Miniature Electric Motors

Electronic Surplus distributes miniature electric AC and DC motors. Depending on the powered needed to operate your equipment, you’ll want to decide which miniature electric motor works best for your needs. For instance, an AC motor replacement is ideal for someone who requires a powerful source of energy for an extended period of time. On the other hand, a DC motor is essential for those who need to adjust the level of power more regularly.  

If you’re unsure which small electric motor for sale is right for your needs, contact us. We’d be more than happy to discuss it with you. If you already know what suits your needs, take a look at our selection of surplus motors below.

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  1. EMERSON - BLM6210-4 - 460V 3000RPM Brushless 150Hz 210-Lb-In
    Motor, servo. Supply: 460V. Speed: 3000RPM. Torque: Stall Cont: 13.6 Reg Amp 210-Lb-In. Stall Peak: 23 Reg Amp 390-Lb-In. K-B: 114V/KRPM.. Note: Brushless 150Hz. Class:55C Ser 96L624E-97 Large Black motor with Pulley - Excellent condition. Learn More
  2. CUTLER-HAMMER - HMCP400W5W - Circuit breaker. 3 Pole 400Amp 600VAC/250VDC.
    Circuit breaker. 3 Pole 400Amp 600VAC/250VDC. Series C. Nema type 3. 3 Pole Mag Trip Range : 1250-2500Amp. Motor protector. Learn More
  3. CLIFTON - 26V-08CT4b CP/L761 - Motor, special. Synchronous control transformer.
    Motor, special. Synchronous control transformer, 11.8V, 400Hz. Each with five (5) teflon wire leads. Body: 19mm D x 32.2 mm long plus threaded 3.1mm shaft 9.3mm long. Naval Ordnance P/N 10001-2064245 MK2 or MK8. NSN Mil-S-20708/79A MOD. Learn More
  4. Buehler - - Motor, DC PM. Supply: 3-24VDC.
    Motor, DC PM. Supply: 3-24VDC. Wire count: 23 inch twisted pair leads. Body Dimensions: 1.58"D x 4.16"Long overall. Shaft Dimensions: 3.9mm shaft and attached pulley 0.32"ID. Note: 19.1VDC Reversable High-efficiency Motor. 50-100mA. 3140-0858. Learn More
  5. Buehler - MPI 77671273 / 13.65.36 - Motors, DC. 6-24VDC, tach output.
    Special Price $17.97 Regular Price $26.95

    Motors, DC. High speed permanent magnet motors 6-24VDC, tach output. Disc drive replacement 10,000 RPM MAX. 2-IN-OZ. Dimensions: 1.38" D x 2.7" long, with pulley on shaft. Also useful as generator / wind speed indicator anemometerand science fair projects.  Size 56x33MM, Quality Motor/Generator also used on Tandon Disk Drives. Weight: approximately 5.5 Unces/160 Grams.

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  6. BREVEL PRODUCTS - 311282 - Motor, 24VAC 60Hz 3RPM high torque.
    Special Price $12.98 Regular Price $24.98

    24V AC Motor - 3 RPM, 60Hz, high torque. Brevel Motor - Model R. With 0.32' / 8mm slotted shaft. Ideal display rotation speed of 3 revolutions every minute. Dimensions: 2.9" x 3.2" x 3" behind panel, mounts with four threaded holes 2.4'" apart. Weigh 2 pounds each.

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  7. Buehler - 507104 series - Motor, DC. Supply: 6 - 24VDC 200-300mA.

    Motor, DC. Supply: 6 - 24VDC 200-300mA. Torque: relatively high. Direction: Reversible by switching polarity. Wire count: Two 16" long wires with connector. Body Dimensions: 40mmD x 64mmL. Shaft Dimensions: 4mm shaft 19mm long and flattened shaft 20mm long. Weight: 9 oz.

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  8. BODINE ELECTRIC CO. - NSY-13 - Motor, AC. 230V 1500RPM.
    Motor, AC. Supply: 230VAC 50Hz 0.5Amp. HP: 1/50. Speed: 1500 RPM. Direction: Counter Clockwise. Cont Duty. Dimensions: overall 5-1/2" long (including shaft) x 3-1/4" wide x 3-1/3" high. Shaft is 1/4" (0.254") D x 5/8" 90.616") long. Note: Alt NO: G0123081. Packed weight #4 and 15 oz. Note 2 : This motor does not come with mounting hardware/screws. The screws showing in the photos are the screws which hold the motor housing together. There are 4 mounting holes on the motors bottom surface: centers are approximately 1-1/4" (length) and 1-5/8" (width) centers. Holes are about 0.4" deep and have 10-32 threads. We do not assume any responsibility for holes drilled without the motor on hand. Learn More
  9. Applied Motion Products Inc - 4017-838 - Stepper Motor 12V 3.6Deg 4-Phase
    12VDC Stepper Motors 0.16Amp 100 Steps/Rev 3.6Deg/Step 4-Phase75-Ohm , MPI SPEC# 77619324 made in Japan 42mm sq x 33mm deep 2-slots 62mm apart on 55x78mm flange 4.9x11.1mm shaft Learn More
  10. AIRPAX - 82227/B82359 - Motor, stepper. 12VDC 2 phase 37 ohm.
    Motors, stepper. Simple 2-phase, 12VDC 48 Step/Rev 7.5deg/step, 37 Ohm Bipolar windings. Dimensions: 35mm, 1.38" D. Attached: 4 wire, 16 inches long. Mounts 1.7" 42mm hole spacing, includes a 15-tooth 1/4" dia nylon gear. Running rate to 1800 step/sec. Weight: 2.6 oz. Learn More
  11. Airpax - A82454-M3 - Motor, stepper. 5VDC1.125 Deg/Step 0-400RPM 0-320P/Sec.
    Special Price $6.98 Regular Price $16.98
    Motor, stepper. Supply: 5VDC. Speed: 0-400. Winding Res: 15 Ohm. Steps: 1.125 Deg/Step. Wire count: 6 leads. Mech. Mtg: Two (2) mounting holes 2.38"apart. Body Dimensions: 2.12" x 2.75" x 1.4" with gear attached to 1/8" shaft. Weight: 7 oz. Note: 0-320P/Sec, 3.5 watt. Rotation: reversible. Learn More
  12. Warner Electric / Superior - KMT091F05E - Stepper, Dual-shaft 3VDC 2.7A 200S/Rev
    Motor, Stepper, Dual-shaft. Supply: 3.0VDC 2.7A. Steps: 200 steps per rev. Direction: Reversible. Wire count: Internal-connections 4-terminal. Mech. Mtg.: 90mm frame NEMA 34D. Body Dimensions: 3.36" [85mm] square x 6.2" [158mm] with both shafts, One 0.50"D double flat and one 0.375"D keyed. Connect per 213803. Two-phase, single stack. Weight: 5 lbs. Warner Electric / Superior Learn More
  13. TRW/GLOBE - CMC144A152 - Motor, AC. 1PH 38-46VAC 60Hz, 3600RPM.
    Motor, AC. 1PH 38-46VAC 60Hz, 3600RPM. Hysteresis synchronous with capacitor, 12uF included. 3 wire leads, teflon, 14" long. Dimensions: 30mm D x 74mm long, including shaft. With 7.5mm D gear. Mounts on 2 threaded holes 21.7mm centers. New. Note: Western Electric P/N: P-21F345. Made in the USA. Learn More
  14. THERM-O-DISC - 20MAA3FA-033 - NC Motor protecting sensor for current .
    Special Price $5.95 Regular Price $12.95

    NC Motor protecting current sensort. This is a over current motor protector which opens its contacts (SPST) when excessive current is sensed. Dimensions: 1.38" wide x 1.3" with two 1/4" QC terminals x a curved 0.4" thick. Also used in some Whirlpool, Maytag, Kenmore Dryer as a motor fuse.

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  15. SUPERIOR ELECTRIC CO. - PDT500-1001 - SLO-SYN Positioning System
    SLO-SYN Positioning System. Stepper motor Drive combined with a Micro-series Indexer. New, in box with manual. Learn More
  16. SUPERIOR ELECTRIC CO. - 230-PTO - Oscillator Motor Drive
    Oscillator Motor Drive. DB25S I/O port. S1:6-pin DIP switch. Trimpot adjustment for Base, High, DCC and ACC. 8-pin F receptacle for motor. 115V 1A. 50/60Hz. 9 lbs. Learn More
  17. SIEMENS - 3VU1600-1MM00 - Motor starter. Manual 3-phase.
    Motor starter. Manual 3-phase. Adjustable from 10-16A. 240/480V. Learn More
  18. SIEMENS - 3RV1031-4HA10 - SIRIUS 3R 40-50A 3-Pole Adj Motor Protector
    Siemens Sirius Motor Starters / Protectors - with rotary operating knob - Excellent condition. Is only 55mm wide. 50Amp 200-208V 15HP - 230V20HP - 460V40HP - 575V50HP Manual combination Starter type E, self-protected, short circuit rating 50kA 240/408Y/277 and 25kA 600Y/374V Learn More
  19. SIEMENS - 3RT1035-1BB40 - Sirius 3-Pole 15-30HP 24VDC Contactors
    Sirius 3-Pole Motor Starter Contactors 230V-11kW-40A 400V-18.5kW-40A 690V-22kW-24Amp Suitable for all Design "E" motors. Break all lines 55Amp 600VAC. 2.2" x 4.15" x 5.1" tall - Excellent condition, removed from new equipment. 24VDC control voltage. Learn More
  20. Power Electronics Intl. - M357CX - Vari-speed. 3HP 575VAC 3-Phase 4.5Amp.
    Motor, controls. Vari-speed. 3HP 575VAC 3-Phase 4.5Amp. Microspeed CX. Control: 115VAC. Applications: The only drive designed exclusively for cranes and hoists. High temperature: rated to +60 degrees C (+140 degrees F). Exclusive 300% current output for maximum motor torque. Gang-Set� programming � sets up in minutes not hours or days. Internal regeneration resistors built-in through 5HP. Learn More
  21. MATSUSHITA - 55SI-25DAWC - Motor, stepper. 12V 36 Ohm 7.5 Deg 6 Wire.
    Motor, stepper. 12V 36 Ohm 7.5 Deg 6 Wire. Dimensions: 2.042" (51.8mm) D body, overall with mount 3.138" (79.7mm) long. Heatsink is 2.955" (75.0mm) wide x 1.027" (26.00mm) high. Shaft 1/4" half flat x 0.750" (19.0mm) long. Please note: With attached 6 position female header connector. Silicon grease is between the motor the heatsink. Weight 11 oz. Manufactured by Matsushita for Coleco Adam. Learn More
  22. MABUCHI - RS-85 - Motor, DC. Reversible 6VDC 2Amp 7600RPM.
    Motor, DC. Reversible 6VDC 2Amp 7600RPM. Dimensions: 1.85" OD; length 2.75"; shaft 0.60". With wire leads. Note: RS-85 Series. Learn More
  23. LEDEX - 5945-636-5462 - Motor, stepper. Supply: 48VDC.

    Motor, stepper with switch. Supply: 48VDC. Body Dimensions: 1.90"D x 2.74"H. Weight: 12oz. With wafer switch. Military NL-71277-3-2, B-61986-A

    Learn More
  24. JAPAN SERVO - 127PS1176 U129A-119 - Motor, AC. 115VAC 0.7Amp 20RPM.
    Motor, AC. 115VAC 0.7Amp 20RPM. Capacitor 8uF required, included. Duty =2.5 Sec. ON/60S OFF, Type U129A-119. 5 Watts out has thermal cutout which will cutout motor if ran for 1-1-1/2 min. MFG P/N 060485. Learn More
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