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At Electronic Surplus, we distribute the best audio surplus products on the market. From speakers and cables to alarms and buzzers, our selection of audio electronic parts is almost endless—if you're looking to buy overstock electronics, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need. With equipment from trusted manufacturers like Bose and Hitachi, you can have confidence in the quality of our inventory.  

Some of the audio electronic parts that we carry are brand-new, while others are slightly used. Upon arrival, all of our used audio surplus products are carefully inspected to ensure that they’re still working properly. You can also request an audio device if we don’t currently have it in stock.  

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  1. PROJECTS UNLIMITED - AT-121-LW45 - Audio, PZT. Piezo tranducers. Package of 50.
    Audio, PZT. Piezo tranducers, 5kHz, 3-28Vp-p 8mA @ 12VDC 85dBA @ 12vp-p. No internal electronics - schematic for driving circuit available. Case: Enclosed 24mm D, 34mm with feet. (3) 45mm-wire leads. Package of 50. Learn More
  2. ACME - 6-349 - Hardware, Knob. 1/4" Flattened Shaft. Stereo , Control, Volume, HI-FI, Amplifier. Package of 4
    Special Price $5.98 Regular Price $8.50

    ACME Hardware, knob.

    For 1/4" flattened shaft.

    Black Band 0.74" around it for gripping easily.

    Material: Attractive Chromed Aluminum.

    Dimensions: 0.62" D x 0.90" high.

    Color: Silver.

    Note: The orientation of the indicator line is straight up from the center of the 1/4" (D) circle.

    Upgrade your Old System with High Quality New Old Stock Knobs.

    Package of 4

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  3. Unidentified MFG - SPY EAR - Sound Amplifier Device.

    What is this amazing device? This great little gadget is similar to the "disposable hearing aid" you've may have seen advertised on television. It is very small and inconspicuous, yet it can amplify sounds up to 40 or more decibels (that means you will be able to hear some things over 1000 times better!). It is a fun toy for kids, and a useful tool for adults!Just plug in the earphones and turn on the device, adjust the volume to your comfort level, and you are ready to go! You can wear it at your side and amplify all sounds around you, or you can aim the microphone at a source to amplify specific sounds! Batteries not included.

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  4. Unidentified MFG - BE-010 - Microphone Windscreens 1-5/8"H x 7/16"ID
    Microphone Windscreens 1-5/8" tall with a 7/16" dia opening and an inside depth 1-1/3" (available in black or brown) Learn More
  5. Unidentified MFG - 7-108 - RCA male straight to RCA male, right angle. 8".
    Audio, RF. Cable: RCA male straight to RCA male, right angle. Length: 8". Learn More
  6. Unidentified MFG - F20DP60-55F-D - Speaker, 8 Ohm light weight. Package of 2.
    Special Price $16.98 Regular Price $28.95

    F20DP60-55F-D Speaker.

    8 Ohm.

    Light weight.

    Depth: 2-1/4" maximum (2" max behind panel).

    Some may have a 7 foot, 2 conductor cable with a male RCA plug on one end.

    Speaker dimensions: 7-1/8" D, overall with frame is 8".

    Cross: 1713-3010.

    Note: Package of 2.

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  7. PRIMO - EM-47A - Audio, microphone. Electric condenser microphone cartridge
    Audio, microphone. Electric condenser microphone cartridge. Omni-directional. Highest quality, very high output into 200Meg Ohm to 500Meg Ohm, using FET AMP with source follower. Has no internal preamps. Can withstand very high S.P.L. (sound pressure level over 90db?). Dimensions: 0.828" (21mm) D x 10.5mm high. Threaded. Learn More
  8. QUORUM - PD-300 PAAL Sport - Personal Alarm LOUD!
    Special Price $9.98 Regular Price $14.95 As low as $8.98

    QUORUM - PD-300 PAAL Sport - Personal Alarm Security, personal.

    PAAL Sport 107db personal alarm with door clip and pull pin.

    The Sports PAAL is a high quality weatherproof (Waterproof) personal attack alarm, designed to withstand outdoor activities, repels moisture and offers the owner a true sense of protection.

    Immediately activated by pulling the special pin/cord or by the included door / window N.O. switch opening up. Deactivate it by replacing the special pin to it's original position.

    Battery 9V required, not included.

    Approx: 2-3/4" x 2" x 1". Color: yellow.

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  9. PANASONIC - WM-034CY - Audio, microphone cartridge. Electret.
    Audio, microphone cartridge. Electret condenser, omnidirectional 42db +/-3db. Frequency range: 20Hz to 16kHz. Impedance: 2.2K Ohm. Sensitivity: 20Hz ~ 16kHz. Voltage: 4.5VDC. Current: 800uA. Output type: analog. Dimensions: circular 9.7mm D x 6.7mm high. Termination: solder pads. Learn More
  10. Line Electric - MD-120VAC-5VA - Electromechanical 120VAC, 5VA.

    Audio, alarms and buzzers. Electromechanical buzzer 120VAC, 5VA. Shock hazard. Dimensions: 0.9" D x 1.7" long x 1". Mount: open frame. Applications: toy train gate warning.

    Learn More
  11. ECS INC - ZTA-3.58MG - Ceramic resonator 3.58MHz. Package of 10.
    Filter/resonator. Ceramic resonator 3.58MHz, 30 Ohm. Tolerance: 0.5%. Dimensions: 10mm wide x 5mm deep x 7.5mm high. Package: 2 Pin radial leads. Lead spacing: 5mm. Note: Extended temperature range. Package of 10. From: 500/manuf bag. More info: Learn More
  12. Edwards Signaling Products - CS1088 - 876-N5 - Alarms. Security Horns, 103dB loud, 120VAC.
    Special Price $74.99 Regular Price $120.95

    Edwards Signaling Products - CS1088 - 876-N5 - Audible Alarm.

    Security horns, 103dB loud,

    120VAC 0.13A 14VA 150-ohm coil.

    Case: 4.5" square.

    Enclosures sold separately.

    Weight: 1.4 lbs.

    UPC 093871220332

    Learn More
  13. CUSTOM - 8-366 - Connector. RCA male to RCA male. Package of 3.
    Connector. RCA phono male to RCA phono male. One straight connector and one RA, on a white shielded teflon cable. Length: 12". Package of 3. Learn More
  14. ASTATIC - T2M-914 - Replacement Omnidirectional Audio, Microphone / Speaker, Electret Cartridge
    Special Price $14.98 Regular Price $24.50

    ASTATIC - T2M-914 Replacement Omnidirectional Audio, Microphone /Speaker.

    Speaker / Microphone matches virtually any transmitter.

    Micro switch with positive snap action.

    Rotable spring clip on back.

    Power Requirements: 3 to 12 VDC.  

    Quality Electret Cartridge. 

    Lightweight Durable Noryl Housing.

    Dimensions: Approximately 2" wide x 3" high x 1.3" D.

    Complete with 6 wire Neoprene coil cord, extends to 5-1/2 feet. 

    Includes hook up instructions. 

    Electret microphones are a type of electrostatic capacitor-based microphone which eliminates the need for a polarizing power supply by using a permanently charged material.

    Proudly Made in USA


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  15. Unidentified MFG - QW442/1740 - Audio, microphones. Element only, miniature.
    Audio, microphones. Element only, miniature. Tends to like higher frequencies. Learn More
  16. Unidentified MFG - SPK-055 - Speakers. 8 Ohm. Size: 4-1/2" square.

    Speakers. 8 Ohm. Size: 4-1/2" square, 3-1/2" mounts. Cross: 95140679.

    Learn More
  17. Unidentified MFG - 7-068 - Cable, audio. RCA male to male. Package of 10.
    Cable, audio. RCA male to male. Shielded cable. Length: 13". Color. black. Package of 10. Learn More
  18. Unidentified MFG - DM60 - Audio, Microphone Cartridge Element. 400 Ohm.
    Special Price $6.98 Regular Price $8.50

    DM60 Audio. Microphone Cartridge.

    400 Ohm coil.

    Material: Nylon case.

    Dimensions: 0.985" OD x 0.8".

    Color: Beige.

    Vintage New Old Stock

    Learn More
  19. Unidentified MFG - 8-546 - Speakers. 4 Ohm, 0.1 watt mylar cone.
    Speakers. 4 Ohm, 0.1 watt mylar cone, with a 16 foot power cord, 2 conductor 22AWG and a 1/8" audio plug. size: Overall 1-1/8" D round x 9/16" deep. Learn More
  20. Unidentified MFG - 05114 - Audio, microphone. Elements.

    Audio, microphone. Elements. Manufactured for CTI Audio Inc. Approximate dimensions: 0.553" OD x 0.838" high. No other information available.

    Learn More
  21. Unidentified MFG - 5-161 - CD Laser assembly.
    Special Price $2.00 Regular Price $4.00
    CD Laser assembly. Learn More
  22. SONY - 1-826-219-11 - Speakers. 8 Ohm 13 watt, heavy magnet.
    Speakers. 8 Ohm 13 watt, heavy magnet, mounted on metal plate with (2) 1/2" mounting hole/slots, with vibration stopping grommets 0.37" ID. SizeL 6" x 2" (150 x 50mm). Overall 8.5" x 2" deep. Cross: KDF-E42A10 Learn More
  23. RCA/RADIX GROUP INT'L - 1468150-7 - Speaker. 16 Ohm 5" x 7".
    Special Price $4.95 Regular Price $9.95

    Full Range Dual Cone Speakers. 16 Ohm 6oz magnet whizzer cone. Size: 5" x 7". Japan

    Learn More
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