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  1. Von Weise Gear Co - VW10-30 - Motor, AC. Gearmotor, reversible. 230V 1725RPM.
    Motor, AC. Gearmotor, reversible. Single phase 230V 2.5Amp 1/4HP 1725RPM. Type RB. Frame: X48Y. Motor ref# 48-52431-01. Continuous Duty. Note: - 40 Deg C, Code AA F17. Output shaft speed: 30RPM. Dimensions: approximately 6" D x 12" long, including 0.75" keyed shaft 1.5". Mounting bracket 8.5" x 3.75" with four holes. Weight: 24 lbs. (26 lbs Packed, and will require additional shipping funds). Learn More
  2. Hansen Synchron - A12RC-6 - Motor, Synchron 600 Series, 110 ACV 60Hz, 3 watt 300 RPM.
    Special Price $26.98 Regular Price $38.50 As low as $22.98

    Genuine Hansen Synchron - A12RC-6 Motor, AC. 

    Synchron 600 Series, Shallow Pear Shaped Gearbox timing motors are the industry leader. The Hansen Synchron motor distinguishes itself with low noise levels and a robust, precision gear train. The motor is permanently lubricated and requires no maintenance during its lifetime. Gear material has been selected for the quiet operation and long life required in time measurement instrumentation and event recording applications.

    Status: Discontinued

    Permanently Lubricated requiring no maintenance.

    Synchronous 110V 60Hz 3 watt 300RPM.

    Starting torque: 20 in-oz

    Teardrop shaped with D-Shaped Shaft and 2 Tab mounting

    Dimensions: 1.970 Diameter long x 1.875" wide x 1.375" max high.

    Shaft: 0.128" (3.175mm) D x 9.1mm long.

    Looking at the shaft it turns Clockwise

    New Old Stock

    Made in the USA.

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  3. REGAL CCL Motor- DE-25L-0001 - KP63MT014 - Motors, AC/DC. Universal 120V, High Speed.
    Special Price $7.98 Regular Price $8.50 As low as $6.49

    REGAL CCL Motor- DE-25L-0001 - KP63MT014 Motors, AC/DC.

    Universal 120V, High Speed (11,000 RPM).

    Brush Type Motor

    Motor Diameter 1.41" (35.8mm)

    Overall Assembly Length 3.70" ((94mm)

    Motor Body Length minus shaft 2.788" (70.8mm)

    Face Mount 2 Tapped Holes approximately 0.97" Apart 

    Removeable Spiral Worm Gear

    Works at 12V+ Approximately 150RPM after Gear Reduction 

    Spiral Gear Assembly has two Cams 

    The Front Bushing support supports and centers the Shaft.

    Note: Pull Cam Pin, remove Bridge Rectifier and use as DC Motor 15 VDC 150RPM 

    Regal P/N KP63MT014

    12V 200mA AC with Bridge Rectifier (SB603) or DC Reversible.


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  4. HAYDON - E81302 / K81336-P4-S3 - Synchronous Motor, AC Gear Timing. Supply: 115VAC 1.5W. 6 RPM, with Capacitor.
    Special Price $16.98 Regular Price $18.95 As low as $12.98

    A.W. HAYDON - E81302 / K81336-P4-S3  Synchronous Motor, AC Timing.

    A synchronous electric motor is an AC Gear Timing Motor in which, at steady state, the rotation of the shaft is synchronized with the frequency of the supply current; the rotation period is exactly equal to an integral number of AC cycles

    Supply: 115VAC 60Hz 1.5 watt.

    Speed: 6 RPM.

    Frame Size: Pear Shape Permanent Magnet.

    Mechanical Mounting: 2-Hole Mount 1.88" Spacing.

    Weight: 4.2 oz.

    Note: Reversible

    Shaft: 1/8" D x 3/4" long (with 1/16" hole @ midpoint).

    Dimensions: 2.52" x 2.14" x 1.13"

    0.1uF Capacitor required and included.

    Hookup Instructions: 0.1uF 250V capacitor between Red & Green, Connect two Whites Together - 115VAC on Red & White and watch it turn, slowly and reversible. 

    Applications: Teardrop-shaped and made for timing displays, sign animation and experimental purposes.

    New Old Stock

    Proudly Made in USA.

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  5. Eastern Air Devices - H34BBM-8 - Hysteresis Synchronous Motor, 115 VAC, 1.45A, 1800 RPM
    Special Price $32.98 Regular Price $38.50 As low as $29.98

    Eastern Air Devices - H34BBM-8.

    Supply: 115V. N/P

    Current: 1.45A 60Hz.

    Speed: 1800 RPM.

    Torque: 28-Oz-In.

    Thermally Protector

    Continuous Duty  

    Direction: Hysteresis synchronous reversible.

    HP: 1/25.

    Wire count: 3 14-Inch teflon leads.

    Mech. Mtg.: 4 10/24 threaded holes 2.625"spacing.

    Body Dimensions: 3.36"D x 5.1"L.

    Start/Run Capacitor 4uF required, not included.

    Weight: 5 lbs  6 Ounce unpacked.

    Note: 4uF 660VAC capacitor required for start and run between Black and Blue wires.

    Alternate: Ashland Electric A66QBU-4, NSN 6105-01-082-2923

    UL Approved

    Factory New

    Note: Detailed Specification Sheet is Attached.

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  6. CLIFTON - 26V-08CT4b CP/L761 - Motor, special. Synchronous control transformer.
    Motor, special. Synchronous control transformer, 11.8V, 400Hz. Each with five (5) teflon wire leads. Body: 19mm D x 32.2 mm long plus threaded 3.1mm shaft 9.3mm long. Naval Ordnance P/N 10001-2064245 MK2 or MK8. NSN Mil-S-20708/79A MOD. Learn More
  7. BREVEL PRODUCTS - 311282 - Geared Motor, 24VAC 60Hz 3RPM high torque.
    Special Price $19.98 Regular Price $28.98

    BREVEL PRODUCTS - 311282 - 24V AC Motor - 3 RPM, 60Hz, High Torque.

    Brevel Motor - Model R. With 0.32" / 8mm Slotted shaft.

    Ideal Display Rotation Speed of 3 Revolutions every minute.

    Dimensions: 2.9" x 3.2" x 3" behind panel, mounts with four threaded holes 2.4'" apart.

    Weight 2 pounds each.

    New Old Stock

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  8. BODINE ELECTRIC - NSY-13 - Motor, AC. 230V 1500RPM, 1/50 HP
    Special Price $79.98 Regular Price $165.00 As low as $69.98

    BODINE ELECTRIC - NSY-13 Motor. 

    AC. Supply: 230VAC Single Phase, 50Hz 0.5Amp.

    HP: 1/50. Thermlly Protected

    Speed: 1500 RPM.

    Insulation: A1

    Direction: Counter Clockwise. Continous Duty.

    Dimensions: Overall 5-1/2" long (including shaft) x 3-1/4" wide x 3-1/3" high.

    Shaft is 1/4" (0.254") D x 5/8" 90.616") long.

    Alt #: G0123043 

    Perminently Lubricated Ball Bearings

    Packed Weight 5 lbs.

    Note : This motor does not come with mounting hardware/screws. 

    There are 4 mounting holes on the motors bottom surface: centers are approximately 1-1/4" (length) and 1-5/8" (width) centers. Holes are approximately 0.4" deep and have 10-32 threads. 

    New Old Stock - Made in USA

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  9. TRW/GLOBE - CMC144A152 - Motor, AC. 1PH 38-46VAC 60Hz, 3600RPM.
    Special Price $28.98 Regular Price $36.50

    TRW/GLOBE - CMC144A152 Motor, AC. 1PH 38-46VAC 60Hz, 3600RPM.

    Hysteresis Synchronous with Capacitor, 12uF included.

    3 wire leads, teflon, 14" long.

    Dimensions: 30mm D x 74mm long, including shaft.

    With 7.5mm D gear.

    Mounts on 2 threaded holes 21.7mm centers.

    Note: Western Electric P/N: P-21F345.

    Made in the USA.

    New Old Stock.

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  10. JAPAN SERVO - 127PS1176 U129A-119 - Motor, AC. 115VAC 0.7Amp 20RPM.
    Motor, AC. 115VAC 0.7Amp 20RPM. Capacitor 8uF required, included. Duty =2.5 Sec. ON/60S OFF, Type U129A-119. 5 Watts out has thermal cutout which will cutout motor if ran for 1-1-1/2 min. MFG P/N 060485. Learn More
  11. JAPAN SERVO - KS7P8-11 - P/N 6813649 - Motor, AC geared. Synchronous 25V 250, 300RPM.
    Special Price $13.98 Regular Price $18.50

    JAPAN SERVO - KS7P8-11 - P/N 6813649 Motor, AC geared.

    Synchronous 25V 50/60Hz

    Speed: 250/300RPM.

    Requires 20uF capacitor (included).

    On a 2.78" Square Plate with 4 mounting holes 2.2" apart.

    Shaft: 1/4"shaft x 0.6" long and has a gear 0.49" D.

    Motor is 1.6" behind plate.

    Maybe replaced with p/n 6813649.

    Very Old Stock

    Made in Japan

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  12. HAYDON - 36890-60 - 60RPM MOTOR 115VAC Gould
    Special Price $28.98 Regular Price $32.50

    HAYDON - 36890-60 - 120VAC 60RPM MOTOR for Chart Recorders

    1/8"-Shaft 2" X 1.25" X 1.75" GOULD / BRUSH PLASTIC GEARS IN METAL HOUSING

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  13. Eastern Air Devices - D80NPK-2 - 1/50HP 1800 RPM Synchronous Induction Motor, High-end Turntable Motor
    Special Price $48.98 Regular Price $68.95

    Eastern Air Devices - D80NPK-2

    New Rare and desirable 1950’s E.A.D., Eastern Air Devices synchronous capacitor induction motor. These were used in all the best turntables and tape players in the mid to late 50’s. This includes most all the early “H” model Rek-O-Kut and Gray turntables. It has a stepped shaft for two speeds or a pulley can be added. Shaft sizes appear to be 3/16” and 5/16”. These electric motors are now extremely hard to find and very desirable for their good torque, compact size and speed stability. The outer aluminum housing and fan are removable and motor can be used without them just using the heat sync fins alone. Like all these type motors, it must be used with a capacitor to get it started. See picture of label on the side of the motor for specs.

    115VAC Synchronous Capacitor (4uF) Induction Motor

    1/50HP 60Hz 1800-RPM Continuous Duty - 1Phase 0.65Amp 4-teflon wires -

    4uf Start Capacitor Required - Not Included 

    3.9"D x 4"Long 4-hole front mounting 1.85"spacing 0.188"

    4.7mmD shaft 0.45"Long weighs 3.5-pounds

    Genuine Eastern Air Devices - Vintage New Old Stock - Very Rare.


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  14. AUTOTROL CORP. - PX-300 - Motor, timing. 2-RPM 115VAC Geared motor. Used.
    Special Price $14.98 Regular Price $28.50

    AUTOTROL CORP. - PX-300 Motor, timing geared.

    Supply: 115V 60Hz 4W.

    Speed: Approx 2-RPM counter clockwise, looking at shaft.

    Mech: Standard pear shaped gear housing (slightly dirty).

    Size: 2.526" x 2.144" Mounting: Holes 1.875" centers.

    Shaft: 0.177"D keyed.

    Lubrication: Permamently Lubricated

    Used/Removed From Equipment

    UL, CSA & VDE Recognized

    Old Stock - Cases may be a little rusty.

    (Price reduced due to corrossion that is not affecting operation)

    Made in USA

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  15. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 140-MN-0060 SER B w/ 140-A11 - Adjustable Current 0.4~0.6A MANUAL MOTOR STARTER
    Special Price $41.95 Regular Price $49.00
    SERIES B 690VAC 0.60A Adjustable 0.4 - 0.6A Current MANUAL MOTOR STARTER AC3 2-push buttons w/ (1) 140-A11 1 N.O & 1 N.C. Auxiliary Switch 8 oz. Learn More
  16. Unidentified MFG - 9-154 - Motor, AC. 115VAC Open C-Frame Fan Motor.
    Special Price $12.98 Regular Price $18.50

    Motor, 115VAC, Open C-Frame Fan motor.

    Shaded Pole direct drive fan motor.

    Sleeve Bearings.

    Continuous duty.

    Mounting: 2 studs 

    Shaft Diameter 3/16" (.1875")

    Shaft Length 1.45" D Shape

    Laminations 2.4" Square

    3 Wire, 2 Speed.

    Note: C-Frame motors are mechanically reversible by removing the 2 screws holding the bearing housings together
    and reversing the rotor/shaft assembly. Studs can also be reversed to the other side.

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  17. Hansen Synchron - 32953R-24 - Motor, AC. Synchronous 120VAC 1/10 RPM.
    Special Price $19.98 Regular Price $34.50 As low as $16.98

    Hansen Synchron - 32953R-24 Motor, AC.

    Synchronous motors are inherently constant-speed motors and they operate in absolute synchronism with line frequency. Hansen offers both Hysteresis and Permanent Magnet synchronous motors (PM Synchronous Motors) to meet your exact needs. The hysteresis design, Hansen's famous Genuine Synchron®, is extremely quiet and smooth in operation and has very low cogging torque, ideal for back-driving. Because it is light in torque, it is always attached to a Hansen ultra precision gearbox. The permanent magnet motor design offers higher torque and is available with or without a gearbox. The high strength magnets create substantial cogging torque, making these synchronous motors ideal for applications where you need to hold position after removing power.

    AC geared motors integrate a gear reducer with an electric AC motor to deliver high torque at low speed.

    Synchronous 120VAC 1/10 RPM.

    Mount: Panel, 2 Hole Mount at 1-15/16".

    Shaft: 0.19" Diameter, 0.535" Long.

    Dimensions: Overall, Oval 2-5/16" long x 1-7/8" wide x 1-9/16" high plus operating mechanism 5/8" long.

    Excellent Like New Condition but Used /As removed.

    Alternate: 1279674

    Proudly Made in USA

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  18. SUPERIOR ELECTRIC CO. - SS50-1292U - Motors, AC geared. 120V/60/0.5Amp.
    Motors, AC geared. 120V/60/0.5Amp. 6RPM. Requires capacitor for start or run. Heavy duty, 3 wire. Motor is 3.35" D, assembly is 5" tall x 7-1/2" long x 5-1/2" wide with 4 mounting slots. Output is 1.15"[30mm] D on a 3/8" flatted shaft. Note: Reversible slo-syn. Requires a 250 Ohm 25 watt resistor and an 8uF 230VAC capacitor. Learn More
  19. Oriental Motors - 2IJ3GB-AUL - Induction Motor 1450-RPM 115/60
    Induction Motor, NEW in box - 1450-RPM 115/60 also operated on 100V. 61mm square x 67mmD. 4-wire leads. with starting capacitor, new in box.5.6mmD shaft threaded. 2 lbs. Learn More
  20. Oriental Motors - 0IK1GN-AUL - Induction 1.65"Sq 1/750HP 600RPM 115/60
    4-pole Induction motor new in box with capacitor - 42mm-Sq 1/750HP 1W 600RPM 115/60/0.080A Pinion shaft for gearhead [not included] Induction motors are optimal for uni-directional continuous operation such as a conveyor system. Permissable load inertia: 0.792 oz-in2 Learn More
  21. MURTEN SAIA - UDR11UJ1RHZ40 - Motor, AC. Timing motor, reversible. 120VAC 60Hz 2.5 watt, 400-500 RPM. Dual Shaft, 4 wire.
    Special Price $16.98 Regular Price $18.50 As low as $12.98

    MURTEN SAIA - UDR11UJ1RHZ40 - Motor, AC With Capcitor SKU 149477.

    Saia-Burgess Controls AG, including the "Saia PCD®" brand, was acquired by Honeywell in 2013.

    Timing Motor, Reversible.

    120VAC 60Hz 2.5 watt, 400-500 RPM.

    Dual Sshaft, 4 wire.

    Motor Dimensions: 1.878" D x 0.970" wide.

    Shafts(s): 0.125" long x 0.657" long (seated), and the other is 0.165" D x 1.5" long.

    Note: Can also be used as a Generator.

    Made in Switzerland

    Note: Capacitor 0.33uF 400V included.

    Learn More
  22. Leeson - C4T34DC1B - 100056.00 - Industrial 3 Phase Motor
    Special Price $148.98 Regular Price $200.00

    Leeson - C4T34DC1B - 100056.00 - Industrial 3 Phase Motor

    General Purpose Motor 

    Status: Discontinued

    Horse Power: 1/2HP

    Speed: 3450/2850RPM

    Frame: JS56C, Drip Proof

    DP 208-230/460 VAC 60/50 HZ

    Continous Duty

    Note: Used

    Alternate: 100056.00

    Proudly Made Iin USA

    Learn More
  23. KG - Japan - TS3326NE14 - 135W AC Servo 3.3kg-cm
    135W AC Servo Torque 3.3kg-cm 2.27"D x 4.9"L plus 0.40"D splined shaft 0.6"L Mounts with two threaded holes 2.325" 60mm spacing. Has two 33" cables terminating in a 10-pin Male plug, with mating 10-pin panel mount receptacle, new - probably spares for a machine. weighs 2.8 pounds Learn More
  24. HURST - 3002-030 - 50Hz 20 RPM REVERSABLE MOTOR
    Special Price $68.98 Regular Price $89.95

    HURST - 3002-030 - MODEL A - 115V 50Hz 20 RPM

    Torque: 2.3 Oz-In


    Requires 0.25uF capacitor (and SPDT Switch) between Red and Black, 115/50Hz to Red and Blue CW, Black & Blue CCW.

    Drop-in replacement for pear-shaped gear cup motors.

    Die Cast Gear Housing.

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