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  1. Lonero Engineering Co - 61ZE1227-525-D5 - Work Rollers 14mmD 3mm-tip CPM REX 76
    Rollers, 14mmD. Work rollers, material: CPM REX 76. Tips 4.4mm thick with 3.0mm flat top. Lonero Engineering - Deep Rolling Tool Specialists. Learn More
  2. Edwards Signaling Products - CS1088 - Alarms. Security horns, 103dB loud, 120VAC.
    Special Price $74.99 Regular Price $120.95

    Audible Alarms. Security horns, 103dB loud, 120VAC 0.13A 14VA 150-ohm coil. Case: 4.5" square. Enclosures sold separately. Weight: 1.4 lbs. UPC 093871220332

    Learn More
  3. UNITEK - 1-124-04 - Unibond Welding Power Unit - for parts
    Special Price $34.95 Regular Price $45.00
    Unibond Welding Power Unit - for parts only, missing discharge capacitors and maybe more. Learn More
  4. OSCA AUTOMAZIONI - ANNO 2000 - 18"Vibrator 60Hz 3600-vibrations / minute
    18"Vibrator 60Hz. Diameter: 18.5" x 9.5"H. Large & Heavy 220V 60Hz 880VA 3600-vibrations / minute about 100-pounds CE 4.36/1s Learn More
  5. Warner Electric - SV3402-01000 - AC Motor Drive. 2HP 380-460V.
    AC Motor Drive. For 2HP 380-460V AC induction motors, NEMA type B. 12-Key control keypad, 2-line 16-character alphanumeric display. RS485. Internal dynamic braking. Constant torque. Output Voltage: 0 - input. Output frequency: 0 - 120Hz, 0.02Hz increments. Seven preset speeds, three Skip frequencies and Windows. Selection modes include "catch a spinning motor" selection. With 92-page manual. New, in box. Input: 380-460V +/-10% 3-phase. Learn More
  6. Honeywell/Microswitch - CRS301 - Color Recognition Sensor
    Color Recognition System. 400-800nM, 8-Channels. Color Recognition Sensor with MS-connector cable, 4 armoured 32" Fiber Optic cables: CRS-FO-25-3 (bifurcated), CRS-FO-55-TSR-3, CRS-FO-55-TSE-3, and CRS-FO-55-3 (bifurcated). 3.5" Disk CRS 301-CFG-SFT V2.10 software. Designed for the industrial environment, not just the laboratory bench. Accurately memorizes up to eight different colors for recognition on-line. Sensitive across the entire visible light spectrum 400 to 800 nanometers to characterize colors, not just red, blue & green. Internal light source. Current sink/source output provided for each channel. Learn More
  7. Synchron Laser Service - 104500-011 - Laser assembly, actuator arm.
    Laser assembly, actuator arm. Electromagnetic relay, high voltage. PK test contacts: 40KV. PK Test to Gnd: 40KV. Actuator: 115V/50-60Hz. Solenoid model: E40-DT-40-0-15-BD. Serial Number 020923-7. Note: base must be grounded. Learn More
  8. NIKKEN - CAT50-MMC, 8-105U - Coolant Mini-Mini Chuck, VMK08.
    Coolant Mini-Mini Chuck, VMK08. Cat 50 shank type, 9-3/4" overall length. Used. Learn More
  9. Cooper Tools - 511395 - 30 GAUGE WW insert
    Wire Wrap tool/insert - just over 3" long. Learn More
  10. Cooper Tools - 507502 - Wrap Bit
    30 AGW, MOD, 25 MIN, Wire Wrap Bit Learn More
  11. SPECTRONICS - PC4400A/UK - Eprom Eraser/Cabinet.
    Eprom Eraser/Cabinet. NIB. High volume production model. Learn More
  12. SPECTRONICS - PC3300A/UK - Eprom Eraser/Cabinet.
    Eprom Eraser/Cabinet. NIB. High volume production model. 252 Chip capacity. Accepts metric cards, silicon wafers and PC boards. Inside Tray: 822mmW x 305mm l x 35mm High. Learn More
  13. SPECTRONICS - PC3300A/F - Eprom Eraser/Cabinet.
    Eprom Eraser/Cabinet. High volume production model. 252 Chip capacity. Inside Tray 62cmW x 30cmL x 3.5cmH. Weight: 52 lbs. Learn More
  14. SPECTRONICS - PE-140/F - 230V 50 Hz New 9-Eprom UV Eraser
    230V 50 Hz UK-plug New Eprom eraser , will handle up to 9 24-pin ic's. Learn More
  15. UNGAR - 6373 - Soldering tools. Tip.
    Soldering tools. Tip. Mallory/3 copper 3/16 c 3/4 slotted 25W760 30W810 40W910 Deg. Learn More
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