As low as $9.98

    ROYAL APPLIANCE - 5-369 Power Extension Cord.

    This 18/2 Outdoor/Indoor Extension Cord is reliable and safe for everyday use in and around the home. Cable is high quality and designed to handle 125V power. Sturdy 2 prong connectors ensure a solid connection to your existing cable and to the wall outlet.

    18-2C (18AWG 2 Conductor), 10Amp 125VAC, 1250 watt.

    Molded 2 Prong Polarized Male to 2 Prong Female.

    Extension Cord with Convenient Inline Rocker On-Off Switch.

    Durable Abrasion and Oil Resistant Jacket.

    Color: Black.

    Length: 25".

    New Old Stock.

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  8. Western Electric - 8-553 - Coiled telephone cord 4 Cond. Package of 2.
    Special Price $3.98 Regular Price $6.50

    Western Electric - 8-553 - Cords.

    Coiled telephone cord 4 conductor, 4 ft to 15 ft.

    Two whites, a red and a black each with ring terminals spliced with 4 conductor cable 2 foot.

    Color: black.

    Package of 2.

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  9. Qualtek - BC6165 - Power cord. 18-3C 10Amp 125VAC.
    Special Price $9.98 Regular Price $14.50

    Qualtech - BC6165 Power cord. 18-3C (18AWG 3 Conductor).

    Hospital-grade power cords have been designed to comply with UL and CSA agencies to insure safe and reliable products.

    10Amp 125VAC.

    Hospital Grade = Plugs marked with a Green Dot


    Type STJ.

    Approvals: UL, CSA

    Length: 8 Foot, with Right Angle IEC C13 Connector.

    Operating temperature: 60 Deg C.

    Applications: Hospitals, Medical devices, Patient care equipment

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  10. Unidentified MFG - CL-211520-44 - Power cord. 18-3C (18AWG 3 Conductor).
    Power cord. 18-3C (18AWG 3 Conductor). With a male english plus and a female RA IEC Connector. Length: 7 foot. Color: black. Learn More
  11. Unidentified MFG - 61-27010 E72389 - 2-Conductor, 6' Portable Appliance Cord
    Special Price $1.98 Regular Price $2.50 As low as $1.49

    61-27010 E72389 - AC Power Cable 6-Foot 

    2conductor #18 AWG

    Has a female P-004 Connector & 7Amp AC plug on other.

    Marked E72389 - Female socket/plug has two round polarized cutouts

    Applications: Various electronics, portable radios, etc

    New Old Stock

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  12. KSM ELECTRONICS - 61-21154/REV1 - Universal Power Cord. Computer/Monitor/Printer/TV. 18-3C Female Trapezoid RA.
    Special Price $5.98 Regular Price $8.98 As low as $4.98

    KSM ELECTRONICS - 61-21154/REV1 - Power Cord.

    18-3C (Belden C 18AWG 3 Conductor)

    Beldon Cable Spec LL7874 

    Female Right Angle.

    SVT Type  FT2 Shielded

    IEE Cord. 10 Amp 125 V 1250W.

    78 Inches Long.

    Resists Oils, Water, Acids, Alkalies, Ozone.

    CSA/UL Approved

    Applications: Computers, Printets,Monitors, Test Equipment. 

    Alternate: BELDEN LL30830

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  13. JENSEN Road Gear - RG317 - 28317-0-91 - Cigarette Lighter Plug/Adapter for Radar Detectors.
    Special Price $7.98 Regular Price $8.95 As low as $6.98

    JENSEN Road Gear - RG317 - 28317-0-91 - Power Cord, Cigarette Lighter Plug/Adapter. 

    Status: Discontinued

    Coiled cable with one each of 1.3mm, 2.1mm, 2.5mm ends (3 Tips). Road Gear/Universal.

    Comes with multiple tips. Powers any radar detector with 1.3mm, 2.1mm, or 2.5mm connections.

    Note: Please make sure this is the same size barrel as your device.

    Applications: For Radar Detectors. Works with the most popular brands, including: Cobra, PNI, Uniden, and Whistler detectors. Compatible with older models from Bel and Escort (non phone-style cord).

    Alternate: Road Gear Univeral Radar Detector Power Cord.

    UPC 044102283176

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  14. COLEMAN CABLE - 03533 - 5-160 - 3 Conductor, 14 AWG , 15 Amp 125 VAC - 9 Foot Extension Cord, SPT-3
    Special Price $7.98 Regular Price $10.50

    Coleman Cable 03533 - 3 Conductor, 14AWG - 15Amp 125VAC - 9 foot Extension Cord.

    Coleman Cable 14/3 SPT-3 Air conditioner extension cord has beige PVC jacket to offer added safety. The bare copper cord has voltage rating of 125-Volts, current rating of 15-Amps and power rating of 1875-Watts. This cord featuring 90-degree inlet male plug, is 9-ft long and is NEMA 5-15 configured. Cord withstands temperature rating of -20 to 60 deg C. It is suitable for power tool application. Cord is UL listed.   

    • Stranded air conditioner extension cord
    • Grounded, right angle, male plugs offer protection against accidental disconnection
    • Reinforced blades help prevent accidental bending or breaking
    • Heavy-duty strain relief protects electrical connections resulting in longer cord life.
    • Temperature Rating -20 to 60C
    • RoHS compliant
    • Made in USA
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  15. Carol - 05605-62-10 - Ceritified Appliance Power Cord. SRDT 50Amp 250V, 5 Ft.
    Special Price $12.98 Regular Price $18.50

    Carol - 05605-62-10 - Ceritified Appliance Power Cord. SRDT 50Amp 250V, 5 Ft.

    For years, licensed plumbers, electricians and appliance installers have relied on CERTIFIED APPLIANCE ACCESSORIES for their power cords, hoses and connectors.

    SRDT 50Amp 250V 12.5K watt. 6-2C and 8-1C, 3 Wire Eyelet.

    # Conductor (6AWG 2 Conductor and 8AWG 1 Conductor = 3 Conductor) Range cord.

    Meets or exceeds industry certification standards

    Right-angle plug head keeps cord close to wall for increased safety as well as allowing the range to sit closer to the back wall

    Super Capacity.

    Proudly Made in the USA.

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  16. CAROL Appliance Cable - 4197 - Water Heater Replacement Cord 20Amp 250VAC, 3-Pole Angle Plug NEMA 10-30P.
    Special Price $12.98 Regular Price $16.95 As low as $9.98

    CAROL CABLE - 4197 - Appliance Cable Assembly.

    Durable thermoplastic designed for years of heavy use.  The SPT-3 12/3 cord is constructed of stranded tineed copper conductors and thermoplastic insulation. This cord has a maximum temperature of +60°C and is rated at 250V. This cord is also resistant to oils, water, acids, alkalies, and ozone.

    Heavy Duty Water Heater Replacement Cord

    12/3 SPT

    20Amp 250VAC, 3 Conductor

    Thermoplastic Angle Grounbg/Straight Blade Plug

    Commercial 3-Pole Angle Plug NEMA 10-30P

    12AWG, 6 Foot Length

    Insulation Material: Premium-grade

    Single Ended.

    Color: Beige.

    Equiv: 4196.

    Applications: 3 Wire Water Heater or older style dryer, air conditioner cord with a 30A NEMA 10-30 plug.

    New Old Stock - Made in USA

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  17. Belden Wire - 17750 10 C3 - Cords, power. 18-3C SVT-S, 10A/125/250V, 9'10".
    Cords, power. 18-3C SVT-S, 10A/125/250V, with a molded female end. Color: black. Length: 9'10". Learn More
  18. BELDEN - 5-330 - Power cord. 3 Conductor 14AWG. 9 Ft.
    Special Price $7.98 Regular Price $12.50

    BELDEN - 5-330 Power cords & receptacles.

    14-3C (3 Conductor 14AWG).

    15Amp 125VAC.

    Type SJT.

    Female right angle computer connector on one end and the opposite is a 3 conductor male, grounded.

    Line cord. Color: black.

    Length: 9 foot.

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  19. ARC - AAM-0002-25 - Cable assembly. DB25M to DB25F.
    Special Price $8.49 Regular Price $10.99
    Cable assembly. DB25M to DB25F. Extension cable 25 foot. Learn More
  20. WOODS - 0985 - RANGE CORD
    Special Price $5.44 Regular Price $7.25
  21. WOODS - 0975 - 3 Conductor, Extra Heavy Duty Dryer Cord, 10AWG, 30Amp
    Special Price $3.94 Regular Price $5.25

    WOODS - 0975 Electric Dryer Cord

    3 Conductor.

    10AWG 30Amp,

    5 Foot

    Extra Heavy Duty

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  22. Unidentified MFG - 5-092 - Item 567 - Vintage Power Cheater Cord. Polarized 2 Prong Conductor, 2 Foot Length.
    Special Price $1.98 Regular Price $3.95

    Unidentified MFG - 5-092 - Item 567 Vintage Power Cord.

    Polarized cheater cord with one 2 Prong Conductor (Female) Molded End, 2 Foot, Brown.

    Female to Femal Centers are approximately 0.3125" (8.1mm) apart.

    18/2, 7 amp, 125v

    Used with vintage Radio and TVs. - Difficult to find.

    One Contact Area is 3.5mm Diameter and the other is 2.4mm Diameter.

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  23. Unidentified MFG - 5-448 - Power cord. 18-2C (18AWG 2 Conductor). 5 Ft.
    Power cord. 18-2C (18AWG 2 Conductor). Polarized male, single ended. Length: 5 foot. brown. Learn More
  24. NOMA - E13626T, ME-101A - Lamp cord. 2 Concuctor 18AWG, plus 1 lamp socket.
    Lamp cord. 2 Conductor 18AWG, plus 1 lamp socket every foot, for indoor/outdoor use only. Length: 4.5 foot. Color: green/white cord. Learn More
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