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  1. Hankscraft Motors - MotorOne - Motor. 6VDC 4RPM. 2 wire. Reversible. New.
    Motor. 6VDC 4RPM. 2 wire. Reversible. Housing: plastic, black. Mount: panel. Dimensions: 1.776" D x 2.029" high. Overall with two mount feet 2.448" D, at 2" centers. Shaft half/flattened 0.138" D, (1/8" D), (3.5mm D), x 0.720" (18.2mm) long, plus shaft seat 1/8". New. Note: No actual manufactures part numbers marked on motor body. Hankscraft Motors Reedsburg WI USA. Learn More
  2. JOHNSON ELECTRIC - C4557-60003 / HC615LG - Motor, DC. Reversible PM 6-18VDC.
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    Johnson Electric is World Leader in Micro Motors, Reversible PM 6-18VDC Motor, 100mA, 3500 RPM no load. Torque constant: 49.4 m/Nm/Amp. Dy. Res: 6.84 ohms. Motor Regulation: 28RPM/m-NmTorque: 126m-Nm 2.63Amp at stall. Maximum efficiency: 68%. Torque: 20m-Nm, speed: 2944RPM, current: 0.51Amp, output: 6.17 watts. Maximum power: Torque: 62m-Nm, speed: 1753RPM, current 1.37A. Output: 11.47 watt. Shaft Length: 11mm 0.435", shaft diameter: 3.1mm 0.125". Has an attached pulley: 10mm 0.39" inside diameter x 4.6mm 0.18" inside length. Motor: 38mm 1.495" D x 83mm 3.27" long overall. Rotation: clockwise when viewed from shaft output end with positive applied to positive. Weight: 8 oz. Can also be used as a Generator and operated in either direction. Two threaded (M3 x 0.5) mounting holes on a 25 mm diameter.  Used in numerous HP Printer/Copiers Note: Permanent magnet design allows use as generator.  

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  3. MERKLE-KORFF - EYQM-63264-15-2 - Motor, PM. 12VDC reversible, 8400RPM.
    Motor, PM. Ratings: 12VDC reversible, 8400RPM no load. Works on 2V and above 1.2"OD x 2.75" with magnetic tachometer 5500rpm under a light load. Tc: 1.6 oz-in. Ts: 7 oz-in. Kt:1.94 oz-in/A Po 7.7W Rt:4.65-OHM. No info on the tachometer. Motors are marked S0878B. Weight: 5 oz. Note: Some may have a 7.7mm brass gear with 8 teeth. Learn More
  4. ESCAP - 23-D-21-213-B2X2 - Motor, DC. Supply: 1-36VDC.

    Motor, DC. Supply: 1-36VDC. Speed: 100 to 12000. Mech. Mtg: Two holes for the motor and six holes/pins for feedback information. Body Dimensions: 23mm D x 60mm, plus shaft - 3mm D x 20mm long. Note: Precision DC Motor & Tachometer. Specification sheet available.

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  5. REGAL - DE-25L-0001 KP63MT014 - Motors, AC/DC. Universal 120V, high speed.
    Motors, AC/DC. Universal 120V, high speed. Works at 12V+ approximately 150RPM, 12V 200mA AC with bridge rectifier or DC reversible. Learn More
  6. Minimotor SA - 8-334 - Four precision DC Mini-Motor assembly.

    Motors, DC. Precision cassette drive assembly. Used. Older with four Swiss & German made motors: German 330/5055-150 22mm OD x 46mm. 330/507-150 22mm OD x 46mm including 2mm dia shaft. 330-509 22mm OD x 43mm. And a 16mm geared Swiss Model 050/0055-095-485.1 200cmp MiniMotor SA 42mm Long with the 2mm shaft. All permanent magnet and reversible. You dis-assemble.

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  7. JOHNSON - 1342284 - Motor, PM DC reversible 9-15VDC.
    Motor, PM DC, 9-15V reversible. Draws about 100mA 120VAC, no load. The EMI filter is completely insulated. Unloaded speed: 9VDC 750RPM - 12VDC 1250RPM - 15VDC 2000RPM. Dimensions: 18mm x 23.3mm x 51mmL (including shaft 7.5mm length / 1.9mm dia.) Weight: 9 oz. Learn More
  8. ESCAP - PL-11-219-119 Series28 - Motor, DC. Supply: 3VDC 50mA.
    Motor, DC. Supply: 3VDC 50mA. Body Dimensions: 28mm OD each motor. Assembly: 6 x 5 x 3". Note: Data cassette drive. Pair of precision motors. Series: 28. MFE 250BA 10-IPS 8000-BPS. Learn More
  9. Buehler - - Motor, DC PM. Supply: 3-24VDC.
    Motor, DC PM. Supply: 3-24VDC. Wire count: 23 inch twisted pair leads. Body Dimensions: 1.58"D x 4.16"Long overall. Shaft Dimensions: 3.9mm shaft and attached pulley 0.32"ID. Note: 19.1VDC Reversable High-efficiency Motor. 50-100mA. 3140-0858. Learn More
  10. Buehler - MPI 77671273 / 13.65.36 - Motors, DC. 6-24VDC, tach output.
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    Motors, DC. High speed permanent magnet motors 6-24VDC, tach output. Disc drive replacement 10,000 RPM MAX. 2-IN-OZ. Dimensions: 1.38" D x 2.7" long, with pulley on shaft. Also useful as generator / wind speed indicator anemometerand science fair projects.  Size 56x33MM, Quality Motor/Generator also used on Tandon Disk Drives. Weight: approximately 5.5 Unces/160 Grams.

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  11. Buehler - 507104 series - Motor, DC. Supply: 6 - 24VDC 200-300mA.

    Motor, DC. Supply: 6 - 24VDC 200-300mA. Torque: relatively high. Direction: Reversible by switching polarity. Wire count: Two 16" long wires with connector. Body Dimensions: 40mmD x 64mmL. Shaft Dimensions: 4mm shaft 19mm long and flattened shaft 20mm long. Weight: 9 oz.

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  12. MABUCHI - RS-85 - Motor, DC. Reversible 6VDC 2Amp 7600RPM.
    Motor, DC. Reversible 6VDC 2Amp 7600RPM. Dimensions: 1.85" OD; length 2.75"; shaft 0.60". With wire leads. Note: RS-85 Series. Learn More
  13. Honeywell/Microswitch - 33VM82-020-11 - 24VDC Control Motor with Tach
    24VDC Control Motor 5.7Oz-In/Amp Torque Constant. Rotor Inertia: 60 Oz-In-Sec*Sec 6.6Amps RMS. Terminal Resistance 85-Ohms. 4"OD x 6.4" long including DC ANALOG TACHOMETER: Voltage Constant: 2.5V/KRPM. Terminal Res: 50-Ohms. Voltage Ripple: 1.5% P-P with 0.5" Dia shaft with 1.6" dia rubber? wheel. Learn More
  14. UNMARKED - 30701 - Motor, DC. 1-3VDC. Hi Torque.

    High torque DC motor. 1-3VDC, 15,500-RPM, approximately 1 Amp. Dual shaft 2.3mm 15mm long. ReversIble PM. Dimensions: 27.5mm/1.08" OD x 1.47" long excluding shafts. Relatively high torque.

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  15. MAXON - 46.032.032-22.00-125 - 0.5-12, 24VDC? PM MagicMotor 32mm dia
    BEAUTIFUL HIGH TORQUE, VERY HIGH EFFICIENCY small DC Motor. Started turning at less than a Volt ! APPROX 25RPM at 6VDC (nobody has a watch anymore) 32mm dia x 113mm long plus 17mm long shaft w/flat 6mm diameter. Learn More
  16. Leeson - C4T34DC1B - C4T34DC1B 3 Phase motor
    1/2HP 3450/2850RPM JS56C.DP 208-230 volts 60/50 HZ cont duty Learn More
  17. KOLLMORGEN - 00-00917-050 U9M4/U6T - Type U9M4/U6T with PMI U6 Tachometer
    Motor. Type U9M4/U6T with PMI U6 Tachometer. Dimensions: 4.4" D x almost 6" long. Has 1.5"dia attachment to large shaft. 2-wires to motor, two-wires to TachoMeter. 3/4HP Learn More
  18. JOHNSON - HC315XLG - Motor, DC. Reversible PM 6-24VDC.
    Motor, DC. Reversible PM 6-24VDC. Miniature, 0.09" shaft, 0.60" long with removable brass gear. Dimensions: 1.14" OD x 2.12" long with bushing, plus 0.6" long shaft. Note: PM = Permanent magnet. Learn More
  19. ESCAP - 26 C28 210 1 - Motor, DC. Precision PM DC.
    Motor, DC. Precision PM DC. Made for Gould Brush Chart Recorders C282101. Dimensions: 1.022" OD x 1.230" high. Shaft: 0.079" (2.0mm) D x 0.379" (9.6mm) long). Seated 0.560" (11.7mm) long, from body. 2 Wire, 4.5" long. Learn More
  20. Barber Coleman - CYQM-23360-3-4 - Motor, DC. 24VDC 4750RPM. Reversible.
    Motor, DC. 24VDC 4750RPM. Reversible. 2 Wire output of about 24VAC at full speed which could be used a tachometer. Dimensions: 2" OD x 3.03" long including shaft 0.125" D. Learn More
  21. Fincor - 5002441 - Motor, DC. Supply: 180VDC 1/3HP
    Motor, DC. Supply: 180VDC. Current: 2.1A-Armature, PM-Field. Speed: 1725 RPM. 1/3 HP. Frame Size: TENV. Note: Class:F Continuous duty. Used, has pulley attached. 9303318TN. Fincor. Note: The motor's length from one end to the end of the shaft is 17-inches. The motor's diameter is approximately 5-inches. The mounting centers are 8-inchess (lengthwise) 8-1/4-iches widthwise. Learn More
  22. Reliance Electric - T56H1033T-NR - 180VDC 1HP TENV Motor
  23. PITTMAN - MT8312E721 - Motor, DC. 24VDC.
    Motor, DC. 24VDC. Dimensions: 1.18" D x 3.9" long plus shaft 0.162" D x 0.490" long. Learn More
  24. PITTMAN - MT9423C849 - Motor, DC. 24VDC.
    Motor, DC. 24VDC. Motor with shaft measures 1-5/8" D x 4 3/8" long. Learn More
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