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  1. SANYO DENKI - P60B13200LCX2C - 3.1kW 3000-RPM BL Super Servo Motor
    Special Price $299.95 Regular Price $599.00

    BL Super SERVO MOTOR 3.1KW 3,000-RPM 0.40" [10mm] dia mounting holes on 4.55" [115mm] centers. 135mm square face about 193mm long including 8.9mm dia shaft for encoder - Available With or WithOut encoder. 19.5mm dia knurled shaft 45mm long. Weighs 25-pounds without encoder or packaging.

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  2. EMERSON - BLM6210-4 - 460V 3000RPM Brushless 150Hz 210-Lb-In
    Motor, servo. Supply: 460V. Speed: 3000RPM. Torque: Stall Cont: 13.6 Reg Amp 210-Lb-In. Stall Peak: 23 Reg Amp 390-Lb-In. K-B: 114V/KRPM.. Note: Brushless 150Hz. Class:55C Ser 96L624E-97 Large Black motor with Pulley - Excellent condition. Learn More
  3. GOULD - M33Y-SNRY-Y004-1B - 24VDC 10hp 195 Lb-In PM SERVO MOTOR=NEW
    24V 10HP 195 Lb-In PERM-MAGNET SERVO MOTOR Slightly Used but appears in good condition - Brushless Resolver type Feedback - this motor was probably rated to 3,000 RPM using a 250V 20A drive - Motor Dia is 7-inches x 12" long -Shaft is 1.25"keyed and 2-11/32"long - BACK EMF Ke 70.4V/KRPM - TORQUE CONSTANT Kt 10.3 Lb-In/Amp - 16.2Amp STALL CURRENT - Connection Diagram 497-302-0077 - Outline Dwg 497-206-0097 Learn More
  4. SANYO DENKI - 45BM007HBC90 - Motor, Servo. Speed: 3000 RPM 0.2kW
    Motor, Servo. Speed: 3000 RPM. HP: 0.2kW. Wire count: Two cables to motor, 2-cond and 4-conductor. Mech. Mtg.: 4-hole mount 2.5"spacing. Shaft Dimensions: 0.46" / 11.6mm keyed shaft 1"L, with key. Weight: 9 lbs. Note: Servo Motor with holding brake and Encoder. Long flexible rubber cable with 16-pin Honda M connector from MRE-256SP052FSS Encoder.. Learn More
  5. MTS AUTOMATION - MPM892BSG6JY1N - 1HP 230V 3-Ph 3000RPM Servo Motor
    Motor, Servo. Supply: 230V 3-Phase. Current: 2.6A-rms/Phase Rating: Intermittant 3Ph, S9, Class F. Speed: 3,000 RPM max. HP: 1.05. Wire count: 2 MS connectors. Body Dimensions: 3.35"square x 10"L . Shaft: 0.50"D keyed shaft 1.1"L. 10 lbs. Note: EN60034-1; IEC 664-1(1992) MTS AUTOMATION Made in Germany by Antriebstechnik GmbH. Learn More
  6. KG - Japan - TS3326NE14 - 135W AC Servo 3.3kg-cm
    135W AC Servo Torque 3.3kg-cm 2.27"D x 4.9"L plus 0.40"D splined shaft 0.6"L Mounts with two threaded holes 2.325" 60mm spacing. Has two 33" cables terminating in a 10-pin Male plug, with mating 10-pin panel mount receptacle, new - probably spares for a machine. weighs 2.8 pounds Learn More
  7. KG - Japan - TS3325NE14 - 60W 1.14kg-cm AC Servo Motor
    60W 1.14kg 1.66"OD x 4.5"L plus 8mm 0.315" splined Shaft 0.5"LongHas two 33" long cables to a 10-pin connector With mating receptacle, new. weighs 1.7pounds Learn More
  8. KG - Japan - TS3327NE11 - AC SERVO MOTOR 205W 10-pin
    2.28"d x 6.5"L 0.388"/9.8mm spline shaft 0.45"L New with long cable to 10-pin Male circular connector and mating panel mount SRON2A21-10S socket. 3.67-pounds Mounts with two threaded holes 0.192"ID 2.35"spacing. Learn More
  9. ASSL / AEG - MS43E-11C0-000 - PM AC ServoMotor 1.9Kwatt 330V 9A 6000-RPM

    PM AC Servo Motor S1-1.9Kwatt 330V 9.1Amp 6000-RPM 4.5" square x 1.75"LSensor - Resolver Brake 12 Nm 24V 0.75Amp S/N 97/12225 Manuf in Ireland 0.75" keyed shaft 1.5" long 8-pin and 12-pin Male connectors. heavy duty.

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  10. Advanced Digital - SS604A - Servo Amplifier "Simple Servo"
    Servo Motor Amplifier, including TB506 25-pin controller, TB504 15-pin encoder feedback, TB505 9-pin programming port, TB502 15-pin controller I/O, TB501 5-pin power I/O connectors. This has the wiring connections for TB501 and TB506. Instrument marked 4 Amps continuous. Advanced Digital. Learn More
  11. SUPERIOR ELECTRIC CO. - 131852-003 - Slo-Syn Inertial Flywheel
    Slo-Syn Inertial Flywheel. Dimensions: 3.99" D x 1.78" deep. For 0.35" shaft. Weight: 3.918 lbs. Learn More
  12. KG - Japan - TS3324N E14 - Motor, servo. AC. 40 Watt.
    Special Price $98.98 Regular Price $150.00

    KG - Japan - TS3324N E14 - Motor, Servo. AC.

    40 Watt.


    Shaft: 8-mm Spline Shaft.

    Dimensions: 43mm D x 106mm long, including shaft.

    Mounts with two threaded holes 47mm apart with 32" cables and plug to mate with JAE SRCN2A21-10S, included.


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  13. EMERSON - DXE340C - Motor, Servo. Supply: 240V 3-Phase Brushless
    Motor, Servo. Supply: 240V 3-Phase Brushless. Current: 4.0A. Speed: 4.000 RPM 0.57kW. 0.76 HP. Wire count: Two MS connectors. Mech. Mtg.: 4-hole 0.22"ID 2.74"spacing. Body Dimensions: 3.324" square x 7.36"L plus keyed shaft. 8 lbs Learn More
  14. Compumotor Corp - CPLX67-120 - ServoMotor - Dual shaft.
    Motors, servo. Dual shaft. Mounted on a plate, has a bit of white "stuff" on it . Dimensions: 6.75" long, motor is 2.25" D. Sold as is. Learn More
  15. CONTROL TECHNIQUES WORLDWIDE - DXM4120WB - Motor, servo. Supply: 3PH 240V 16A.
    Motor, servo. Supply: 240V 16A 3-Phase Brushless. Speed: 3000 RPM. HP: 4.25. Wire count: internal connections. 960129-11A4 Class: F. UL-E171950. Used. Learn More
  16. HAROWE SERVO CONTROLS - 11BRCT-300-P-58D - Harowe - Series 11 Resolver.
    Motor, servo. Harosyn 5 speed, 2500Hz. Rotor: 1 phase (output) 4.68V. Stator: 2 phase (input) 12V 1.4mA. 6-wire leads. Size: 1.0"D x 1.65"L plus shaft with flat 0.12"D x 0.3"L. Reliable in harsh environments, brushless construction. Ideal mate for brushless servo motors, excellent angular accuracy & repeatability. Learn More
  17. Elwood Getty High Performance - 121-087-201 - Motor, servo. 4HP PM AC. 230/3Ph w/ brake.
    Motor, servo. 4HP PM AC. 3PH 230V18.6A 3.06kW, 2500-RPM, 4000-max. Stall: 164.6-Lb-In. Brake Stall: 175-Lb-In. IP66 TENV. Elwood Getty High Performance Motors. Dimensions: 6"sq x 19" long. Has a one-inch round shaft 2" long. Insul:H E147863 L:L Res 0.23-Ohm 40C. Learn More
  18. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 155286 - Motor, servo AC. CATALOG #1326AB-B410G-21

    Motor, servo AC. Output: 1 KV at 40 Deg C. Stall torque: 2.72/24 Nm / LB IN 40 Deg C. RMS Amperes: 2.44 at 40 Deg C. 5000 RPM at 40 Deg C. Resistance: 15.570 Ohm at 25 Deg C. Cat No: 1326AB-B410G-21.

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