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  1. DYNAPAR / DANAHER - E1103601200 - Encoder, rotary. Incremental 360-PPR.
    Encoder, rotary. Incremental 360-PPR. Input: TTL (+5VDC): 135mA max. CMOS (+12 or +15VDC): 100mA max. Rugged all metal housing. Mount: Servo face, 1/8" stainless steel shaft. 5V STD. Dimensions: 1.1" OD x 1.2" high. 4 Wire plus braid shield. Miniature. Complete with manufactures wiring instructions and guidelines. Learn More
  2. DYNAPAR / DANAHER - 3200100000 - Encoder, Rotary. Dual Shaft 7406 OC.
    Special Price $148.98 Regular Price $200.00

    DYNAPAR / DANAHER - 3200100000 - Encoder, Rotary.

    Dual shaft 7406 OC.

    MFG CD: 867413. DAT CD: 0136.

    Each shaft: 3/8" D.

    Dimensions: 2.25" blue cube with 6-pin male MS connector.

    New Old Stock

    Learn More
  3. DANAHER CONTROLS - 320010100 - Encoder, rotary. 10 Pulse/Rev, 5-26V.
    Encoder, rotary. Bidirectional. 10 Pulse/Rev, 5-26V. Mount: 4 holes = 6/32 UNC-2B threads x 0.187 deep, with 50mm centers. Dimensions: approximately 57mm square x 57mm high. Shaft: 3/8" single ended. 5 Pin male MS connector. Complete with manufactures wiring instructions and guidelines. Qube. Learn More
  4. Danaher Motion - 266-6-0733 - Collar Subassembly Kit 8ST CB6 SKID 6,OBS.
    Special Price $79.89 Regular Price $98.00

    Danaher Motion - Thomson Industries - 266-6-0733

    Collar Subassembly Kit 8ST CB6 SKID 6,OBS.


    Learn More
  5. BEI/DUNCAN - MX21-590 - Rotary Optical Encoder. Incremental.
    Rotary Optical Encoder. Incremental. Insta-Mount. Enclosed, complete with attached 5 conductor shielded cable, single ended. Dimensions: 2.125" D round x 1.045" high with 2 hole mount 1.812" centers. More info: Learn More
  6. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 500F-FOJ930 - Contactor, Size 5, 3-pole, 24VAC coil
    Contactor, Size 5, 3-pole, 24 VAC coil, 270A AC continuous rating, 500 MCM terminals included. Learn More
  7. FILNOR INC. - FH80 1.03-Ohm - Resistor, power. 1.03 Ohm 80Amp.
    Dynamic Braking Stainless Steel Grid Resistor - stamped grid, chomium alloy stainless steel grid resistors - Reliable stainless steel resistor elements and terminals - 8 evenly spaced taps. 26.5x12Tx6-inches. Learn More
  8. Warner Electric - 540-0314 - Armature hub PB/TB-1525 ND.
    Armature hub PB/TB-1525 ND. Approx 4"ID and 9.5"OD. Weight: 9 lbs. More info: Learn More
  9. Square D - LD5LD1SPEC0318 - 3-Phase 63Amp Integral 63 Reversing Contactor
    3-Phase 63Amp NEW Telemecanique - Square D Starter, self protected with options LA1LC010. LA1LC021. LA1LD080BD-24VDC. LD5LD030-switch. Approx 8.7" x 11'D x 8"H. Weighs 21-pounds before packing. NEW Starters, Integral, Self-Protected, Open, 63 Amp Learn More
  10. Square D - 9999SX6 - Auxiliary contact 1NC for size 00-7 starter.
    Contactors. Auxiliary contact 1NC for size 00-7 starter. Series B. Without hardware. Learn More
  11. SIMPSON ELECTRIC - 46001 - Precision Flexible Shaft Coupling
    Special Price $42.98 Regular Price $68.50

    SIMPSON ELECTRIC - 46001 - Precision Flexible Shaft Coupling

    Flexible Shaft Couplings - SE Quadrature Dual Shaft Encoders
    The one-piece flexible coupling connects the shaft of a cube-style encoder to an ancillary equipment shaft without worry of misalignment of rotary frequency. The coupling ensures minimum windup, minimum rotary oscillation, and no hysteresis.

    0.375" - 0.375" ID Black Aluminum

    1" OD x 1.5" long - two Set Screws,

    Proudly Made in USA

    Newark 83F7549

    Learn More
  12. SIEMENS - 3RV1021-1EA10 with 3RT1023-1B - Manual Combination Starter & Motor Control
    SIRIUS 3RV1021-1EA10 2.8-4Amp OVERLOAD RELAY Manual Self-Protected Combination Motor Control WITH SIRIUS 3RA1125-1ED23-1BB4 Fastbus Combination Starter, mounted on FBS2545 3-wire frame. Instr. Ord. No:3ZX1012OHTV02?-1AA1 And 3ZX1012-0RT02-1AA1. 180x45x155mm tall including mount. Learn More
  13. SIEMENS - ED63A005 - 5A 3-Pole I-T-E Motor Circuit Interrupter
    5Amps 600VAC / 250VDC 3-Poles, suitable foir use on single phase. Manual Toggle ON/OFF - Adjustable Instantaneous Trip 1-5Amp. Nominal Instantaneous Trip Settings: H-54 4-46 3-36 2-26 L-16AC Amps only. Instantaneous Magnetic Trip Only. Learn More
  14. Oriental Motors - 2GB18KA - GEAR HEAD 18:1 obsolete
    GEARHEAD for ORIENTAL MOTORS 18:1 New, in box with M4P0.7 cross-recessed head machine screws 13-In-Lb-max Learn More
  15. Oriental Motors - 2GB50KA - GEAR HEAD 50:1
    Parallel Shaft Gearhead for use with a wide variety of motors. Learn More
  16. Oriental Motors - 0GN30KA - GEAR HEAD 30:1 Small 42mm square
    1.65" [42mm square] for GN-type pinion shaft motors. Ball Bearing - GN gearhead Parallel Shaft (30:1) - Parallel Shaft Gearhead for use with a wide variety of motors. Learn More
  17. Oriental Motors - 6GK90K - GearBox 105mm sq 3~9 50~180 Reduction Ratio
    Motors, special. Gear head with bolts. Dimensions: gear head - 105mm square. 3~9 and 50~180 Reduction Ratio when same direction as motor. 1 : 12.5~36 when opposite direction to motor. Weight: 3.2-lbs. Learn More
  18. Litton - VNB11-17P4 - Rotary shaft encoder.
    Rotary shaft encoder. Includes report of acceptance tests, For S/N 74586. Dimensions: 27mm D x 67mm plus 8.8mm long 3.3mm shaft with 34 teflon leads 37" long. No other data available. S/N 74590. New. Learn More
  19. Litton - MD20-10X2/3820 - Potentiometer, 14.4 Deg CW Rotation.
    Potentiometer. Resistance: 5K Ohm (1st) section, 20K Ohm (2nd) section. dissipation: 1 watt. Marked: Rotary actuator travel in angular degrees: 3116. (about 8.65 rotations) CUP-A. Cylindrical servo mount, 6 wire leads. Dimensions: 1.813" (46.0mm) D x 1.993" (50.6mm) high. Single shaft: slotted, 0.125" (3.1mm) D x 0.442" (11.2mm) long (plus 2.0mm seat). Note: Resistor, variable, Wirewound, Precision. Military NSN 5905-00-769-4626. Learn More
  20. Lectron - G50 - 460V 8A 5HP Motor Control
    460V 3-Ph 60Hz 8-FLAmps 5HP Adjustments: T90-400%FLA Initial Current - T290-400%FLA Current Limit - 0-2Sec Starting Pulse - 30-2Sec Acc Time - Econ-O-Mizer On/Off - 50-400%FLA Current Trip Used, with Lectron Current Calibrator module and MOV505. 6.5" x 5" x 5.4" high Solid State Motor Control. Learn More
  21. HAROWE SERVO CONTROLS - 11BRCT-300-P-58D - Harowe - Series 11 Resolver.
    Motor, servo. Harosyn 5 speed, 2500Hz. Rotor: 1 phase (output) 4.68V. Stator: 2 phase (input) 12V 1.4mA. 6-wire leads. Size: 1.0"D x 1.65"L plus shaft with flat 0.12"D x 0.3"L. Reliable in harsh environments, brushless construction. Ideal mate for brushless servo motors, excellent angular accuracy & repeatability. Learn More
  22. General Electric - CR123C466A - Heaters motor starter 4.43 - 4.87A
    Motor starter heaters for magnetic starters, full voltage. Maximum motor full load amperes 4.43 - 4.87 Learn More
  23. GENERAL ELECTRIC - QC2IGA ASTAT - 7.5HP Reduced Voltage Motor Starter
    ASTAT�-CD Plus solid state reduced voltage starters (also referred to as Soft Starters) provide smooth, stepless acceleration/deceleration of AC squirrel-cage induction motors from zero to full speed over an adjustable time period. ASTAT�-CD Plus starters are supplied with 120/240 VAC (50/60Hz) control power input. Learn More
    AUX CONTACT Kit 1NO / 1NC For series CR305-308 NEMA 1&2 CAUTION: Before installing in a Nuclear application, determine that the product is intended for such use. This message brought to you by GE - we bring good things to life. Learn More
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