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  1. Hankscraft Motors - MotorOne - Motor. 6VDC 4RPM. 2 wire. Reversible. New.
    Motor. 6VDC 4RPM. 2 wire. Reversible. Housing: plastic, black. Mount: panel. Dimensions: 1.776" D x 2.029" high. Overall with two mount feet 2.448" D, at 2" centers. Shaft half/flattened 0.138" D, (1/8" D), (3.5mm D), x 0.720" (18.2mm) long, plus shaft seat 1/8". New. Note: No actual manufactures part numbers marked on motor body. Hankscraft Motors Reedsburg WI USA. Learn More
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    JOHNSON ELECTRIC ENGINEERING Ltd - HC615LG - Motor, DC. Reversible PM 6-18VDC.
    JOHNSON ELECTRIC ENGINEERING Ltd - HC615LG - Motor, DC. Reversible PM 6-18VDC.
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    Motor, DC. Reversible PM 18VDC, 100mA, 3500 RPM no load. Torque constant: 49.4 m/Nm/Amp. Dy. Res: 6.84 ohms. Motor Regulation: 28RPM/m-NmTorque: 126m-Nm 2.63Amp at stall. Maximum efficiency: 68%. Torque: 20m-Nm, speed: 2944RPM, current: 0.51Amp, output: 6.17 watts. Maximum power: Torque: 62m-Nm, speed: 1753RPM, current 1.37A. Output: 11.47 watt. Shaft Length: 11mm 0.435", shaft diameter: 3.1mm 0.125". Has an attached pulley: 10mm 0.39" inside diameter x 4.6mm 0.18" inside length. Motor: 38mm 1.495" D x 83mm 3.27" long overall. Rotation: clockwise when viewed from shaft output end with positive applied to positive. Weight: 8 oz. Note: PM = Permanent magnet.

    Learn More
  3. SANYO DENKI - P60B13200LCX2C - 3.1kW 3000-RPM BL Super Servo Motor
    BL Super SERVO MOTOR 3.1KW 3,000-RPM 0.40" [10mm] dia mounting holes on 4.55" [115mm] centers. 135mm square face about 193mm long including 8.9mm dia shaft for encoder - Available With or WithOut encoder. 19.5mm dia knurled shaft 45mm long. Weighs 25-pounds without encoder or packaging. Learn More
  4. PORTESCAP - GC26M048A30V - Motor, stepper. 5V, 10:1 gear box, 4 Phase 6 wire.
    Motor, stepper. 5V miniature, with heavy 10:1 gear box. 4-Phase 6-wire UniPolar, only 1.1" [28mm] x 1.43" [36.2] x 1" [25.4] high with 3mm knurled shaft 7.5mm long. Mounts on two threaded holes on 30mm centers. Rohs compliant. Note: Danaher / Portescap. Weight: 1.8 oz. Learn More
  5. MERKLE-KORFF - EYQM-63264-15-2 - Motor, PM. 12VDC reversible, 8400RPM.
    Motor, PM. Ratings: 12VDC reversible, 8400RPM no load. Works on 2V and above 1.2"OD x 2.75" with magnetic tachometer 5500rpm under a light load. Tc: 1.6 oz-in. Ts: 7 oz-in. Kt:1.94 oz-in/A Po 7.7W Rt:4.65-OHM. No info on the tachometer. Motors are marked S0878B. Weight: 5 oz. Note: Some may have a 7.7mm brass gear with 8 teeth. Learn More
  6. ESCAP - 23-D-21-213-B2X2 - Motor, DC. Supply: 1-36VDC.

    Motor, DC. Supply: 1-36VDC. Speed: 100 to 12000. Mech. Mtg: Two holes for the motor and six holes/pins for feedback information. Body Dimensions: 23mm D x 60mm, plus shaft - 3mm D x 20mm long. Note: Precision DC Motor & Tachometer. Specification sheet available.

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  7. DDC - 2467A - Synchro shaft angle data converter
    Synchro shaft angle data converter 10-Bit out Navy-MIL#2509543 21-Pin module with military spec's.Data Device Corp. 5998-010291519 Learn More
  8. AIRPAX - L82401-P2 - Motor, stepper. 12VDC 52 ohm.
    Motor, stepper. 12VDC 52 ohm. 7.5 deg/step. 6 wires. Mounting: 1-3/8" hole spacing. Body: 42mm D. Shaft: 2.9mm D x 9.6mm L. Mount plate, 4 holes, 35mm centers. Weight: 4.8 oz. Learn More
  9. Von Weise Gear Co - VW10-30 - Motor, AC. Gearmotor, reversible. 230V 1725RPM.
    Motor, AC. Gearmotor, reversible. Single phase 230V 2.5Amp 1/4HP 1725RPM. Type RB. Frame: X48Y. Motor ref# 48-52431-01. Continuous Duty. Note: - 40 Deg C, Code AA F17. Output shaft speed: 30RPM. Dimensions: approximately 6" D x 12" long, including 0.75" keyed shaft 1.5". Mounting bracket 8.5" x 3.75" with four holes. Weight: 24 lbs. (26 lbs Packed, and will require additional shipping funds). Learn More
  10. Tridelta Industries, Inc. - M292-010A001-00B - Switched Reluctance Driver
    Driver board for M132-013A001-16B SWITCHED RELUCTANCE motor - MOTORS SOLD OUT -- SMALLER VERSION AVAILABLE P/N 705B0364 Learn More
  11. Tridelta Industries, INC. - 705B0364 REV A. - Switched Reluctance Driver

    SWITCHED RELUCTANCE motor DRIVER BOARD made by Tr-Delta, now a part of Honeywell. No Spex or paperwork available.

    Learn More
  12. SYNCHRON - A12RC-6 - Motor, AC. Synchronous 110V 60Hz 3 watt 300RPM.
    Motor, AC. Synchronous 110V 60Hz 3 watt 300RPM. Dimensions: 2.330" long x 1.866" wide x 1.363" high. Shaft: 0.128" (3.2mm) D x 9.1mm long. Made in the USA. Learn More
  13. SUPERIOR ELECTRIC CO. - MP70-1A-A4-9Z-025 - Motor, stepper. 15V 4 phase 0.49Amp.
    Motor, stepper. 15V 4 phase 0.49Amp. 48 step/rev. 8 wires. Mounting: 2.2" hole spacing. Body: 2.75" square (70.5mm) x 1.75" high (46mm). Shaft: 1/4" D x 0.63" L. Weight: 1.3 lbs (22 oz). Note: Slo-Syn. Very compact for amount of torque. 8-wire = 4-phase = Unipolar. Learn More
  14. SUPERIOR ELECTRIC CO. - MP70-9A-Z9-9Z-017 - Motor, stepper. 5.2VDC 1.44Amp.
    Motor, stepper. 5.2VDC 1.44Amp. 48 step/rev. Mounting: 2.28" hole spacing. Body: 2-3/4" D x 1.7" L. Shaft: 1/4" D x .6" L w/ flat. Shaft: 0.25" shaft w/flat 5/8" long, 2.75"square mounting plate with 4 holes with threaded inserts, about 2.28" apart. Weight: 1.5 lb (23 oz). High torque. Note: Slo-Syn. 8-wire 4-winding. Very High Torque. Learn More
  15. SEIKO EPSON - EM462 - Stepper motor 42mm Dia 4-wire
    Stepper motor for Epson 4-Wire Two 9-Ohm Coils on ribbon cable - 1.65"/42mm Diameter - 24mm tall - mounts on two holes 50mm apart - gear on 2.9mm shaft is 8mm Diameter - NEW Learn More
  16. REGAL - DE-25L-0001 KP63MT014 - Motors, AC/DC. Universal 120V, high speed.
    Motors, AC/DC. Universal 120V, high speed. Works at 12V+ approximately 150RPM, 12V 200mA AC with bridge rectifier or DC reversible. Learn More
  17. PREM - SPW613D - Transformer. 10V 2A or 20VCT 1A.
    Transformer, power. 20VA. Dual 115/230V. Par: 10V 2Amp. Series: 20VCT 1Amp. Mount: PCB 8 Pin.More info: Learn More
  18. OAK INDUSTRIES - LCE1N-2G09-36-3 - Encoder, rotary. Manual 2 Bit, 9 CY, 36 Pos.

    Encoder, rotary. Manual 2 Bit, 9-cycle, 36-Position with detents. Gray code. Housing material: plastic, gray. Mount: panel, threaded-bushing. Dimensions: 0.877" (22.2mm) long x 0.826" (20.9mm) wide plus 3 PC leads x 0.336" (8.5mm) high. Bushing length: (3/3-32), 6.3mm long. Shaft: 0.250" (6.35mm) D x 0.500" (12.7mm) long. Note: Marked OAK 700. (0.830" x 0.343").

    Learn More
  19. OAK-GRIGSBY INC. - 94Q100-40-00 - Encoder, rotary. Optical. 100PPR, 3,000RPM max.
    Encoder, rotary. Optical. 100PPR, 3,000RPM max. Two channel quadrature output. Style 2 Output: NC + A B. Mount: panel, 1/2" bushing and 1/4" SS shaft, ball bearing type, spins freely. Package: die cast housing, 1" square. Standard 4" 4-pin ribbon cable and connector. Note: Compact, robust, economical. 100 million+ operations. Learn More
  20. Minimotor SA - 8-334 - Four precision DC Mini-Motor assembly.

    Motors, DC. Precision cassette drive assembly. Used. Older with four Swiss & German made motors: German 330/5055-150 22mm OD x 46mm. 330/507-150 22mm OD x 46mm including 2mm dia shaft. 330-509 22mm OD x 43mm. And a 16mm geared Swiss Model 050/0055-095-485.1 200cmp MiniMotor SA 42mm Long with the 2mm shaft. All permanent magnet and reversible. You dis-assemble.

    Learn More
  21. JOHNSON - 1342284 - Motor, PM DC reversible 9-15VDC.
    Motor, PM DC, 9-15V reversible. Draws about 100mA 120VAC, no load. The EMI filter is completely insulated. Unloaded speed: 9VDC 750RPM - 12VDC 1250RPM - 15VDC 2000RPM. Dimensions: 18mm x 23.3mm x 51mmL (including shaft 7.5mm length / 1.9mm dia.) Weight: 9 oz. Learn More
  22. HAYDON - E81302 / K81336-P4-S3 - Motor, AC Timing. Supply: 115VAC 1/5W. Spec&Caps.
    Motor, AC Timing. Supply: 115VAC 60Hz 1/5 watt. Speed: 6RPM. Frame Size: Pear shape. Mech. Mtg: 2-hole mount 1.9" spacing. Weight: 4.2 oz. Note: Reversible. Shaft: 1/8" D x 3/4" long (with 1/16" hole @ midpoint). Capacitor required and included 0.1uF. Hookup Instructions: 0.1uF 250V capacitor between Red & Green, tie two Whites - 120VAC on Red & White and watch it turn, slowly and reversible. Learn More
  23. ESCAP - PL-11-219-119 Series28 - Motor, DC. Supply: 3VDC 50mA.
    Motor, DC. Supply: 3VDC 50mA. Body Dimensions: 28mm OD each motor. Assembly: 6 x 5 x 3". Note: Data cassette drive. Pair of precision motors. Series: 28. MFE 250BA 10-IPS 8000-BPS. Learn More
  24. Eastern Air Devices - H34BBM-8 - Motors, AC. Supply 115V.
    Motor, AC. Supply: 115V. N/P Current: 1.45A 60Hz. Speed: 1800. Torque: 28-Oz-In. Direction: Hysteresis synchronous reversible. HP: 1/25. Wire count: 3 14-Inch teflon leads. Mech. Mtg.: 4 10/24 threaded holes 2.625"spacing. Body Dimensions: 3.36"D x 5.1"L. Capacitor 4uF required, not included. Weight #5 unpacked. Learn More
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