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  1. 3M - 4737T 1-Inch - Hardware, electrical tape. 1" x 36 Yards.
    Hardware, electrical tape. Scotch high temperature conformable. Material: Vinyl fineline. Transparent blue. Rubber resin. Vinyl backing. Size: 1" x 36 yards x 5.1 mil (0.13 mm). Learn More
  2. NITTO DENKO/PERMACEL - P-221 - Hardware, tape. 1-Mil KAPTON Polyimide Film.
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    NITTO DENKO - PERMACEL - P-221 Hardware, tape. 1-Mil Polyimide Film.

    The ultimate in electrical insulation tape, our P-221 AMB. Thin and highly conformable, with outstanding puncture, tear and abrasion resistance at elevated temperatures. An ideal high performance tape for tabbing and holding Lithium Ion Battery Cells. Can also be used for for insulating mechanical parts, electronic parts, electrical insulation, fiber optics cable, insulation blankets and tubing, automotive diaphragms, sensors, and manifolds, etchings, shims, and for wave solder and solder reflow in electrical markets.

    Electrical Insulating Tape.

    Size: 0.256" (6.5mm) wide.

    Min. Temp Tape Performance: -450 F

    Application: High Temperature.

    Total Tape Thickness: 2.6 mils 0.066 mm

    Tensile Strength: 36 lbs/in 63 N/10mm

    Elongation: 85% 85%

    Adhesion to Steel: 24 oz/in 2.7 N/10mm

    Dielectric Strength: 7,500 volts 7.5 kV

    Color: Amber.


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  3. 3M - 4737T 1/4 - Hardware, Electrical Tape. 1/4" x 36 Yards.
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    3M - 4737T 1/4 - Hardware, Electrical Tape.

    Scotch® High Temperature Fine Line Tape 4737T should be used for masking fascia, rocker panels, two-tone and other multiple color applications where critical paint break lines are required in high value processes. For indoor use only.

    Scotch High Temperature Conformable.

    Material: Vinyl Fineline.

    Number 3m Part Number: 4737T

    Adhesion To Steel Ozin N100 Mm: 10.5 (11.5)

    Adhesive Type: Rubber

    Backing Material; Vinyl

    Color Translucent Blue

    Dimensions: Width:  ¼” (0.250), Length: 36 Yards

    Elongation: 115 Percent

    Industries: Automotive; Electronics; Furniture; General Industrial; Metalworking; Military & Government; Specialty Vehicle; Transportation; Woodworking

    Maximum Operating Temperature: 149 C (300 F)

    Tensile Strength Metric: 280

    Thickness: 5.4

    Size: 1/4" x 36 yards x 5.1 mil (0.13 mm).

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    SKU: 00021200722462

    Proudly Made in USA

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  4. DUPONT - TUT10BG3 - Tedlar. Polyvinyl Fluoride Film (PVF). 4900 Ft Roll.
    Special Price $249.98 Regular Price $350.00

    DUPONT - TUT10BG3 - Tedlar. Polyvinyl Fluoride Film (PVF).

    DuPont™ Tedlar® protective film helps extend the look and life of your design, even in the most extreme environments. From severe weather to harsh chemicals, Tedlar® protective film provides long-term durability and performance. Tedlar® protective film can easily be applied to a range of surfaces, providing the flexibility to design your way, and the surface performance to keep it that way.

    Features: Long Term Protection, Fatigue Resistant, Good Elongation, Good Printability, Good Color Stability, Photolytic Degradation Resistant, Low Toxicity, Good Processability, Alkali Resistant, Excellent Long Term Heat Aging Properties, Crack Resistant, Solvent Resistant, Good Abrasion Resistance, Excellent Dielectric Properties, Acid Resistant, Excellent Formability, Cleanable, Durable, Glossy Surface Aspects, Bacteria Resistant, Heat Sealable, Low VOC, Excellent UV Stability, Flexible, High Dielectric Strength, Flame Resistant, Good Surface Finish, Corrosion Resistant, Good Weather Stability, Mildew Resistant, Excellent Salt Spray Resistance, High Temperature Resistance, High Gas Permeability, Sound Transmitting, Microbe Resistant, Chemical Resistant, Good Stain Resistance

    UV Screening Transparent Film.

    Roll Length: 4900 Feet x 1" (25.4mm) Thick.

    Tensile Modulus: 2100.0 - 2600.0 MPa
    Additional Information: https://www.lazair.com/files/Dupont%20tedlar.pdf

    Applications: Major uses of Tedlar are backing materials for photovoltaic panels, with a life expectancy of over 20 years. Another major market for clear Tedlar films is on thermoformed panels used on the inside of commercial aircraft. The Tedlar film provides graffiti resistance and makes the surfaces very easy to clean.

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