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  1. Techon Systems - SE30-1/2-50 - SS blunt dispensing tips, 30AWG. Package of 50.
    Stainless steel blunt dispensing tips, 30AWG x 1/2". Color: light purple. Package of 50. Learn More
  2. Techon Systems - SE18-1-50 - SS blunt dispensing tips, 18AWG. Package of 50.

    Stainless steel blunt dispensing tips, 18AWG x 1". Color: light green. Dimensions: 0.84mm-ID, 25mm-Long. Package of 50.

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  3. OK Industries - S9-305S - Soldering Iron Tip 0.047".
    Special Price $4.98 Regular Price $7.00

    OK Industries - S9-305S Soldering Iron Tip.

    Soldering Iron Tip 0.047".

    Double Flat 1.9mm.

    For use with K455, K337 Macro Iron Solder Stations.

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  4. Lonero Engineering Co - 61ZE1227-525-D5 - Work Rollers 14mmD 3mm-tip CPM REX 76
    Rollers, 14mmD. Work rollers, material: CPM REX 76. Tips 4.4mm thick with 3.0mm flat top. Lonero Engineering - Deep Rolling Tool Specialists. Learn More
  5. Edwards Signaling Products - CS1088 - 876-N5 - Alarms. Security Horns, 103dB loud, 120VAC.
    Special Price $74.99 Regular Price $120.95

    Edwards Signaling Products - CS1088 - 876-N5 - Audible Alarm.

    Security horns, 103dB loud,

    120VAC 0.13A 14VA 150-ohm coil.

    Case: 4.5" square.

    Enclosures sold separately.

    Weight: 1.4 lbs.

    UPC 093871220332

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  6. PC Board drill Bit - Unidentified MFG - Hardware, drill bit. Premium Carbide #59 1.05mm.
    Special Price $1.98 Regular Price $3.50 As low as $0.98

    PC Board Carbide drill bit.

    Carbide micro drill bits provide excellent hardness, wear resistance, and heat resistance. They create precise holes with a smooth finish and often eliminate the need for reaming the hole after drilling.

    Premium Grade Carbide #59 0.041" (1.05mm).

    Shank diameter is 0.125", with an overall 1.48" long.

    1/8" Shank fits CNC's and most rotary equipment.

    Used for drilling PC boards or other abrasive materials when drilling accuracy must be maintained. 

    For wide range of materials including non-ferrous alloys 

    Excellent for drilling metals, fiberglass, plastics, wood,carbon fiber, etc..

    Alternate: 414D96 

    New - Made in USA 

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  7. Techon Systems - SE26-1/2-50 - SS blunt dispensing tips, 26AWG. Package of 50.
    Stainless steel blunt dispensing tips, 26AWG x 1/2". Color: light beige. Package of 50. Learn More
  8. CBB - 8-226 - Anti-Sparking tool.
    Special Price $2.98 Regular Price $4.50

    CBB Anti-Sparking tool.

    For springs and typewriters in hazardous locations. 

    Material: bronze. Each 0.188" D x about 6" long.

    One has a sharp hook and a sharp flat point and the other tool has a fork and a rounded end.

    Quite unique and handy, comes in it's own plastic pocket pouch.

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  9. WINTER - 5UZ71P-100-39 PD-1119-18NC - Roller Dresser 4" Diamond Grinding Wheel

    Reverse-Plated 25-mesh Rotary Diamond Dresser - 4" Precision Full-Bullnose Diamond Grinding Wheel, Roller Dresser 2.02"-ID 1.7"wide - with spec sheet, profile-print-out from the factory in W Germany. In it's own tongue and groove wooden Treasure Chest - WINTER USA - Was listed as NEW but DR says slightly used -=- uses FLOOD COOLANT -=- NON-DASH SEGMENTED

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  10. WINTER - 3UZ71P-100-39 - 4-Inch Full-Bullnose Diamond Grinding Wheel

    Non-Segmented Roll Wheel Dresser - Reverse Olated Rotary Diamond Dresser - 25 mesh - Precision Full-bullnose Diamond Grinding Wheel - 4" OD 2" ID 1.7"wide - In a nice tongue&groove Treasure Chest made & shipped from West Germany - Uses Flood Coolant

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  11. VALENITE - VPBPC6-PC3R3 - Milling Tool Holder 18mm bore
    Milling Tool Holder 18mm bore, 36mm SHANK, 18mm Bore. 5-1/4" Overall Length. Arbor. Learn More
  12. Unidentified MFG - Micrometer Head - Micrometer Head, 0-25mm metric.
    Micrometer Head, 0-25mm metric. Graduations 0.01mm, with locknut. Approximately 4" long. Spherical tip. Maybe Mitoyo 148 Series. Learn More
  13. TREX-ONICS - 74705 - Nutrunner cable. 20 Conductor.
    Nutrunner cable. Connector assembly. 18/5C-slhd + 22/4C-SHLD + 22/11C O/A Shield, 300V 90 Deg C. With attached heavy duty M-F 20 position connector. Length 5 Meter. Note: Fits - Atlas Copca. Alt P/N: TPC74705 or 23923-09. More info: Learn More
  14. UNITEK - 1-124-04 - Unibond Welding Power Unit - for parts
    Special Price $34.95 Regular Price $45.00
    Unibond Welding Power Unit - for parts only, missing discharge capacitors and maybe more. Learn More
  15. OSCA AUTOMAZIONI - ANNO 2000 - 18"Vibrator 60Hz 3600-vibrations / minute
    18"Vibrator 60Hz. Diameter: 18.5" x 9.5"H. Large & Heavy 220V 60Hz 880VA 3600-vibrations / minute about 100-pounds CE 4.36/1s Learn More
  16. KESTER - 7-220 - Solder, 40/60 Acid Core. 1 ounce 0.080"Diameter, Metal mender.
    Special Price $1.98 Regular Price $3.00 As low as $1.49

    KESTER - 7-220 Solder. Acid core.

    Acid core solders are manufactured with the solder wire as a tube and the center of the tube contains the flux which  must be removed after soldering to avoid potential part corrosion. Heat sources for cored solders can be air/fuel torches or soldering irons and guns.

    Metal Mender Solder. 40% Tin / 60% Lead.

    0.080"D. 1 ounce.

    Learn More
  17. FETTE - E10A01X106 - E10-177 FETTE Nr E 10-177
    Massive 9.45 pound Fixture on 1" steel shaft 2.3" long.3.94" diameter x 4.2" high excluding shaft. Marked: FETTE Nr E 10-177 (Adjustable 0 - 8 units, about 1.5") attached by three 0.63"dia rods to the best part: E 10A01 X106 M8-M10 3/8 Feingewinde 8-14mm 5/16 - 9/16. Made in Germany - Impressive! with various small tools, allen wrenches, etc. Learn More
  18. DR Kaiser - NC13298/1-2 - Diamond dressing disc's. Pair.

    Diamond dressing disc's. Pair. Diameter: 8-5/8". Thickness 0.362 overall, 0.180 cutting surface. Beveled. 20 degree - R0.3 - 12/472 Numbers on disc#2: RIX 11590 009ZF17 TN 102295 525045. 8 Mounting holes, 1.56" ID. Two in a padded wooden case, drawing clear taped on top. Weight 19 lbs. Note: Used. DR Kaiser/Munson.

    Learn More
  19. 3M - 048011-32876 - Hardware, abrasive disc. Scotch-Brite 3".
    Hardware, abrasive disc. High strength Disc TSM, A-Medium Grade, Max RPM: 12,000. Has a metal washer for "Roloc" fitting. Learn More
  20. 3M - CTC330-WW - Iron Man Monitor for Soldering Iron Workstation
    Iron Man Overvoltage Soldering Iron Workstation Monitor. Whenever a soldering iron, tweezers or other type tool touches the grounded pad of a board, the 3M Iron Man Monitor will alarm if overvoltage on the board is detected. High or Low selectable alarms: High sensitivity 0V to +/-5V. Low sensitivity 0V to +/-50V. Complete with universal 120/240Vwall adapter power supply and instructions. P/N 80-0009-1885-6. Learn More
  21. XCELITE - XTD27V - Hand Tool. TORX screwdriver 4-1/2"/(105mm)E.
    Hand Tool. TORX screwdriver 4-1/2"/(105mm)E. XTD27V. N/S No 48812. Learn More
  22. Warner Electric - SV3402-01000 - AC Motor Drive. 2HP 380-460V.
    AC Motor Drive. For 2HP 380-460V AC induction motors, NEMA type B. 12-Key control keypad, 2-line 16-character alphanumeric display. RS485. Internal dynamic braking. Constant torque. Output Voltage: 0 - input. Output frequency: 0 - 120Hz, 0.02Hz increments. Seven preset speeds, three Skip frequencies and Windows. Selection modes include "catch a spinning motor" selection. With 92-page manual. New, in box. Input: 380-460V +/-10% 3-phase. Learn More
  23. SIEMENS - 8WD4308-0DE - Contact Box with Magnetic Base
    Contact Box with Magnetic Base - AnschluBdose mit Magnathalter - Rubber coated Strong magnet 2.6" / 3mm diameter x 1.8" tall. original part number obscured, 2'd charater "W" may be wrong - with four screws. Sealed package before picture was taken. Learn More
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