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  1. THERM-O-DISC - 20MAA3FA-033 - NC Motor protecting sensor for current .
    Special Price $5.95 Regular Price $12.95

    NC Motor protecting current sensort. This is a over current motor protector which opens its contacts (SPST) when excessive current is sensed. Dimensions: 1.38" wide x 1.3" with two 1/4" QC terminals x a curved 0.4" thick. Also used in some Whirlpool, Maytag, Kenmore Dryer as a motor fuse.

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  2. SIEMENS - 3VU1600-1MM00 - Motor starter. Manual 3-phase.
    Motor starter. Manual 3-phase. Adjustable from 10-16A. 240/480V. Learn More
  3. SIEMENS - 3RV1031-4HA10 - SIRIUS 3R 40-50A 3-Pole Adj Motor Protector
    Siemens Sirius Motor Starters / Protectors - with rotary operating knob - Excellent condition. Is only 55mm wide. 50Amp 200-208V 15HP - 230V20HP - 460V40HP - 575V50HP Manual combination Starter type E, self-protected, short circuit rating 50kA 240/408Y/277 and 25kA 600Y/374V Learn More
  4. SIEMENS - 3RT1035-1BB40 - Sirius 3-Pole 15-30HP 24VDC Contactors, Excellent - Used/Removed from Equipment
    Special Price $159.98 Regular Price $229.50

    SIEMENS - 3RT1035-1BB40 Sirius 3-Pole Motor Starter Contactors 230V-11kW-40A 400V-18.5kW-40A 690V-22kW-24Amp Suitable for all Design "E" motors. Break all lines 55Amp 600VAC. 2.2" x 4.15" x 5.1" tall 

    Mount: DIN Rail

    Number: of Pins                3

    Contact Current Rating: 40 A

    Operating Temperature : -25 C to 60 °C

    Number of Contacts: 3

    Number of Poles: 3

    Power Rating: 18.5 kW

    Resistance: 3 Ω

    Termination: Screw

    Throw Configuration: 3P

    Voltage Rating (AC): 400 V

    Dimensions: Depth 130 mm, Height 85 mm, Length 112 mm, Width 45 mm

    Approvals: CE, CSA, UL, RoHS Compliant

    Excellent condition, removed from new equipment. 24VDC control voltage.

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  5. Honeywell - 32003440-005 - Three phase enclosed bypass switch.
    Three phase 60Hz enclosed variable frequency drive bypass system. Inverter Bypass With Overload Protection. 200/208 = 7 1/2HP / 240V = 10HP / 480V = 20HP / 600V = 20HP OVERLOAD AMP RANGE = 22-27 AMPS - Learn More
  6. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 140-MN-0060 SER B w/ 140-A11 - Adjustable Current 0.4~0.6A MANUAL MOTOR STARTER
    Special Price $41.95 Regular Price $49.00
    SERIES B 690VAC 0.60A Adjustable 0.4 - 0.6A Current MANUAL MOTOR STARTER AC3 2-push buttons w/ (1) 140-A11 1 N.O & 1 N.C. Auxiliary Switch 8 oz. Learn More
  7. Eaton - Arrow Hart - 7810-UD - AH7810UD - Motor Controller, Manual Contactor, 3 Phase, 3 Pole 30 A @ 250VAC, 20A @600VAC
    Special Price $32.98 Regular Price $46.50 As low as $28.98

    Eaton -Arrow Hart -7810-UD - Motor Controller, Manual Contactor

    Phase: 3 Phase

    Poles: 3 Pole

    Amperage: 30 Amps

    Voltage: 600 VAC

    Termination Style: Front Wired Screw

    Max. AWG Wire Size: 10 AWG

    HP Rating: 7.5@240VAC, 15@480VAC, 15@60VAC  

    Positive-contact design enhances fast-make/slow-break

    Silver-alloy contacts for maximum conductivity and service life

    Back and side wire terminals accept up to #10 AWG solid copper wire. For stranded #8 AWG wire, remove terminal clamp and use ring terminal

    Oversized #10 triple-combination terminal screws are vibration resistant

    All molded parts are thermoplastic to resist impacts, chemicals, temperature, tracking and arcing

    Insulating barrier between terminals provide isolation from each phase

    Nickel-plated brass mounting yoke for superior corrosion resistance

    Large toggle provides positive actuation, even with gloved hand.

    Note: Arrow Hart P/N 7810-UD changed to AH7810UD following acquisition by Eaton. 

    High Quality Commercial - New Old Stock.

    Made in USA

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  8. Square D - Class 8636 - Size 00 Type AO-5 AC Magnetic Starters
    Magnetic Starter Size: 00. 120VAC-coil AC TypeAO-5 SeriesC - Three Phase rating 1.5HP 200-230/380V 2HP 460/575V - are used in full voltage starting and stopping AC squirrel cage motors. Class 8536 Learn More
  9. SIEMENS - 3TF4010E-0A1S - Relay contactor. Coil: 24VAC.
    Relay, AC. Coil: 24VAC Contacts: 3-Pole 20Amp with 1 N.O. auxiliary contact. Mounting: DIN rail. Size: 1.75 x 3.0 x 3.3"H. Weight: 2 lbs. Learn More
  10. CUTLER-HAMMER - CE55ANT3T1B - Reversing Contactor Size A 24VDC
    Contactor, Reversing. Size A. Coil:24VDC. 3-Pole open type. Auxilliary: (2) N.C.I.-DC HP: 1.5 at 200/230V, 3A 460V, 5A 575V. 5.2"L x 3.5"W x 5.6"H. weighs 2.5 lbs unpacked. Learn More
  11. WARD LEONARD - 5010-3901-14 - Starter, Magnetic, Size 0, 3PH, 120VAC
    Starter, Magnetic, Size 0, 3PH. Coil: 120VAC 60cy. Mount: Panel. Open frame. One normally open auxiliary contact, 2 poles with overload assemblies (overload heaters are not included). Learn More
  12. Square D - 8501 DO-20 - Magnetic relay. 10AMP 120VAC 2NO.
    Contactors. Magnetic relay. 10AMP 120VAC 2NO. Open frame, series C. Learn More
  13. Allen Bradley - AB - 100-C37Z*00 - Contactor. 3 Pole, 600V/50A, 24VDC Coil
    Contactors, 3-pole, 600V/50A rated, Normally-open auxiliary contact, 24VDC Coil. Used/removed from equipment. Learn More
  14. Square D - 9999SX6 - Auxiliary contact 1NC for size 00-7 starter.
    Contactors. Auxiliary contact 1NC for size 00-7 starter. Series B. Without hardware. Learn More
  15. General Electric - CR123C466A - Heaters motor starter 4.43 - 4.87A
    Motor starter heaters for magnetic starters, full voltage. Maximum motor full load amperes 4.43 - 4.87 Learn More
  16. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 195GA02-A - Contactors, contacts.
    Contactors, contacts. Series A, auxiliary contact block. Learn More
  17. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 595AA-B - Contactors, auxiliary contacts.
    Contactors, auxiliary contacts. Series B, size 0-4, 2 NO. Learn More
  18. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 709-BJD - Size-1 Type-12 120VAC Automatic Starter w/ heaters
    3-Phase, Enclosed, Series-L New-Old stock 7.5HP 200~230V 10HP 460~575V MOTOR csa 120V-coil Learn More
  19. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 700-BR200A1 - Contactors. 2 pole 120V coil:76A86.
    Special Price $75.00 Regular Price $90.00
    Contactors. 2 pole 120V coil:76A86. Learn More
  20. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 195-GA01A - Auxiliary Contact Block

    Auxiliary Contact Block

    Learn More
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