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Electronic Surplus distributes miniature electric AC and DC motors. Depending on the powered needed to operate your equipment, you’ll want to decide which miniature electric motor works best for your needs. For instance, an AC motor replacement is ideal for someone who requires a powerful source of energy for an extended period of time. On the other hand, a DC motor is essential for those who need to adjust the level of power more regularly.  

If you’re unsure which small electric motor for sale is right for your needs, contact us. We’d be more than happy to discuss it with you. If you already know what suits your needs, take a look at our selection of surplus motors below.

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  1. Hankscraft Motors - MotorOne - Motor. 6VDC 4RPM. 2 wire. Reversible. New.
    Motor. 6VDC 4RPM. 2 wire. Reversible. Housing: plastic, black. Mount: panel. Dimensions: 1.776" D x 2.029" high. Overall with two mount feet 2.448" D, at 2" centers. Shaft half/flattened 0.138" D, (1/8" D), (3.5mm D), x 0.720" (18.2mm) long, plus shaft seat 1/8". New. Note: No actual manufactures part numbers marked on motor body. Hankscraft Motors Reedsburg WI USA. Learn More
  2. JOHNSON ELECTRIC - C4557-60003 / HC615LG - Motor, DC. Reversible PM 6-18VDC.
    Special Price $6.98 Regular Price $14.98 As low as $4.98

    Johnson Electric is World Leader in Micro Motors, Reversible PM 6-18VDC Motor, 100mA, 3500 RPM no load. Torque constant: 49.4 m/Nm/Amp. Dy. Res: 6.84 ohms. Motor Regulation: 28RPM/m-NmTorque: 126m-Nm 2.63Amp at stall. Maximum efficiency: 68%. Torque: 20m-Nm, speed: 2944RPM, current: 0.51Amp, output: 6.17 watts. Maximum power: Torque: 62m-Nm, speed: 1753RPM, current 1.37A. Output: 11.47 watt. Shaft Length: 11mm 0.435", shaft diameter: 3.1mm 0.125". Has an attached pulley: 10mm 0.39" inside diameter x 4.6mm 0.18" inside length. Motor: 38mm 1.495" D x 83mm 3.27" long overall. Rotation: clockwise when viewed from shaft output end with positive applied to positive. Weight: 8 oz. Can also be used as a Generator and operated in either direction. Two threaded (M3 x 0.5) mounting holes on a 25 mm diameter.  Used in numerous HP Printer/Copiers Note: Permanent magnet design allows use as generator.  

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  3. SANYO DENKI - P60B13200LCX2C - 3.1kW 3000-RPM BL Super Servo Motor
    Special Price $299.95 Regular Price $599.00

    BL Super SERVO MOTOR 3.1KW 3,000-RPM 0.40" [10mm] dia mounting holes on 4.55" [115mm] centers. 135mm square face about 193mm long including 8.9mm dia shaft for encoder - Available With or WithOut encoder. 19.5mm dia knurled shaft 45mm long. Weighs 25-pounds without encoder or packaging.

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  4. PORTESCAP - GC26M048A30V - Motor, stepper. 5V, 10:1 gear box, 4 Phase 6 wire.
    Motor, stepper. 5V miniature, with heavy 10:1 gear box. 4-Phase 6-wire UniPolar, only 1.1" [28mm] x 1.43" [36.2] x 1" [25.4] high with 3mm knurled shaft 7.5mm long. Mounts on two threaded holes on 30mm centers. Rohs compliant. Note: Danaher / Portescap. Weight: 1.8 oz. Learn More
  5. MERKLE-KORFF - EYQM-63264-15-2 - Motor, PM. 12VDC reversible, 8400RPM.
    Motor, PM. Ratings: 12VDC reversible, 8400RPM no load. Works on 2V and above 1.2"OD x 2.75" with magnetic tachometer 5500rpm under a light load. Tc: 1.6 oz-in. Ts: 7 oz-in. Kt:1.94 oz-in/A Po 7.7W Rt:4.65-OHM. No info on the tachometer. Motors are marked S0878B. Weight: 5 oz. Note: Some may have a 7.7mm brass gear with 8 teeth. Learn More
  6. ESCAP - 23-D-21-213-B2X2 - Motor, DC. Supply: 1-36VDC.

    Motor, DC. Supply: 1-36VDC. Speed: 100 to 12000. Mech. Mtg: Two holes for the motor and six holes/pins for feedback information. Body Dimensions: 23mm D x 60mm, plus shaft - 3mm D x 20mm long. Note: Precision DC Motor & Tachometer. Specification sheet available.

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  7. DDC - 2467A - Synchro shaft angle data converter
    Synchro shaft angle data converter 10-Bit out Navy-MIL#2509543 21-Pin module with military spec's.Data Device Corp. 5998-010291519 Learn More
  8. AIRPAX - L82401-P2 - Motor, stepper. 12VDC 52 ohm.
    Motor, stepper. 12VDC 52 ohm. 7.5 deg/step. 6 wires. Mounting: 1-3/8" hole spacing. Body: 42mm D. Shaft: 2.9mm D x 9.6mm L. Mount plate, 4 holes, 35mm centers. Weight: 4.8 oz. Learn More
  9. Von Weise Gear Co - VW10-30 - Motor, AC. Gearmotor, reversible. 230V 1725RPM.
    Motor, AC. Gearmotor, reversible. Single phase 230V 2.5Amp 1/4HP 1725RPM. Type RB. Frame: X48Y. Motor ref# 48-52431-01. Continuous Duty. Note: - 40 Deg C, Code AA F17. Output shaft speed: 30RPM. Dimensions: approximately 6" D x 12" long, including 0.75" keyed shaft 1.5". Mounting bracket 8.5" x 3.75" with four holes. Weight: 24 lbs. (26 lbs Packed, and will require additional shipping funds). Learn More
  10. Tridelta Industries, Inc. - M292-010A001-00B - Switched Reluctance Driver
    Driver board for M132-013A001-16B SWITCHED RELUCTANCE motor - MOTORS SOLD OUT -- SMALLER VERSION AVAILABLE P/N 705B0364 Learn More
  11. Tridelta Industries, INC. - 705B0364 REV A. - Switched Reluctance Driver

    SWITCHED RELUCTANCE motor DRIVER BOARD made by Tr-Delta, now a part of Honeywell. No Spex or paperwork available.

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  12. SYNCHRON - A12RC-6 - Motor, AC. Synchronous 110V 60Hz 3 watt 300RPM.
    Motor, AC. Synchronous 110V 60Hz 3 watt 300RPM. Dimensions: 2.330" long x 1.866" wide x 1.363" high. Shaft: 0.128" (3.2mm) D x 9.1mm long. Made in the USA. Learn More
  13. SUPERIOR ELECTRIC CO. - MP70-1A-A4-9Z-025 - Motor, stepper. 15V 4 phase 0.49Amp.
    Motor, stepper. 15V 4 phase 0.49Amp. 48 step/rev. 8 wires. Mounting: 2.2" hole spacing. Body: 2.75" square (70.5mm) x 1.75" high (46mm). Shaft: 1/4" D x 0.63" L. Weight: 1.3 lbs (22 oz). Note: Slo-Syn. Very compact for amount of torque. 8-wire = 4-phase = Unipolar. Learn More
  14. SUPERIOR ELECTRIC CO. - MP70-9A-Z9-9Z-017 - Motor, stepper. 5.2VDC 1.44Amp.
    Motor, stepper. 5.2VDC 1.44Amp. 48 step/rev. Mounting: 2.28" hole spacing. Body: 2-3/4" D x 1.7" L. Shaft: 1/4" D x .6" L w/ flat. Shaft: 0.25" shaft w/flat 5/8" long, 2.75"square mounting plate with 4 holes with threaded inserts, about 2.28" apart. Weight: 1.5 lb (23 oz). High torque. Note: Slo-Syn. 8-wire 4-winding. Very High Torque. Learn More
  15. SEIKO EPSON - EM462 - Stepper motor 42mm Dia 4-wire
    Stepper motor for Epson 4-Wire Two 9-Ohm Coils on ribbon cable - 1.65"/42mm Diameter - 24mm tall - mounts on two holes 50mm apart - gear on 2.9mm shaft is 8mm Diameter - NEW Learn More
  16. REGAL - DE-25L-0001 KP63MT014 - Motors, AC/DC. Universal 120V, high speed.
    Motors, AC/DC. Universal 120V, high speed. Works at 12V+ approximately 150RPM, 12V 200mA AC with bridge rectifier or DC reversible. Learn More
  17. PREM - SPW613D - Transformer. 10V 2A or 20VCT 1A.
    Transformer, power. 20VA. Dual 115/230V. Par: 10V 2Amp. Series: 20VCT 1Amp. Mount: PCB 8 Pin.More info: Learn More
  18. OAK INDUSTRIES - LCE1N-2G09-36-3 - Encoder, rotary. Manual 2 Bit, 9 CY, 36 Pos.

    Encoder, rotary. Manual 2 Bit, 9-cycle, 36-Position with detents. Gray code. Housing material: plastic, gray. Mount: panel, threaded-bushing. Dimensions: 0.877" (22.2mm) long x 0.826" (20.9mm) wide plus 3 PC leads x 0.336" (8.5mm) high. Bushing length: (3/3-32), 6.3mm long. Shaft: 0.250" (6.35mm) D x 0.500" (12.7mm) long. Note: Marked OAK 700. (0.830" x 0.343").

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  19. OAK-GRIGSBY INC. - 94Q100-40-00 - Encoder, rotary. Optical. 100PPR, 3,000RPM max.
    Encoder, rotary. Optical. 100PPR, 3,000RPM max. Two channel quadrature output. Style 2 Output: NC + A B. Mount: panel, 1/2" bushing and 1/4" SS shaft, ball bearing type, spins freely. Package: die cast housing, 1" square. Standard 4" 4-pin ribbon cable and connector. Note: Compact, robust, economical. 100 million+ operations. Learn More
  20. Minimotor SA - 8-334 - Four precision DC Mini-Motor assembly.

    Motors, DC. Precision cassette drive assembly. Used. Older with four Swiss & German made motors: German 330/5055-150 22mm OD x 46mm. 330/507-150 22mm OD x 46mm including 2mm dia shaft. 330-509 22mm OD x 43mm. And a 16mm geared Swiss Model 050/0055-095-485.1 200cmp MiniMotor SA 42mm Long with the 2mm shaft. All permanent magnet and reversible. You dis-assemble.

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  21. JOHNSON - 1342284 - Motor, PM DC reversible 9-15VDC.
    Motor, PM DC, 9-15V reversible. Draws about 100mA 120VAC, no load. The EMI filter is completely insulated. Unloaded speed: 9VDC 750RPM - 12VDC 1250RPM - 15VDC 2000RPM. Dimensions: 18mm x 23.3mm x 51mmL (including shaft 7.5mm length / 1.9mm dia.) Weight: 9 oz. Learn More
  22. HAYDON - E81302 / K81336-P4-S3 - Motor, AC Timing. Supply: 115VAC 1/5W. Spec&Caps.
    Motor, AC Timing. Supply: 115VAC 60Hz 1/5 watt. Speed: 6RPM. Frame Size: Pear shape. Mech. Mtg: 2-hole mount 1.9" spacing. Weight: 4.2 oz. Note: Reversible. Shaft: 1/8" D x 3/4" long (with 1/16" hole @ midpoint). Capacitor required and included 0.1uF. Hookup Instructions: 0.1uF 250V capacitor between Red & Green, tie two Whites - 120VAC on Red & White and watch it turn, slowly and reversible. Learn More
  23. ESCAP - PL-11-219-119 Series28 - Motor, DC. Supply: 3VDC 50mA.
    Motor, DC. Supply: 3VDC 50mA. Body Dimensions: 28mm OD each motor. Assembly: 6 x 5 x 3". Note: Data cassette drive. Pair of precision motors. Series: 28. MFE 250BA 10-IPS 8000-BPS. Learn More
  24. Eastern Air Devices - H34BBM-8 - Motors, AC. Supply 115V.
    Motor, AC. Supply: 115V. N/P Current: 1.45A 60Hz. Speed: 1800. Torque: 28-Oz-In. Direction: Hysteresis synchronous reversible. HP: 1/25. Wire count: 3 14-Inch teflon leads. Mech. Mtg.: 4 10/24 threaded holes 2.625"spacing. Body Dimensions: 3.36"D x 5.1"L. Capacitor 4uF required, not included. Weight #5 unpacked. Learn More
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