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  1. PORTESCAP - GC26M048A30V - Motor, Stepper. 5V, 10:1 gear box, 4 Phase 6 wire.
    Special Price $14.98 Regular Price $18.95 As low as $10.98

    PORTESCAP - GC26M048A30V Motor, Stepper.

    Tiny 5V miniature, with heavy 10:1 gear box.

    4-Phase 6-wire UniPolar,

    Dimensions:only 1.1" [28mm] x 1.43" [36.2] x 1" [25.4]

    Shaft: 3mm knurled shaft 7.5mm long.

    Mounts on two threaded holes on 30mm centers.

    RoHS Compliant.

    Note: Danaher / Portescap.

    Weight: 1.8 oz.

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  2. DDC - 2467A - Synchro shaft angle data converter
    Synchro shaft angle data converter 10-Bit out Navy-MIL#2509543 21-Pin module with military spec's.Data Device Corp. 5998-010291519 Learn More
  3. Electroswitch - OAK INDUSTRIES - LCE1N-2G09-36-3 - Mechanical Encoder, Rotary. Manual 2 Bit, 9 CY, 36 Position, 700 Series.
    Special Price $6.98 Regular Price $8.50 As low as $5.98

    Electroswitch - OAK INDUSTRIES - LCE1N-2G09-36-3 Encoder, Rotary, 700 Series.

    Electroswitch Electronic Products acquired OakGrigsby. 

    Manual 2 Bit, 9-cycle, 36-Position with detents.

    Gray code.

    Housing material: Plastic, Gray.

    Operating Temperature: -40C to 85C

    Mount: Panel, Threaded-bushing.

    Rotatiopn Life: 50,000 Cycles.

    Max Operting Speed: 30 RPM

    Dimensions: 0.890" (22.6mm) long x 0.830" (21.0 mm) wide plus 3 PC leads x 0.336" (8.5mm) high. Bushing length: (3/3-32), 6.3mm long. Shaft: 0.250" (6.35mm) D x 0.500" (12.7mm) long.

    Note: Marked OAK 700. (0.830" x 0.343").700 encoder

    Additional Information:

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  4. Electroswitch OAK-GRIGSBY INC. - 94Q100-40-00 - Encoder, rotary. Optical. 100PPR, 3,000 RPM Max.
    Special Price $28.98 Regular Price $38.50

    Electroswitch OAK-GRIGSBY INC. - 94Q100-40-00 - Rotary Encoder.

    The 900 Series offers a full line of low cost, rugged optical encoders with incremental output. Well suited for industrial motion and position sensing, their low profile and high resolution also make them ideal for panel mounted applications. A two-channel quadrature code allows the encoder to detect the direction and magnitude of the input motion applied to its shaft.

    Optical. 100PPR, 3,000RPM max. Two channel quadrature output.

    Style 2 Output: NC + A B.

    Mount: panel, 1/2" bushing and 1/4" SS shaft, ball bearing type, spins freely.

    Package: die cast housing, 1" square.

    Standard 4" 4-pin ribbon cable and connector.

    Note: Compact, robust, economical. 100 million+ operations.


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  5. CUTLER-HAMMER - HMCP400W5W - Circuit breaker. 3 Pole 400Amp 600VAC/250VDC.
    Circuit breaker. 3 Pole 400Amp 600VAC/250VDC. Series C. Nema type 3. 3 Pole Mag Trip Range : 1250-2500Amp. Motor protector. Learn More
  6. Cutler-Hammer / Eaton - 8130K20J15V51 - 3 Position DPDT On/Off/On Motor Reversing Rocker Switch 6A 125 VAC
    Special Price $12.98 Regular Price $18.95

    Industrial Cutler-Hammer / Eaton - 8130K20J15V51, DPDT On/Off/On, Center-Off, Motor Reversing Toggle Switch (Already Cross Strapped) Permits usage for Polarity Reversing Motor. Alternate 8951159

    White Rocker Identified FWD & REV, 6A-125VAC, 3Amp 250VAC, 2A-277VAC

    Six (6) 1/4" Quick Connect Male Tabs, Dimension: 1.45" wide x 1.33" x 1.16"

    Panel Mount Fits standard .83 x 1.48 Inch Rectangular opening. Switch secured by included snap-on bezel. 

    Very handy item to have around the shop if you are DYI type. Used for all sorts of DC motor reversing applications such as camper trailer jacks, winch controls for in/out operation, door open closed, liftgate up/down, boat navigation and anchor or Automotive Motor Control.

    This switch can be used when you want to feed (2) loads from 1 or 2 sources. This switch may also be used as a SPDT switch by simply not using 3 of the terminals.

    Made with Pride in USA




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  7. SIEMENS - 3VU1600-1MM00 - Motor starter. Manual 3-phase.
    Motor starter. Manual 3-phase. Adjustable from 10-16A. 240/480V. Learn More
  8. DYNAPAR / DANAHER - 3201001230 - Encoder, rotary. Incremental 100-PPR.

    Encoder, rotary. Incremental 100-PPR. Bidirectional. Power requirements: current sink, TTL, TTL liner driver: 5 - 26VDC at 80mA max. plus load: CMOS line driver: 5 to 15VDC at 80mA max plus load. Output current: open collector: 40mA sink at 0.5V; line driver: 40mA source/sink. Environmentally sealed enclosure. Shaft: 3/8" single ended. 8830 TTL line driver. MS3102E-16S-1P, 7 pin male connector. Note: Qube. Complete with manufactures wiring instructions and guidelines.

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  9. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 140-MN-0060 SER B w/ 140-A11 - Adjustable Current 0.4~0.6A MANUAL MOTOR STARTER
    Special Price $41.95 Regular Price $49.00
    SERIES B 690VAC 0.60A Adjustable 0.4 - 0.6A Current MANUAL MOTOR STARTER AC3 2-push buttons w/ (1) 140-A11 1 N.O & 1 N.C. Auxiliary Switch 8 oz. Learn More
  10. WARNER & SWASEY - 5309-1011 Type 2CW - Optical Encoder 2000-PpR
    Optical Encoder Input-2000PPR Range:400,0006-1/8 " high x 5-1/4" dia. With one 32-Pin (M) panel mt military circular connector 3/8" dia shaft 1-1/8" long (Keyed) RFE-USED Make Us An Offer!!!! Learn More
  11. Square D - Class 8636 - Size 00 Type AO-5 AC Magnetic Starters
    Magnetic Starter Size: 00. 120VAC-coil AC TypeAO-5 SeriesC - Three Phase rating 1.5HP 200-230/380V 2HP 460/575V - are used in full voltage starting and stopping AC squirrel cage motors. Class 8536 Learn More
  12. SIEMENS - 3RV1021-0DA10 - Circuit breaker. Motor starter protector.
    Circuit breaker. Motor starter protector. 3 Pole 0.22 - 0.32 amp. Class 10. Learn More
  13. SIEMENS - 3TF4010E-0A1S - Relay contactor. Coil: 24VAC.
    Relay, AC. Coil: 24VAC Contacts: 3-Pole 20Amp with 1 N.O. auxiliary contact. Mounting: DIN rail. Size: 1.75 x 3.0 x 3.3"H. Weight: 2 lbs. Learn More
  14. Honeywell/Microswitch - FMH1 with FMBA - Over / Under Speed Detector
    FMU1 Speed Detector, FMP1 power supply and FMA Amplifier cards inside the basic FMH1 Proximity Control Module, sitting atop a FMH1 with FMBA / FE-21030 DELTROL CONTROLS 1/6HP-120V / 1/3HP 230VAC Module. No 24VDC Octal Plug-in Relay. Learn More
  15. DYNAPAR / DANAHER - 62-CAEF-1200-A0 - Encoder, rotary. 1200PPR. Double ended.
    Encoder, rotary. 1200PPR. Double ended 1/2" shaft. Dimensions: 3.5" round. Overall 4-1/3" long x 3.5" wide x 4-1/4" high (including shaft). Plus one male military circular connector P/N: MS3102E14S-6P. New. MFG CD: C592907 0007. Date code: 9826. Learn More
  16. CUTLER-HAMMER - HMCP015E0C - Circuit breaker. Motor protection, 3P 15Amp 600VAC 250VDC.
    Circuit breaker. Motor circuit protection 3P 15Amp 600VAC 250VDC. Style 6601C87G05. Push to trip. Eight adjustable trip settings 45 - 150Amps. Mount: Panel. Dimensions: 4-1/8" wide x 6" high x 3-3/4" deep. Used/Removed from equipment. Learn More
  17. BEI - 924-01036-592 - Optical Encoder for hazardous locations
    Optical Encoder for hazardous locations 72mmD. 95mm flange-mount. Double-flatted 0.38" Shaft. Listed UL CUS 56G5. Telemetering Equipment. NEMA 4X and 6. 0-70C Input:5-28VDC 4VA. BEI INDUSTRIAL ENCODER DIVISION H38D-400-AB-7273-SC-UL Learn More
  18. BEI - 924-01070-1003 - Rotary encoder, hollow shaft 1000Cy/Rev

    Express Incremental Rotary encoder. S35F-62-R1-SS-1000-ABZC-7272-SM18 0.625" hollow shaft 1000Cycles/Rev. Electrical: Output: Two chnnels in quadrature. 1,000 cycles/turn. Supply: 5-28VDC 100mA. Complementary outputs. Reverse, overvoltage and short circuit protection. MS-connector. Mech: Shaft Bore: 0.625", with insulating sleeves. Tether Block and pin. Bore Runout: 0.001" T.I.R maximum. Bearings: 52100 SAE High carbon steel. Bearing Housing: Die cast aluminum with protective finish. Cover: Die cast aluminum with protective finish. Bearing Life: 7.5 X 109 revs (50,000 hrs at 2500 RPM) Maximum RPM: 6,000 RPM. Moment of Inertia: 0.019 oz-in-sec2. NEMA 4 & 13 IP65. Weight: 18 oz.

    Learn More
  19. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 845H-SJHZ14-CMY2 - Optical Incremental Encoder.
    Optical Incremental Encoder. Series A. 5VDC 500 CPT. With attached Cannon 10 Pin male circular connector MS3102E18-1P. Complete with manufactures instruction manual. Made in the USA. Learn More
  20. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 845T-DZ53EFW-C - Encoder, optical incremental.
    Encoder, optical incremental. 1024 Resolution. 24VDC in, 5VDC DLD out. Channel A, B and Z. Series A. Mount: square flange. Shaft: 3/8" D. With a CA3102R18-1P 10 Pin flange male connector and mate CA06R18-1S 10 Pos female cable mount. Note: ALT P/N 98301075. Complete with manufactures installation instructions. Made in the USA. Learn More
  21. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 845N-SJHN4-CMY2 - Optical Incremental Encoder.
    Optical Incremental Encoder. Diemsnsions: 64mm with a shaft 9.5mm. Has a 10 Pin MS3102E18-1P male connector. Mount: 3 hole, 42mm apart. Overall: 91mm tall including shaft. Learn More
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