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  1. Leeson - C4T34DC1B - 100056.00 - Industrial 3 Phase Motor
    Special Price $148.98 Regular Price $200.00

    Leeson - C4T34DC1B - 100056.00 - Industrial 3 Phase Motor

    General Purpose Motor 

    Status: Discontinued

    Horse Power: 1/2HP

    Speed: 3450/2850RPM

    Frame: JS56C, Drip Proof

    DP 208-230/460 VAC 60/50 HZ

    Continous Duty

    Note: Used

    Alternate: 100056.00

    Proudly Made Iin USA

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  2. Westinghouse - 311P380EYP - Motor, 230/460V 3-Ph 3/4HP 1725RPM
    Motor AC, Supply: 230/460V 3-Phase 60Hz. Current: 3.6/1.8A. Speed: 1725 RPM. HP: 3/4 Frame Size: 56C. Continuous duty. Code:N SF:1.0 Permanently lubricated ball bearings. Learn More
  3. MARATHON ELECTRIC - 56T1105508 - 1.5HP 3Ph 200-230/460V 1140RPM 190/380 50Hz 950RPM
    200-230/460V 5.5/2.7FLAmps 3-Phase 60Hz 1140-RPM SF:1.0 OR 190/380V 4.8/2.4A 50Hz 950-RPM CODE:J Encl:OPEN CONT DUTY - Auto Thermally Protected - Ball Bearing - Keyed & Flatted 5/8" Shaft 5" Long.NEMA-56Y Learn More
  4. BALDOR - CWDM3537 - 1/2HP 230/460 3-Ph 3630-RPM "Wash Down" enclosed
    1/2HP 230/460 3-Ph 3630RPM "Wash Down" enclosed TENV FR56C 60Cambient Energy-Efficient - Wash Down / ISR cut leads - 0.644" keyed shaft 2" long continuous duty Learn More
  5. BALDOR - VM3538 - 1/2HP 3-Ph 1725-RPM 208-230/460V
    Motors, AC. Supply: 1/2HP TE 208-230/460V 2.1-2.0/1.0A 1725RPM 60Hz 3-Phase CLASS-B CODE-L 74%Efficiency P.F.63%. 40-degC Ambient-Continuous. 0.625"D keyed shaft 1.85"L. Motor: 5.8"OD x 11.25"L. Weighs 20-pounds. Mounting:Four 0.315" threaded holes 4.16"spacing. Learn More
  6. WEG / MaxiRex - 001180P3EN143T - Motors, AC. Supply: 208-230/460VAC 3Ph 1HP.
    Motors, AC. Supply: 208-230/460VAC 3 Phase 1HP 1730RPM. Mounting B3R(D) steel body. Learn More
  7. RELIANCE ELECTRIC - P14G9201R-XU - Motors, AC. 3 Phase 2HP 230/460V 1725RPM.
    Motors, AC. 3 Phase 2HP 230/460V continious duty 1725RPM, 60 cycle. FRAME B0145I, 7/8" keyed shaft 2.25" long. Energy efficient SXE duty master. Learn More
  8. General Electric - 5KW184AD305C - Motors, AC. 2HP 1145RPM 200-230/460V.
    Motors, AC. 2HP 1145RPM 200-230/460V. 3 Phase, 60 CY. 6.4/3.2 Amp. Usable at 200V. 2HP. 6.5AMPS. 1.0SF. Learn More
  9. BALDOR - M2513T - Motors, AC. Supply: 220/460V 3 Phase 15HP.
    Motors, AC. Supply: 220/460V 3 Phase 15HP 60 cycle, 1780RPM. Motor 39/19.5A.Frame (254T. SPEC. 37F360X484. Used, good condition. Learn More
  10. BALDOR - RM3115A - Motors, AC. Supply: 208/230/460VAC 3Ph 1HP.
    Special Price $289.98 Regular Price $450.50

    BALDOR - RM3115A - Motors, AC.

    Status: Discontinued

    Supply: 208/230/460VAC 3 Phase

    Power: 1HP

    Speed: 3450RPM.

    Frame 56H.

    Mount: Resilent


    Efficiency: 75.5%

    Weight: 25 lbs. (Note: Extra Shipping dependent upon destination)

    UPC 781568120989

    Alternate: ERM3115

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  11. BALDOR - M3454 - Motor, AC. 3PH 230/460VAC 1.3A/0.65Amp 1725RPM.
    Special Price $229.98 Regular Price $285.00

    BALDOR - M3454 - Motor, AC.

    Baldor Electric, M3454, .25HP, 1725RPM, 3PH, 460V;230V, 48 Frame, Standard Flange, Foot Mount, TEFC, General Purpose Motor

    3PH 208-230/460VAC 60Hz

    1.4A- 1.3A/ 0.65Amp

    1/4HP, 1725RPM.

    Frame 48.

    Electrical Spec: 34WG0895

    Note: Class B. (208V 1.7Amp).

    New Old Stock

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  12. GENERAL ELECTRIC - 5K134KK3129 CMF - Motors, AC. Supply: 230/460V 3 Ph 2HP 1150RPM.
    Motors, AC. Supply: 230/460V 3 Phase 2HP 1150RPM. Ball-bearing "TriClad" End-mounted C Face TENV 1150-RPM for 30 Minutes, Service Factor 1, 230V 6.8A or 460V 3-Phase 3.4Amp. 10-FT-LB Electric Brake by DINGS DYNAMICS 4-62010-30 208/220/440 50/60Hz 1-Phase 230/460V 1-Phase 60Hz Continuous duty. Learn More
  13. Elwood Getty High Performance - 121-087-201 - Motor, servo. 4HP PM AC. 230/3Ph w/ brake.
    Motor, servo. 4HP PM AC. 3PH 230V18.6A 3.06kW, 2500-RPM, 4000-max. Stall: 164.6-Lb-In. Brake Stall: 175-Lb-In. IP66 TENV. Elwood Getty High Performance Motors. Dimensions: 6"sq x 19" long. Has a one-inch round shaft 2" long. Insul:H E147863 L:L Res 0.23-Ohm 40C. Learn More
  14. BALDOR - EM3218T-8 - 5HP 200V/3Ph 1750RPM 184T OPSB
    5HP 1750-RPM 3PH 60Hz 200V Super-E Premium Efficient Motor - Frame:184T Enclosure:OPSB ServiceF:1.15 90%Eff Base:Rigid Mounting:F1 Rotation:R Spec:36H945Y516G1 40C ambient Continuous - Suitable for Inverter Drives for Variable Torque and 23:1 constant torque. NEMA-184T 86-Pounds Learn More
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