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  1. Hankscraft Motors - MotorOne - Motor. 6VDC 4RPM. 2 wire. Reversible. New.
    Motor. 6VDC 4RPM. 2 wire. Reversible. Housing: plastic, black. Mount: panel. Dimensions: 1.776" D x 2.029" high. Overall with two mount feet 2.448" D, at 2" centers. Shaft half/flattened 0.138" D, (1/8" D), (3.5mm D), x 0.720" (18.2mm) long, plus shaft seat 1/8". New. Note: No actual manufactures part numbers marked on motor body. Hankscraft Motors Reedsburg WI USA. Learn More
  2. JOHNSON ELECTRIC - C4557-60003 / HC615LG - Motor, DC. Reversible PM 6-18VDC.
    Special Price $6.98 Regular Price $14.98 As low as $4.98

    Johnson Electric is World Leader in Micro Motors, Reversible PM 6-18VDC Motor, 100mA, 3500 RPM no load. Torque constant: 49.4 m/Nm/Amp. Dy. Res: 6.84 ohms. Motor Regulation: 28 RPM/m-NmTorque: 126m-Nm 2.63Amp at stall. Maximum efficiency: 68%. Torque: 20m-Nm, speed: 2944RPM, current: 0.51Amp, output: 6.17 watts. Maximum power: Torque: 62m-Nm, speed: 1753RPM, current 1.37A. Output: 11.47 watt. Shaft Length: 11mm 0.435", shaft diameter: 3.1mm 0.125". Has an attached pulley: 10mm 0.39" inside diameter x 4.6mm 0.18" inside length. Motor: 38mm 1.495" D x 83mm 3.27" long overall. Rotation: clockwise when viewed from shaft output end with positive applied to positive. Weight: 8 oz. Can also be used as a Generator and operated in either direction. Two threaded (M3 x 0.5) mounting holes on a 25 mm diameter.  Used in numerous HP Printer/Copiers Note: Permanent magnet design allows use as generator.  

    Compatible Printers:

    HP deskjet 812c c6411e
    HP Deskjet 840c Printer
    HP Deskjet 840c Printer
    HP color copier 170
    HP color copier 270
    HP color copier 160
    HP color copier 260
    HP officejet g series
    HP officejet g95 all-in-one printer
    HP color copier 190
    HP DeskJet 720C Printer
    HP DeskJet 722C Printer
    HP deskjet 710c printer
    HP deskjet 880c printer
    HP DeskJet 895Cxi Printer
    HP DeskJet 895Cse Printer
    HP DeskJet 810C Printer
    HP DeskJet 812C Printer
    HP DeskJet 815C Printer
    HP DeskJet 830C Printer
    HP DeskJet 832C Printer
    HP DeskJet 840C Printer
    HP DeskJet 843C Printer
    HP DeskJet 843Cxe Printer
    HP DeskJet 930C Printer
    HP DeskJet 950C Printer
    HP DeskJet 952C Printer
    HP deskjet 970cxi printer
    HP deskjet 970cse printer
    HP DeskJet 955C Printer
    HP officejet t45 all-in-one printer
    HP officejet t45xi all-in-one printer
    HP officejet t65 all-in-one printer
    HP officejet t65xi all-in-one printer
    HP officejet r40 all-in-one printer
    HP C6683A multifunctional printer
    HP C6684A multifunctional printer
    HP C6687A multifunctional printer
    HP officejet r40 bulk unit
    HP C6689A multifunctional printer
    HP officejet r45 all-in-one printer
    HP officejet r65 all-in-one printer
    HP officejet g55 all-in-one printer
    HP officejet g85 all-in-one printer
    HP officejet g55xi all-in-one printer
    HP officejet g85xi all-in-one printer
    HP officejet g95 all-in-one printer
    HP Color Copier 290 printer
    HP officejet k60 all-in-one printer
    HP OfficeJet K60xi Print/Fax/Copy/Scan
    HP officejet k80 all-in-one printer
    HP officejet k80xi all-in-one printer
    HP psc 500/500xi all-in-one printer
    HP psc 500/500xi all-in-one printer
    HP DeskJet 841C Printer
    HP deskjet 6620 color inkjet printer
    HP DeskJet 6620 Color InkJet Printer
    HP DeskJet 6623 Color InkJet Printer
    HP DeskJet 6628 Color InkJet Printer
    HP DeskJet 6620XI Color InkJet Printer
    (also compatible with other models and brands)
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  3. MERKLE-KORFF - EYQM-63264-15-2 - Motor, PM. 12VDC reversible, 8400RPM.
    Motor, PM. Ratings: 12VDC reversible, 8400RPM no load. Works on 2V and above 1.2"OD x 2.75" with magnetic tachometer 5500rpm under a light load. Tc: 1.6 oz-in. Ts: 7 oz-in. Kt:1.94 oz-in/A Po 7.7W Rt:4.65-OHM. No info on the tachometer. Motors are marked S0878B. Weight: 5 oz. Note: Some may have a 7.7mm brass gear with 8 teeth. Learn More
  4. ESCAP - 23-D-21-213-B2X2 - Motor, DC. Supply: 1-36VDC.

    Motor, DC. Supply: 1-36VDC. Speed: 100 to 12000. Mech. Mtg: Two holes for the motor and six holes/pins for feedback information. Body Dimensions: 23mm D x 60mm, plus shaft - 3mm D x 20mm long. Note: Precision DC Motor & Tachometer. Specification sheet available.

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  5. REGAL - DE-25L-0001 KP63MT014 - Motors, AC/DC. Universal 120V, high speed.
    Motors, AC/DC. Universal 120V, high speed. Works at 12V+ approximately 150RPM, 12V 200mA AC with bridge rectifier or DC reversible. Learn More
  6. Minimotor SA - 8-334 - Four precision DC Mini-Motor assembly.

    Motors, DC. Precision cassette drive assembly. Used. Older with four Swiss & German made motors: German 330/5055-150 22mm OD x 46mm. 330/507-150 22mm OD x 46mm including 2mm dia shaft. 330-509 22mm OD x 43mm. And a 16mm geared Swiss Model 050/0055-095-485.1 200cmp MiniMotor SA 42mm Long with the 2mm shaft. All permanent magnet and reversible. You dis-assemble.

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  7. JOHNSON - 1342284 - HF213LG - Motor, PM DC reversible 9-15VDC.
    Special Price $4.98 Regular Price $6.98

    Motor, PM DC, 9-15V reversible. Draws about 100mA, no load. The EMI filter is completely insulated. Unloaded speed: 9VDC 750RPM - 12VDC 1250 RPM - 15VDC 2000RPM. Dimensions: 18mm x 23.3mm x 51mmL (including shaft 7.5mm length / 1.9mm dia.) Weight: 9 oz.

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  8. ESCAP - PL-11-219-119 Series28 - Motor, DC. Supply: 3VDC 50mA.
    Motor, DC. Supply: 3VDC 50mA. Body Dimensions: 28mm OD each motor. Assembly: 6 x 5 x 3". Note: Data cassette drive. Pair of precision motors. Series: 28. MFE 250BA 10-IPS 8000-BPS. Learn More
  9. Buehler - - Motor, DC PM. Supply: 3-24VDC.
    Motor, DC PM. Supply: 3-24VDC. Wire count: 23 inch twisted pair leads. Body Dimensions: 1.58"D x 4.16"Long overall. Shaft Dimensions: 3.9mm shaft and attached pulley 0.32"ID. Note: 19.1VDC Reversable High-efficiency Motor. 50-100mA. 3140-0858. Learn More
  10. Buehler / Bühler - MPI 77671273, 13.65.36 - Precision Motors, Permanent Magnet DC. 6-24VDC, with Tach Output.
    Special Price $16.98 Regular Price $26.95

    Buehler MPI 77671273, 13-65-36 Precision Motor, DC.

    Bühler /Bühler Motor is one of the pioneering ma­nufacturers of small brushed DC motors and electronically-commutated (EC), brushless motors. Bueler Motto - Fast Forward in all areas.

    High speed Permanent Magnet motors 6-24VDC, with Tachometer Output.

    Heavy Duty Precision Manufactured for low noise and vibration.

    Dynamic Parameters attached -Runs extremely well on 12 VDC 

    Reliable Precision Ball Bearing Design

    Removable plastic boot for enhanced insulation.

    Disc drive replacement 10,000 RPM MAX. 2-IN-OZ.

    Dimensions: 1.38" D x 2.7" long, with 10 mm pulley on shaft.

    Bi-Directional - Run in either direction.

    Also useful as generator/wind speed indicator anemometer and science fair projects. 

    As a generator the voltage increases with speed.

    Sinusoidal Encoder output 11.0 VAC - 850 Hz @ 12 VDC input

    4 pin female plug 

    Pulley dimensions .25" X .39" (10 MM) 

    Size 56x33MM,

    Quality Motor/Generator also used on Tandon Disk Drives.

    Potential applications include process automation, robotics, small CNC systems or general electronic motion projects.

    Weight: approximately 5.5 Ounces/160 Grams.

    Made in USA

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  11. Buehler - 507104 series - Motor, DC. Supply: 6 - 24VDC 200-300mA.

    Motor, DC. Supply: 6 - 24VDC 200-300mA. Torque: relatively high. Direction: Reversible by switching polarity. Wire count: Two 16" long wires with connector. Body Dimensions: 40mmD x 64mmL. Shaft Dimensions: 4mm shaft 19mm long and flattened shaft 20mm long. Weight: 9 oz.

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  12. MABUCHI - RS-85 - Motor, DC. Reversible 6VDC 2Amp 7600RPM.
    Motor, DC. Reversible 6VDC 2Amp 7600RPM. Dimensions: 1.85" OD; length 2.75"; shaft 0.60". With wire leads. Note: RS-85 Series. Learn More
  13. Honeywell/Microswitch - 33VM82-020-11 - 24VDC Control Motor with Tach
    24VDC Control Motor 5.7Oz-In/Amp Torque Constant. Rotor Inertia: 60 Oz-In-Sec*Sec 6.6Amps RMS. Terminal Resistance 85-Ohms. 4"OD x 6.4" long including DC ANALOG TACHOMETER: Voltage Constant: 2.5V/KRPM. Terminal Res: 50-Ohms. Voltage Ripple: 1.5% P-P with 0.5" Dia shaft with 1.6" dia rubber? wheel. Learn More
  14. Unidentified MFG - 30701 - Motor, DC. 1-3VDC. Hi Torque.

    High torque DC motor. 1-3VDC, 15,500-RPM, approximately 1 Amp. Dual shaft 2.3mm 15mm long. ReversIble PM. Dimensions: 27.5mm/1.08" OD x 1.47" long excluding shafts. Relatively high torque.

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  15. MAXON - 46.032.032-22.00-125 - 0.5-12, 24VDC? PM MagicMotor 32mm dia
    BEAUTIFUL HIGH TORQUE, VERY HIGH EFFICIENCY small DC Motor. Started turning at less than a Volt ! APPROX 25RPM at 6VDC (nobody has a watch anymore) 32mm dia x 113mm long plus 17mm long shaft w/flat 6mm diameter. Learn More
  16. Leeson - C4T34DC1B - C4T34DC1B 3 Phase motor
    1/2HP 3450/2850RPM JS56C.DP 208-230 volts 60/50 HZ cont duty Learn More
  17. KOLLMORGEN - 00-00917-050 U9M4/U6T - Type U9M4/U6T with PMI U6 Tachometer
    Motor. Type U9M4/U6T with PMI U6 Tachometer. Dimensions: 4.4" D x almost 6" long. Has 1.5"dia attachment to large shaft. 2-wires to motor, two-wires to TachoMeter. 3/4HP Learn More
  18. JOHNSON - HC315XLG - Motor, DC. Reversible PM 6-24VDC.
    Motor, DC. Reversible PM 6-24VDC. Miniature, 0.09" shaft, 0.60" long with removable brass gear. Dimensions: 1.14" OD x 2.12" long with bushing, plus 0.6" long shaft. Note: PM = Permanent magnet. Learn More
  19. ESCAP - 26 C28 210 1 - Motor, DC. Precision PM DC.
    Motor, DC. Precision PM DC. Made for Gould Brush Chart Recorders C282101. Dimensions: 1.022" OD x 1.230" high. Shaft: 0.079" (2.0mm) D x 0.379" (9.6mm) long). Seated 0.560" (11.7mm) long, from body. 2 Wire, 4.5" long. Learn More
  20. Barber Coleman - CYQM-23360-3-4 - Motor, DC. 24VDC 4750RPM. Reversible.
    Motor, DC. 24VDC 4750RPM. Reversible. 2 Wire output of about 24VAC at full speed which could be used a tachometer. Dimensions: 2" OD x 3.03" long including shaft 0.125" D. Learn More
  21. Fincor - 5002441 - Motor, DC. Supply: 180VDC 1/3HP
    Motor, DC. Supply: 180VDC. Current: 2.1A-Armature, PM-Field. Speed: 1725 RPM. 1/3 HP. Frame Size: TENV. Note: Class:F Continuous duty. Used, has pulley attached. 9303318TN. Fincor. Note: The motor's length from one end to the end of the shaft is 17-inches. The motor's diameter is approximately 5-inches. The mounting centers are 8-inchess (lengthwise) 8-1/4-iches widthwise. Learn More
  22. Reliance Electric - T56H1033T-NR - 180VDC 1HP TENV Motor
  23. PITTMAN - MT8312E721 - Motor, DC. 24VDC.
    Motor, DC. 24VDC. Dimensions: 1.18" D x 3.9" long plus shaft 0.162" D x 0.490" long. Learn More
  24. PITTMAN - MT9423C849 - Motor, DC. 24VDC.
    Motor, DC. 24VDC. Motor with shaft measures 1-5/8" D x 4 3/8" long. Learn More
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