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  1. THERM-O-DISC - 20MAA3FA-033 - NC Motor protecting sensor for current .
    Special Price $5.95 Regular Price $12.95

    NC Motor protecting current sensort. This is a over current motor protector which opens its contacts (SPST) when excessive current is sensed. Dimensions: 1.38" wide x 1.3" with two 1/4" QC terminals x a curved 0.4" thick. Also used in some Whirlpool, Maytag, Kenmore Dryer as a motor fuse.

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  2. SIEMENS - 3VU1600-1MM00 - Motor starter. Manual 3-phase.
    Motor starter. Manual 3-phase. Adjustable from 10-16A. 240/480V. Learn More
  3. SIEMENS - 3RV1031-4HA10 - SIRIUS 3R 40-50A 3-Pole Adj Motor Protector
    Siemens Sirius Motor Starters / Protectors - with rotary operating knob - Excellent condition. Is only 55mm wide. 50Amp 200-208V 15HP - 230V20HP - 460V40HP - 575V50HP Manual combination Starter type E, self-protected, short circuit rating 50kA 240/408Y/277 and 25kA 600Y/374V Learn More
  4. SIEMENS - 3RT1035-1BB40 - Sirius 3-Pole 15-30HP 24VDC Contactors
    Sirius 3-Pole Motor Starter Contactors 230V-11kW-40A 400V-18.5kW-40A 690V-22kW-24Amp Suitable for all Design "E" motors. Break all lines 55Amp 600VAC. 2.2" x 4.15" x 5.1" tall - Excellent condition, removed from new equipment. 24VDC control voltage. Learn More
  5. Honeywell - 32003440-005 - Three phase enclosed bypass switch.
    Three phase 60Hz enclosed variable frequency drive bypass system. Inverter Bypass With Overload Protection. 200/208 = 7 1/2HP / 240V = 10HP / 480V = 20HP / 600V = 20HP OVERLOAD AMP RANGE = 22-27 AMPS - Learn More
  6. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 140-MN-0060 SER B w/ 140-A11 - Adjustable Current 0.4~0.6A MANUAL MOTOR STARTER
    Special Price $41.95 Regular Price $49.00
    SERIES B 690VAC 0.60A Adjustable 0.4 - 0.6A Current MANUAL MOTOR STARTER AC3 2-push buttons w/ (1) 140-A11 1 N.O & 1 N.C. Auxiliary Switch 8 oz. Learn More
  7. Square D - Class 8636 - Size 00 Type AO-5 AC Magnetic Starters
    Magnetic Starter Size: 00. 120VAC-coil AC TypeAO-5 SeriesC - Three Phase rating 1.5HP 200-230/380V 2HP 460/575V - are used in full voltage starting and stopping AC squirrel cage motors. Class 8536 Learn More
  8. SIEMENS - 3TF4010E-0A1S - Relay contactor. Coil: 24VAC.
    Relay, AC. Coil: 24VAC Contacts: 3-Pole 20Amp with 1 N.O. auxiliary contact. Mounting: DIN rail. Size: 1.75 x 3.0 x 3.3"H. Weight: 2 lbs. Learn More
  9. CUTLER-HAMMER - CE55ANT3T1B - Reversing Contactor Size A 24VDC
    Contactor, Reversing. Size A. Coil:24VDC. 3-Pole open type. Auxilliary: (2) N.C.I.-DC HP: 1.5 at 200/230V, 3A 460V, 5A 575V. 5.2"L x 3.5"W x 5.6"H. weighs 2.5 lbs unpacked. Learn More
  10. WARD LEONARD - 5010-3901-14 - Starter, Magnetic, Size 0, 3PH, 120VAC
    Starter, Magnetic, Size 0, 3PH. Coil: 120VAC 60cy. Mount: Panel. Open frame. One normally open auxiliary contact, 2 poles with overload assemblies (overload heaters are not included). Learn More
  11. Square D - 8501 DO-20 - Magnetic relay. 10AMP 120VAC 2NO.
    Contactors. Magnetic relay. 10AMP 120VAC 2NO. Open frame, series C. Learn More
  12. Allen Bradley - AB - 100-C37Z*00 - Contactor. 3 Pole, 600V/50A, 24VDC Coil
    Contactors, 3-pole, 600V/50A rated, Normally-open auxiliary contact, 24VDC Coil. Used/removed from equipment. Learn More
  13. Square D - 9999SX6 - Auxiliary contact 1NC for size 00-7 starter.
    Contactors. Auxiliary contact 1NC for size 00-7 starter. Series B. Without hardware. Learn More
  14. General Electric - CR123C466A - Heaters motor starter 4.43 - 4.87A
    Motor starter heaters for magnetic starters, full voltage. Maximum motor full load amperes 4.43 - 4.87 Learn More
  15. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 195GA02-A - Contactors, contacts.
    Contactors, contacts. Series A, auxiliary contact block. Learn More
  16. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 595AA-B - Contactors, auxiliary contacts.
    Contactors, auxiliary contacts. Series B, size 0-4, 2 NO. Learn More
  17. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 709-BJD - Size-1 Type-12 120VAC Automatic Starter w/ heaters
    3-Phase, Enclosed, Series-L New-Old stock 7.5HP 200~230V 10HP 460~575V MOTOR csa 120V-coil Learn More
  18. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 700-BR200A1 - Contactors. 2 pole 120V coil:76A86.
    Special Price $75.00 Regular Price $90.00
    Contactors. 2 pole 120V coil:76A86. Learn More
  19. Aerovox - W45B1312E01 - Capacitor, Metalized Film Polypropylene, 12uF 130VAC.
    Special Price $6.98 Regular Price $9.50 As low as $4.98

    Aerovox - W45B1312E01 Capacitor, Metalized Film Polypropylene. 

    Aerovox is a leading manufacturer of capacitors for industrial, medical and specialized applications, with world-class design, manufacturing and testing facilities. Aerovox capacitors are among the world’s most reliable components. W Type or Wrap & Fill is a tape wrapped axial leaded dry capacitor designed for use in a variety of permanent split-phase capacitor motor applications widely used in ventilating fans, appliances and refrigeration. The AC capacitors provide starting direction by shifting the current in the windings so that the motor simulates the operation of a two-phase motor.

    Capacitance: 12uF

    Tolerance: 20%

    Voltage 130VAC 60Hz.

    Dielectric: Metallized Film Polypropylene

    Non-inductive Wound Metalized Polypropylene.

    Metalized Film Polypropylene Capacitors have self-healing properties.

    Package: Axial Leaded Film Capacitor - Through Hole

    Dimensions: 1.0" Diameter x 2.7" Long.

    Operating Temperature: 90 Deg C.


    Application: Also a perfect choice for high-end crossover speakers and power tool chargers. 


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