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  1. W M Berg - F32D5-96 - Hardware, Spur gear. DELRIN Nylon 3".
    Special Price $5.98 Regular Price $15.98

    Hardware, gear. Spur Gear, hubless. Pitch/module: 32. Bore: 3/8. Teeth: 96. Pitch D: 3. Dimensions: 3" (3.062") D x 0.193" (3.9mm) thick. Material: DELRIN nylon. Mount: 3/8" (9.1mm) ID hole. Precision mechanical components. Note: Alt P/N: F32D5-96 or 200-4161-8. More info:

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  2. Mitsubishi AWA - 641B093010 or 641B09301 - VCR Idler/Capstan CAM Gear A. New
    Special Price $3.98 Regular Price $7.95 As low as $3.49

    Mitsubishi AWA - 641B093010 or 641B09301 Hardware, Gear, VCR Cam Gear.

    Cam-Gear-A for Mitsubishi, Elerohome, Emerson VCRs and others. 

    Material: Nylon.

    Diameter: (1-5"), D x 8.5mm thick, with a 2.9mm Diameter hole for shaft.

    Genuine Mitsubishi Part - New Old Stock.

    Mitsubishi Electronic Parts HS306 VP-0386

    Alternate: GR9301

    Note: Component part of IW33 loading cam gear.

    Model Applications: AV12, AV14, AV20, AV400, AV410, AV51, AV52, HS306, HS307, HS318, HS319, HS400, HS410, TR102, VA92 Idler/Capstan Drive.

    Made in Japan

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  3. Unidentified MFG - PT-084 - Hardware, Timing Pulley. COG.
    Special Price $0.89 Regular Price $0.98 As low as $0.49

    PT-084 Hardware, Timing Pulley. COG.

    Smooth transmission, with buffering and vibration reduction capabilities, and low noise.

    Easy maintenance, no need for lubrication, low maintenance cost.

    Material: Nylon White.

    Press-Fit, Two Flange Design

    Dimensions: Overall 0.518" (13.1mm) Diameter x 0.305" (7.7mm) wide

    Shaft: 0.191" (4.8mm) Diameter (ID of pulley).

    Will support timing belt 0.214" (5.4mm) maximim width.

    Note: Cogged.

    Applications: Light Duty Forward & Reverse movement

    New Old Stock

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  4. ACME - 9-340 - Hardware. Gears and belts set.
    Hardware. Gears and belts set, 2 plastic 14.4mm 17-tooth and 2 smaller 9.6mm 11-tooth gears. All approximately 4.7mm ID plus 3 different corresponding belts approximately 80mm, 70mm and 50mm. Outside diameter KIT - for precision timing and light-duty robotics. COG BELTS. Learn More
  5. W M Berg - RX11-10 - Speed reducer. Ratio: 60:1.
    Special Price $98.98 Regular Price $150.00

    W M Berg - RX11-10 - Speed Reducer.

    Ratio: 60:1. Max.

    Output Torque : 65.

    Dual shaft 1/8" (3mm) to 1/8" (3mm).

    Rated output torque: 4.06 In-lbs (4.68 kg-cm).

    Direction rotation: Opposite.

    Bearing: ABEC : 5.

    Backlash: 0.5000 arcmin.

    Housing material: Anodized aluminum.

    Dimensions: 1.065" D x 1.571" high.

    More info:

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  6. Unidentified MFG - Gear1 - Hardware, gear. 11 Teeth. Nylon.
    Hardware, gear. 11 Teeth. Dimensions: 13.3mm OD x 10.2mm high, overall with top nub 12.2mm high. Shaft 2.5mm ID max. Material: nylon, white. Learn More
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