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  1. POWER Components Inc - Power Lift 5B - Rack & Pinion Double Lifter - Metric
    Rack & Pinion Double Lifter - Metric. At least 400-pound capacity, Power Lift Actuators convert Linear to Rotary ~~~ or Rotary to Linear motion when connected with a power source such as a motor or air cylinder. Note: Work order number stamped W05-3319750001. Learn More
  2. OK Industries - HVL-BF - HVL Bag Filter.
    Special Price $14.95 Regular Price $20.00
    HVL Bag Filter. Metal frame, cloth interior. Dimensions: Just under 20" long x just under 10" high x 1" deep. NIB. Learn More
  3. LANE PUNCH CORP - BRHT-13 - Tru-Lock Ball-Lock Retainer Heavy-Duty
    Ball-Lock Retainer Heavy-Duty (BRHD) Tu-Lock TM Conforms to NAAMS-ISO Triangular nitride treated. Simple typical mounting: 1. Drill and tap for two (2) screws. 2. Drill and ream (or bore) for dowels. 3. Insert dowels into die plate, slip retainer onto dowels and tighten screws. 50x48mm x 41mm-high provide their user improved performance. Feature positive lock to retainer. Reduce maintenance and downtime. Prevent stripper from falling into die during use. Fit both Ball-Lock and Shoulder punches. Learn More
  4. Honeywell/Microswitch - CRS301 - Color Recognition Sensor
    Color Recognition System. 400-800nM, 8-Channels. Color Recognition Sensor with MS-connector cable, 4 armoured 32" Fiber Optic cables: CRS-FO-25-3 (bifurcated), CRS-FO-55-TSR-3, CRS-FO-55-TSE-3, and CRS-FO-55-3 (bifurcated). 3.5" Disk CRS 301-CFG-SFT V2.10 software. Designed for the industrial environment, not just the laboratory bench. Accurately memorizes up to eight different colors for recognition on-line. Sensitive across the entire visible light spectrum 400 to 800 nanometers to characterize colors, not just red, blue & green. Internal light source. Current sink/source output provided for each channel. Learn More
  5. BUFFALO DENTAL MFG - 20M - Doriot Straight Handpiece / dental equip
    Doriot Two pulley custom straight handpiece dental equip 20,000RPMJapan Learn More
  6. TE Connectivity AMP INC - 69710E - Premium Crimp Tool, Straight Action "C" head.
    Special Price $248.98 Regular Price $385.00

    TE Connectivity AMP INC - 69710E - Premium Crimp Tool.

    Anyone can make a tool to crimp terminals onto a wire. But not everyone can manufacture a tool to
    crimp the terminals properly. Crimp termination of wires isn’t easy. At least, doing it right isn’t easy. We
    know. We started it. TE Connectivity developed the technology of hand crimping over 70 years ago.

    The 69710-1 is a C-Head Straight Action Hand Tool. The tool consists of a head with a stationary die holder and moving die holder and handles with a ratchet. This tool is a member of the CERTI--CRIMP* hand crimping tool family. The ratchet on this tool ensures full crimping of the product. Once engaged, the ratchet will not release until the handles have been fully closed. The interchangeable die sets close in a straight line to minimize contact or terminal rotation during crimping. When applicable, user-assist features such as a contact or terminal locator and a wire stops are built into the die set.

    Straight Action "C" Head.

    Ratcheting. Mod D for Termashield Ferrules.

    Learn More
  7. 3M - 33849-A300 - Hardware, abrasive disc. Trizact - Hook-it.
    Hardware, abrasive disc. Trizact - Hook-it. Dimensions: 127mm x NH (5 in x NH). A300 Grit. Learn More
  8. Unidentified MFG - 80-311212-240-4-02 - Motor brush.
    Motor brush. Dimensions: 1.247" (31.6mm) long x 0.311" (7.9mm) deep x 1.241" (31.5mm) high. Note: Helwig-carbon. Learn More
  9. Techon Systems - SE22-1/2-50 - SS dispensing tips, 22AWG. Package of 50.
    Stainless steel blunt dispensing tips, 22AWG x 1/2". Color: clear. Package of 50. Learn More
  10. Techon Systems - SE20-1/2-50 - SS blunt dispensing tips, 20AWG. Package of 50.
    Stainless steel blunt dispensing tips, 20AWG x 1/2". Color: pink. Package of 50. Learn More
  11. Synchron Laser Service - 104500-011 - Laser assembly, actuator arm.
    Laser assembly, actuator arm. Electromagnetic relay, high voltage. PK test contacts: 40KV. PK Test to Gnd: 40KV. Actuator: 115V/50-60Hz. Solenoid model: E40-DT-40-0-15-BD. Serial Number 020923-7. Note: base must be grounded. Learn More
  12. TEK Industries - TEK Commander 810120 - Programmable Digital Event Timer. 120/240 VAC 30 Amp
    Special Price $49.98 Regular Price $149.95

    Tek Commander 810120, Commercial Quality, Digital event timer programmable to the second spread over a repeatable 24 hour cycle. Output relay with normally-open, 30 amp/277 VAC contact. Operation: 120/240 VAC. Bright yellow 4-digit LED display cycles between 24-hour time and set event status with indicators for each. Weather resistant packaging in 4-inch square plastic housing and 4-button membrane programming buttons.

    Digital event timer is programmable to the second with weekly cycles.

    Great for automatically controller your pool and/or hot tub filter.

    Detailed Operating Manual 

    Made with Pride In the USA


    Learn More
  13. NORTON - SG H920 - Hardware, sanding disc. 8" Speed-grip.
    Hardware, sanding disc. 8" Speed-grip (R) 100 Deg F, grit paper. Size: 8" x 1-1/4" 208 x 31.8mm. Premium seeded gel abrasive grain - F-Wt heavy paper backing. Long life, cool cutting. High & consistent cut rate. Tear resistance and ability to withstand high pressure. Normally used on rotary right angle & random orbital (dual-action ) sanders with velcro back up pads. Primarily automotive; blending & intermediate cutting; cleaning and surface prep; dry grinding or sanding; metalworking; portable grinder or handheld; woodworking; vertical shaft grinder. Learn More
  15. NIKKEN - CAT50-MMC, 8-105U - Coolant Mini-Mini Chuck, VMK08.
    Coolant Mini-Mini Chuck, VMK08. Cat 50 shank type, 9-3/4" overall length. Used. Learn More
  16. Military - 12309303 - Extraction tool. M10-12/99C.
    Extraction tool. M10-12/99C. For AN/MS Series connectors. No. 12 and 16. Military NSN 5120-01-349-0750. Learn More
  17. CANFIELD - SIL-CAN 15 - Silver Brazing Alloys.
    Special Price $4.98 Regular Price $6.50

    CANFIELD - SIL-CAN 15 Silver Brazing Alloy.

    Most widely used and easiest to use silver brazing alloy for copper and copper alloys, combining the highest ductility with the lowest brazing temperatures. It is used when close fit-ups cannot be maintained and is self-fluxing on copper to copper joints. Ideal on air conditioners, radiators, electrical connections, etc. Contains 15% silver. Brazing temperature is 1300 F.

    Melting Temperature: 1195 F - 1470 F

    • Contains 15% silver, 5% phosphorus, remainder
    • Best alloy for filling gaps when close fit-ups cannot be made
    • Highest joint ductility and strength in HVAC-R applications
    • Meets AWS BCuP-5

    Weight 0.6 oz each. 

    Note: All purchasing parties must read and be aware of: 

    Learn More
  18. KINGS - KTH-1000 - Tools. Crimper. Used.
    Tools. Ratchet crimp tool. Interchangeable die frame. For use with 75 Ohm BNC connectors. Used, excellent condition. Complete in manufactures protective case. Rohs compliant. Learn More
  19. HEMPE - 6-411 - Classic wooden hand screw clamp.
    Classic wooden hand screw clamp. Material: Maple with walnut inlay and handles. Limited edition. Numbered classic tool collection. Portable vise. Approximately: 10" x 17". Learn More
  20. Durant / Eaton - 5-T-8-1-AC - Lineal Counter Ratio 1.5:1 w/ Reset
    Special Price $229.98 Regular Price $350.00

    Durant / Eaton - 5-T-8-1-AC - Lineal Counter Ratio 1.5:1 w/ Reset

    Eaton's mechanical totalizers are available in a variety of heavy-duty configurations for applications when power is unavailable.

    Accurate counting without need for power

    5-Digit Lineal Counter, Ratio 1.5:1 with Thumbscrew Reset.

    Black digits with white background

    Dual shaft, top and bottom.

    Base mount


    Dimensions: Height: 1.875 IN, Length: 3.375 IN, Width: 3.6875 IN

    Weight:.5 LB



    Learn More
  21. Cooper Tools - 990063 - Cut-Strip-Wrap Bit, 30 AWG.
    Tools. Wire type OFHC, wire size 30 AWG, min/max terminal diagonal 0.030/0.034", terminal hole depth 1". More info: Learn More
  22. Cooper Tools - 511395 - 30 GAUGE WW insert
    Wire Wrap tool/insert - just over 3" long. Learn More
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